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codfather slot

The Codfather slot review – free spins

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Wanna sleep with the fishes? You might just get your wish, but you’ll have to ask The Codfather mobile slot nicely.

Let’s start with the biggy – we really like the theme. A nice twist on the mobster theme, it brings the world of the godfather to an underwater world where slippery lackeys will send you sleeping with the humans faster than you can say ‘Jimmy Flathead’. A dead sea horses head (which sounds far more gruesome in writing than in drawing) completes the scene of the watery underworld.

Once you get past the funny theme however, The Codfather slot is a fairly standard NextGen game. With a click me and free spins feature that triples your wins, the occasional big win is certainly possible, but these features do not hit as often as we would like. There is a 15,000 jackpot up for grabs which is reasonable enough.

With a 0.20 to 40.00 bet, this 20 line mobile video slot will find interest in a few players. Just watch out for The Codfather Wild symbol, who despite looking like he is having a stroke when you win, will give you the most payouts of the game.

In-game bonus features

Wild: The Codfather himself is the wild symbol and only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. He substitutes all symbols except the scatter logo.

Big Boss Bonus: If the Codfather appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time you trigger the big boss bonus, where you’ll have to pick one of your fishy lackeys to give you the most credits.

Free Game Feature: If three or more scatter logos show up anywhere on the screen you’ll be sent straight to the bosses house and get 10 Free Spins for your good work. Not only can these be re-triggered (although unlikely) all prizes are tripled during the round.

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mega fortune slot

Mega Fortune slot review – free spins

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What can we say about Mega Fortune slot that hasn’t been said a million times before? Well for one, what are your chances of winning the Mega Fortune jackpot on your mobile? And does it play as well on Android as your iOS device?

Mega Fortune mobile slot is one of the best jackpot slots around. We saw no major differences in terms of game play or quality between all the devices. Mega Fortune Touch works great, whether as a, Android slot, iPad slot or an iPhone slot.

You probably couldn’t tell the difference between the mobile or the online version. The champagne pops and flows, the speedboat flies across your screen and the rickety clicks of the wheel of fortune as it gets you a little closer to that Mega Jackpot has your heart racing all the same. This is one jackpot slot that, much like the rest of the NetEnt mobile slots, is both wonderful for the big wins available, but also just because it’s simple entertaining slot fun.

Not Just About The Biggest Jackpot Slot In The History of the Game

And that’s what’s most wonderful about it, it’s not just the hope of winning that Guinness World Record holding millionaire making jackpot that’s exciting. Although we admit that is a big part of the appeal. What’s great is that it really works as a mobile slot machine in it’s own right.

The return to player rate is a decent 96.6% and the hit rate gives you plenty of constant small wins to keep you excited. The free spins games are frequent and come with some crazy multipliers, allowing you to hope for a small fortune, if not a mega fortune.

It is not, by any means, the cleverest of mobile slots out there. It doesn’t have clever features or a clever theme. But what it does do well, is give you the right amount of thrills, with just enough hope, to make you think that maybe, just maybe… it’s your turn to become a winner and see your name up in lights.

In-game bonus features

Wilds: That speedboat is a blessing. Racing across the screen, sending ocean spray across the reels, it’s a simple little graphic that makes winning using it as a combination all the more exciting. The reason why we love this symbol so, is that not only does it replace all the other symbols (except bonus and scatter) but it comes with a 5x multiplier, meaning this symbol is the easiest and best way you’ll recoup your bets and keep playing.

Scatter and Free Spins: Get three or more Champagne symbols (scatter) on the 5 reels and you’ll activate a click me feature where you’ll get a random number of free spins with multipliers. Usually the more free spins you get, the lower the multiplier and vice versa. The more scatters on the screen, the higher the potential multipliers.

We found that on 3 scatters, we came out of the free spins game with about 10x to 14x our bet. On four scatters, you get a more generous payout of about 20x your bet. On five scatters… well this is almost like hitting the jackpot, and although they do say you can get up to 100x your bet, the time we got it, we walked out with a more conservative 40x our bet.

Great sub-feature of this is that if you get two scatters or more during the free spins rounds, you’ll get to pick again and gain additional spins and multiplier. A feature you hit on almost every free spin.

The Wheel of Fortune: Get three bonus symbols on an active payline to activate the Mega Fortune wheel of fortune bonus game. Here the bonus game features 3 wheels, and 3 progressive jackpots. The 2 smaller local jackpots give an excellent incentive to play, but the third global jackpot is something quite special: generally payouts around the four million euros mark, with the top ever amount ever won being €17.8 million.

