zeus 1000 slot

Zeus 1000 slot review – free spins

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Set high on the mount of Olympus, the Zeus 1000 mobile slot is as colossal as it’s double reels suggest, yet… not quite as fun as it’s predecessor.

We should point out that we review mobile slots. That means, we review games made for mobile and tablets.

So we should point out, right now, that if you are a fan of the WMS Zeus slot series, you should 100% play the Zeus 1,000 online slot and add a star to this review.

Better for iPads and Tablets

The Zeus 1000 slot on mobile suffers from the same condition as it’s sister slot Spartacus Gladiator of Rome.

That is that with it’s two sets of colossal reels, where you are basically playing two slot games in one, what you have is an already pretty big 5×4 reels to the left, and an absolutely huge 5×12 set of reels on the right.

It makes for pretty exciting game play… on tablets. On mobile, the graphics are hard to see, and the action hard to follow.

This format does not transfer well to the small screen.

That said, it’s still very playable, and has the wins to back up it’s god-like status, but it’s like watching a pirate DVD footage of your favourite film.

Sure, you know in your head what it looks like, and it will do in a pinch if you are really bored and have no choice, but… ultimately… wouldn’t you prefer to wait and watch it in glorious HD?

Zeus 1000 slot is worth waiting for

If you have the patience to wait till your connected to your tablet / desktop, then good. Because Zeus 1,000 is as good as it’s predecessors and completely different at the same time.

Zeus I slot brought in the idea that during the free spins the highest paying symbol, Zeus, would come stacked. In the Zeus III slot game (2 came out as a social slot only) start playing around with the set up of the reels and gave you stacked wilds and stacked Zeus throughout the game.

How does Zeus 1000 top that up? More reels, more wilds, more Zeus symbols. Up to 1,000 extra Zeus symbols in the free spins in fact, leading to some potentially colossal wins.

A capricious god of thunder

We write more about the feature below, but needless to say, this Zeus 1000 slot machine is as well balanced as the two that came before.

It’s just never feels like it’s quite as easy to get the really big wins. Because of the 100 paylines, and colossal reels, you are waiting for all these stacked symbols to line up, and when they don’t, feel instantly deflated.

It’s a hard machine to love, unless you get very lucky, very quickly.

What it won’t do, is eat all your cash quickly. This god wants to keep you, tease you, work you, for as long as you are willing to pray to his capricious ways.

Because if you give him your time, you may suddenly find yourself with a screen, reel to reel, full of Zeus and Wild stacked symbols. Then you’ll be a converted Olympian.

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