royal masquerade slot

Royal Masquerade slot review – free spins

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Welcome to the incredibly dramatic Royal Masquerade mobile slot, an opulent venetian affair with a huge one million jackpot.

Oh yes, dramatic is the right word. From the singing soprano on a win, to the growing crescendo of modern rock opera, you need to play this Royal Masquerade slot with the music turned to loud.

And whilst casual observers will note that this is basically a copy of the equally fun Pimped slot, Royal Masquerade hides so much more beneath it’s velvet skirts.

A beautiful Windows, Android & iPhone / iPad slot

But could you expect anything else from a Play’n GO game that takes, for it’s inspiration, the crazy night of Mardie Gras, where the lords and ladies of Venice mask themselves for a night of debauchery?

The details in each of the characters and backgrounds are beautifully done, taking you from the streets of Venice, to the ancient gilded ballrooms of old from the base game to the free spins.

And yes, you’re not imagining it. As the five reels settle from a spin, so too does the heaving bouncing bosoms of the ladies.

Whaaaat…? It… euh… adds realism to the slot? Yes. That’s it. Realism.

The notorious Win Spins in the Royal Masquerade video slot

Three things you won’t fail to notice as you start playing:

  1. The wilds often come stacked. Providing ample wins during the base game.
  2. The free spins are now ‘win spins’: you are guaranteed a win on each round of the bonus games.
  3. You can win up to 1 million in cash if you max bet.

That’s 10,000 times your bet, if you weren’t paying attention.

Which makes the Royal Masquerade slot machine a very dangerous, very volatile affair. Much like the real original Venetian Mardie Gras, if you get too intoxicated, you might never wake up to see another day.

Be careful, keep your wits about you, have fun

And isn’t that the mantra of any good party?

Because when the wins come during this Royal Masquerade, they are truly a celebration of indulgence. We’ve won over 100 times our bet, especially after a really successful round on the free spins, and easily 40 to 60 times our bet on a bad round.

Hell, even during the base game you can get that much. It’s those stacked wilds that make all the difference.

If all this sounds like too deadly, then start on a Play’n GO slot machine that’s a little easier, like the Tower Quest mobile slot.

We’ll be here. Enjoying all the twisted pleasures this night of revelry will bring.

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