Beautifully displayed on your mobile screens, you have to touch the wheel to stop it. Getting past that first wheel is pretty tough, having to hit that arrow rather than a prize, but if you do, your heart will be beating like a thousand excited drums.

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illusions 2 slot

Illusions 2 slot review – free spins

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A perfect low betting game for when you are in the mood for something with a little razzle dazzle when playing mobile phone slots.

At first glance, Illusions 2 mobile slot by iSoftBet feels very similar to the 5 star rated Ninja Chef game. It has the choose one of three free spins feature. It has the expanded wild and the big multipliers.

Yet, this little odd duck didn’t hit all our buttons like it’s far superior cousin. We will mention the two reasons straight away, so if you don’t think these bother you, you can simply play what is a great middle variance slot. If, however, you agree with us on Illusions 2 slot game downside, then check out Ninja Chef slot as an alternative.

Lacking some razzle

The theme didn’t thrill us that much. Magic themed slots are a dime a dozen, from the classic 5x Magic to the beautiful Magic Portals. And though we will admit that Illusions 2 video slot looks great, it’s a little bit… flat? Your high card symbols are large and easily seen on screen, but other than the slightly sarcastic rabbit, from the magician to the lovely assistant to the bouquet of flowers felt as dated as your standard birthday party magician.

Then you have the fact that this is, without a doubt, far more suited as an Android phone slot. The sounds bring the whole thing together and the smaller screen makes you notice how these flat symbols actually makes it easier to see a winning line. However, as an iPad slot (and sometimes certain iPhones) the sound is lost and all you get is the generic turning of the wheels. Only an issue if you are going to play with the sound on.

And last, but not least, the betting limit. You can play anything from 1 to 10 coins a line, which you’d think would give you a huge betting range. But you’re coin size is limited to 0.01 and 0.02, making the minimum and maximum bet really very small.

But still plenty of dazzle

That said, the mechanics of this mobile slot game are really superb and lots of fun to play. You’ll have to be a little careful with your budget on this one as it does have a tendency to eat your coins in between the wins.

This is because Illusions 2 slot game has a few tricks up it’s sleeve that still manages to impress. Namely wilds in the base game that offer anything from 1x to 5x multipliers which are added together, and a tricky free spin round.

We say tricky as you have a choice of three options, opting for either more free spins but a smaller multiplier or low number of spins but a higher multiplier (up to 6x). Either way you’ll get sticky wilds that cover the whole reel and remain for the whole time the free spins are playing. Get two or three of these on your screen and you’ll be more than glad you’ve chosen this iSoftBet slot as your mean to pass an afternoon.

All in all, if you can live with the few cosmetic flaws we mentioned above, this is a great, really fun game.

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rainbow riches slot

Rainbow Riches slot review – free spins

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Arguably the most popular slots games ever to hit the UK, created back in 2006 by Barcrest, it centres around a Leprechauns quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The original game was available in arcades, bingo halls and bookmaker shops across the UK featuring a £500 jackpot with a £1 stake. Various changes in the UK Gambling laws by the UK Gambling Commission and the popularity of the game has seen the stakes reduces and now you can play for as low as £0.20.

You have the classic video slots game play along with 3 great bonus rounds to keep you entertained and hopefully collecting one or two pots of gold from the end of the Rainbow too.

In-game bonus features

Wild Symbol: Replacing all symbols except the bonus feature symbols, this is also the jackpot symbols, giving you 500x your win if you line up five of these golden coins in a row.

Stacked Symbol: The Rainbow Riches logo is the second highest paying symbol on the 5 reels and comes stacked. It is also the only symbol except the wild symbol to pay on two symbols, which comes in handy as it’s in combination with the wild that you’ll get most of the wins with these stacks.

Road to Riches Bonus: Get three, four or five leprechaun bonus symbols anywhere on the reels to get the Road to Riches bonus round. Here you’ll see the 200x your bet pot of gold at the end of the yellow brick road, with stepping stones full of multipliers. Spin the wheel of fortune and move along the multiplier until the wheel stops on collect or you hit that big pot of gold.

Wishing Well Bonus: A simple click me feature, unless you get at least four, this is more of a token gesture than a chance at a real win. If you get three or more in view, you’ll get to click one with a multiplier on your total bet. Expect as little as x2 to as high as x10 if you only hit three symbols – which is the usual.

Pots of Gold Bonus: 3 pots of gold anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 will take you to this special feature. As elusive as the aforementioned pots of gold, this little beauty comes rarely, but when it does, tends to be profitable. Here you’ll spin a wheel that will land on either a bronze, silver or gold pot, with a tasty multiplier hiding in each. This is the bonus feature that will have you tense with thrills at potentially getting an amazing 500x your bet.

All in all a classic that (so far at least) is standing the test of time and has an army of slots fans to testify!

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zeus 1000 slot

Zeus 1000 slot review – free spins

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Set high on the mount of Olympus, the Zeus 1000 mobile slot is as colossal as it’s double reels suggest, yet… not quite as fun as it’s predecessor.

We should point out that we review mobile slots. That means, we review games made for mobile and tablets.

So we should point out, right now, that if you are a fan of the WMS Zeus slot series, you should 100% play the Zeus 1,000 online slot and add a star to this review.

Better for iPads and Tablets

The Zeus 1000 slot on mobile suffers from the same condition as it’s sister slot Spartacus Gladiator of Rome.

That is that with it’s two sets of colossal reels, where you are basically playing two slot games in one, what you have is an already pretty big 5×4 reels to the left, and an absolutely huge 5×12 set of reels on the right.

It makes for pretty exciting game play… on tablets. On mobile, the graphics are hard to see, and the action hard to follow.

This format does not transfer well to the small screen.

That said, it’s still very playable, and has the wins to back up it’s god-like status, but it’s like watching a pirate DVD footage of your favourite film.

Sure, you know in your head what it looks like, and it will do in a pinch if you are really bored and have no choice, but… ultimately… wouldn’t you prefer to wait and watch it in glorious HD?

Zeus 1000 slot is worth waiting for

If you have the patience to wait till your connected to your tablet / desktop, then good. Because Zeus 1,000 is as good as it’s predecessors and completely different at the same time.

Zeus I slot brought in the idea that during the free spins the highest paying symbol, Zeus, would come stacked. In the Zeus III slot game (2 came out as a social slot only) start playing around with the set up of the reels and gave you stacked wilds and stacked Zeus throughout the game.

How does Zeus 1000 top that up? More reels, more wilds, more Zeus symbols. Up to 1,000 extra Zeus symbols in the free spins in fact, leading to some potentially colossal wins.

A capricious god of thunder

We write more about the feature below, but needless to say, this Zeus 1000 slot machine is as well balanced as the two that came before.

It’s just never feels like it’s quite as easy to get the really big wins. Because of the 100 paylines, and colossal reels, you are waiting for all these stacked symbols to line up, and when they don’t, feel instantly deflated.

It’s a hard machine to love, unless you get very lucky, very quickly.

What it won’t do, is eat all your cash quickly. This god wants to keep you, tease you, work you, for as long as you are willing to pray to his capricious ways.

Because if you give him your time, you may suddenly find yourself with a screen, reel to reel, full of Zeus and Wild stacked symbols. Then you’ll be a converted Olympian.

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volcano eruption slot

Volcano eruption slot review – free spins

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A simple game with some exotic reels, Volcano Eruption mobile slot has one big feature that brings the reels alive.

Fans of NextGen Gaming may recognise this as the identical copy of Hot Hot Volcano slot. That’s because it is. They’ve simply updated the name and graphics (for reasons unknown) and hoped no one would notice.

But that’s ok. It gave us a chance to re-play a game we hadn’t looked at for a while. And what we found surprised us.

Easier to play as a mobile and tablet slot

Taking up more of the screen, we were able to appreciate the smaller details of the design. Like how the dormant volcano at the back of the screen erupts into a frenzy of fire and brimstone during the free spins.

Even the symbols themselves have something exotic about them, which games like Rooks Revenge or Zuma don’t quite capture as well.

We are not saying it’s the most exciting theme we’ve ever seen. But if you want to escape to a volcanic island that feels like it could belong somewhere in the land before time, then this Volcano Eruption slot game is perfect for you.

Though granted, that’s a very specific need you’ve got there.

One big Volcano Eruption

There isn’t much to this slot machine. Possibly why it’s popular with beginners to the game.

During the base game you have wilds to help keep your balance topped up. And that’s pretty much it.

Then you get to the free spins, and things heat up dramatically. The volcano erupts, turning the center reel wild and shooting out extra wilds during those five free spins.

It’s not much, and sometimes it feels like it’s not enough, but this is on the lower end of the variance scale. Yet every once in a while it has an eruption that gives you 70x to 100x your bet and you’ll be begging to head to this fiery island again.

We are not saying the Volcano Eruption video slot is anything extra-ordinary. But it’s entertaining enough. Walk away when you’re about 20% up on your budget, and head to another Super Safari that’s a little higher up the pay scale.

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flowers slot

Flowers slot review – free spins

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Spring is in the air with this adorable Flowers slot from Net Entertainment.

And adorable is the right word for this Flowers mobile slot game. The design is slightly goofy and simple, and the bonus features are hardly what we’ve come to expect from other more sophisticated NetEnt video slots, but it works well on mobile.

This is the kind of fun game you would want to play when it’s cold and grey outside and you need a little sunshine to cheer you up. Though the sounds are fairly generic, with 30 paylines, stacked wilds and free spins, this mobile video slot has plenty to offer even the biggest pessimist.

Get up to 10 symbol wins

The big draw here is the fact that in the Flowers Touch slot you get single and double flower symbols over the five reels.

So the maximum win isn’t 5 symbols, but 10. Double symbols count double, obviously. So if you get a single blue bell on reel 1 and 2, but reel 3 has a double blue bell, you’ve actually just got 4 of a kind win.

That also mean that getting three of a kind is fairly common, but, as you can imagine, fairly low paying.

Big free spins in this Flower slot machine

The slots free spins bonus feature is where this game blooms, with a maximum of 30 free spins and a 10x multiplier up for grabs.

It is, in fact, the biggest draw this Flowers mobile video slot has going for it – without it it would be a fairly below average NetEnt game.

Despite the double symbols on the reels, realistically it’s here that any big wins are hiding as the wilds come stacked, so getting several wins on these 30 paylines becomes a reality. But you’ll have to carefully budget in order to wait for them to come.

We’ve yet to hit that BIG free spins feature with the 10x multiplier, but we didn’t really expect to. It’s like hitting a jackpot – we all play for it, but most of us will be happy with 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier.

However when you do get free spins, the stacked wilds almost guarantees plenty of coins for your garden.

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nemo's voyage slot

Nemo’s Voyage slot review – free spins

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Head 20 thousand leagues under the sea with a Nemo’s Voyage mobile slot which gives you 4 different types of wilds, but only if you’re willing to dive deep.

WMS love to create slightly unique mobile phone slots which stand out from the crowd; whether that’s allowing you to trigger the bonus feature in Super Monopoly Money slot, or the 4096 ways-to-win in Raging Rhino.

So what makes this Nemo’s Voyage game so special? The fact that you literally go on a Voyage. You start at the top of the ocean and slowly ascend to the bottom, meeting all sorts of beautiful underwater creatures.

If you’re lucky, the pressure won’t get to you. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to meet the Kraken once or twice in your journey.

Multiple wilds that changes as you descend

On every spin you’ll notice the little metal fish on the side of the reels slowly go down, and as you do, the wild changes. First you get multipliers on the wilds, then stacked wilds, and finally wild reels.

It takes, more or less, 100 to 150 spins to get to the bottom, so be a little careful with your budget. That said the wilds should keep you with a few good wins, though mostly it just about keeps you topped up.

If you get to the bottom (which you don’t always as the pressure can get too much) you have a chance at a good payday. You’ll want to stay at the bottom as long as you can with those wild reels, and then you’ll quickly ascend to the top.

It takes 100 spins to get down, you’ll go back up in 25 spins, going through all the same features, to head up to the surface again.

A little frustrating at times, especially if you don’t get a good win on your favourite wild features, but thank-fully you get free spins to see you through.

The Kraken in the Nemo’s Voyage slot

Is not as impressive as the one in the Eye of the Kraken slot, but it does have something special about it. Namely 8 free spins with sticky wilds.

How many sticky wilds you get depends on the Kraken, whose tentacle arm reaches out to hand you one or two randomly.

Mostly expect about 5 by the end of the round. You’d think that means you’ll get really big wins here, but to be honest, the free spins show up often (every 25 to 50 spins or so), that you’re more likely to walk away with about 20x your bet.

That said, get more than 5 wilds on screen and we’ve hit over 100 times, so the wins are there.

All in all, the Nemos Voyage slot game is one rolicking ride; though probably more for a quick dive to the bottom, before heading back up, and to something a little harder hitting like the Bruce Lee slot.

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ruby slippers slot

Ruby Slippers slot review – free spins

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It’s time to head to emerald city, where the multiple magic bonus features will have you wishing to stay over the rainbow rather than boring old home.

Not to be confused with the Wizard of Oz slot by the same provider, the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slipper mobile slot might have the same theme but is a very different game.

Ok, yes, it also has 30 paylines, and Dorothy and friends. But with a bigger focus on bonus features, and in our opinion some bigger wins, this is pure golden movie magic.

Can start slow, but heats up fast

Considering there are 4 bonus features you can trigger, each with their own combinations that makes each bonus slightly different, you’d think you’d be knee deep in yellow brick action.

But that’s not how the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slipper slot works. In fact, because of it’s volatility, you can find yourself spinning for a fair while, wondering if our promise of bonus feature was just something you dreamt of.

And then, out of nowhere, you’ll see the ruby slippers click at the bottom of the screen and up to 4 reels will turn wild, usually with a multiplier of 2x or 5x.

That’s when you’ll realise that there is more to this Wizard of Oz game than meets the eye.

Big features with big wins

But that’s the nice thing about this online WMS slot, if you’re lucky it will throw you right into the action, but even if it doesn’t, you know that if you keep heading down the yellow brick road, you’ll get to the wizard.

The wizard in this case, will trigger 5 free spins. But you’ll get a combination of extra spins, wild reels, extra wilds and 3x multiplier, depending on how it’s triggered.

It is, by far, the best way to get at least 60x your bet – the witch bonus feature will rarely get you anything past 20x, and the Crystal Ball is so rare as to almost be mythical.

But then it hides wins of 200x time your bet, so no wonder its rare.

The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot has a little magic

The nice thing about all the features we’ve mentioned above is that each hides far more potential than we’ve mentioned (other than the Crystal Ball).

But each time you get one, you know you’re going to get a top up to your wallet to at least keep you going till the next round, where you might just get more luck the next time around.

We suspect that mobile slot games like Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix will ultimately prove more popular, but it cannot be denied that Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers video slot has long term appeal with players who appreciate hard hitting bonus features, and want more than to just go home

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fire horse slot

Fire Horse slot review – free spins

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Hot one moment, cold the next, this Fire Horse mobile slot requires a little taming but you’ve got stacked wilds and 720 ways to win to help with that.

Let’s talk about the tiger in the room; this is basically a copy of the famous Siberian Storm slot.

Which is no bad thing, as it’s one of IGT’s most popular slot games. The reason for that is simple; it’s not as cash burning as the likes of the Prowling Panther slot, but has huge wins at times.

Don’t get us wrong. Both Siberian Storm and Fire Horse are dangerous, whether playing with Ice or Fire, you might end up burnt anyway.

A surprisingly beautiful slot game

To be honest, when we first saw the preview for this Fire Horse slot game, we thought it would be fairly generic old fashioned vegas style game.

So imagine our surprise when we actually loved the graphics, from the ethereal horses, to the beautiful gems on screen or the antique relics, you almost don’t notice that half the symbols are generic Ace to K symbols.

And considering the fact that you get wins from left to right and right to left and 720 ways to win, it’s easy to keep playing spinning without noticing that your budget is going down.

So be careful is what we are saying.

The Fire Horse slot multi-ways pays and stacked wilds

The Fire Horse free spins games is where you can get some major wins here, thanks to the fact that you get richer reels and more stacked wilds.

But, we’re not going to talk about those, mainly because you can’t depend on them in order to get the big wins as they come and go like the wind – one minute you’ll get two free spin rounds in under 100 spins, the next nothing for 500.

These stallions are unpredictable, but it works to your advantage in the base game, because it means that you can get just as big a wins here.

The multipliers are all dependent on how many symbols you get on a reel, not any bonus features.

It means that one whole load of stacked wilds could mean the turn for the better with this Fire Horse slot, and your salvation.

It may not be unique, but it’s still IGT slots at their best.

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dragon palace slot

Dragon palace slot review – free spins

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243 ways to create some big wins

This Lightning Box Dragon Palace slot provides you with 243 ways to win over five reels, and a win multiplying free spins round.

That’s basically this real money casino game in a nutshell.The oriental slot theme, with moody red skies and a tail wagging fire breathing dragon overhead, provides the setting for this Dragon Palace slot machine.

A 5×3 reel game, you’ll find the familiar A – 9 symbols like you do in many other Lightning Box Games slots, such as Blazing Goddess. You’ll also find golden coins, turtles, koi carp, and a sword holding samurai, as the higher paying ones.

Even though you can get some decent wins, it’s the free spins in this game that will create those truly big winning combinations.

But we’ll get to those in a moment, first let’s talk wilds and gambling.

Dragon Palace wilds and gamble feature

To enhance the base game, the wild symbol is the fierce looking red dragon which looks like it’s trying to claw its way out of the screen.

This symbol, even though it only shows up on reels 2, 3 and 4, isn’t as shy as you might think, and is very much welcomed as it substitutes for all other symbols except the free spins scatter.

The biggest wins in the base game will probably consist of at least one wild, with 4 and 5 of kind wins on the samurai, providing just enough to keep you going till you reach the free games.

And with those little wins you get whilst waiting for them to trigger, you can always try out doubling or quadrupling them via the Dragon Palace gamble feature.

Here you get to choose either the colour or suit of the next playing card to be turned over, to double or quadruple your win respectively.

Up to 20 free spins, with up to 15x wins

This is where this 243 ways to win Dragon Palace casino slot comes in to its own as you are whisked away high up in to the clouds to spin some truly thrilling spins.

Find 3, 4 or 5 of the scatter palace bonus symbols and you’ll be rewarded with 8, 12, or 20 free games. But these are no ordinary games. Here the wild shows up just as often as it does in the base game, but remember the dragon looking down?

He now comes in to his own as he breathes multiplying fire on any win, multiplying your pot by x2, x3, x4, x5, x10 or x15.

The good news here is that you can also trigger the free spins again from within the bonus games, to give you even more chances at some humungous dragon worthy wins.

Your wins will vary. We’ve walked away with around 20x our bet and then managed to get 130x plus on other times, it’s a little hit and miss, but what do you expect from a high to medium variance slot game?

Is Dragon Palace online slot worth a spin?

Some great graphics, animations and plenty of action, these Dragon Palace slot reels know how to put on a show.

With smaller wins in the base game, the true entertainment comes when you get to those multiplying free spins.

And with a betting range of 0.25 up to 50, it’s a little more affordable to compared to its Blazing Goddess counterpart. Though if you want an even lower limit, then Dragon Ship by Play’n GO is also very good.

A 95.58% return to player rate provides action, but don’t forget to budget carefully as the volatile nature of this slot machine can see your casino balance dwindle quickly if you are not careful.

If dragon slot themes are your thing, and you like the heart pumping thrills that higher variance slots provide, then why not try and chase this Dragon Palace video slot and see if you can come out on a high.

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lucky town slot

Lucky Town slot review – free spins

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Based on the cult brand, this IGT Tokidoki mobile slot is unique in both design and bonus features.

Technically, the full title of this game is the Tokidoki Lucky Town slot game. But, let’s be honest, most of us won’t go much further than ‘Tokidoki when describing this machine.

We have to admit having to do a little research on this japanese inspired universe – which is exactly what it is. Couple of designers have created a whole host of characters and worlds, and put them on handbags, clothes, jewellery and accessories.

And to be honest, it works. You don’t need to be a fan of the brand to enjoy what is a cute, bright, manga style IGT slot game.

Tokidoki slot is colourful, but loud

That said, because IGT had too many characters to choose from for this Tokidoki video slot, they’ve almost gone overboard with the design.

You are hit with a multitude of colours and, for the most of us, unfamiliar characters who all look slightly alike.

But, you soon get use to it, as you search for the wild symbol which comes with a 2x multiplier as standard and gives you the occasional top up to your wallet.

The unique reel reveal feature

With so many great Android and iPhone slots out there, it’s a little of a risk to say, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen this feature in another game before.

Basically, the arrow symbol will trigger a free re-spin, where the reels shift to the left, and you get a brand new reel with any of 5 characters giving you a different bonus feature.

These range from instant cash, to up to 15 multipliers, extra wilds and so on.

If you get the arrow symbol again, the reels will keep shifting to the right, and you can get up to 5 re-spins each time.

Will you be lucky in this Tokidoki Lucky Town?

This reel reveal feature occurs often, but we’ve walked away with barely 10x our bet on more than one occasion. We know, for a fact, that you can win far more than that, but that’s not the point of this Tokidoki slot machine.

Unlike the Sushi Yum Yum Extra Wasabi game, which is dangerous with wins, Tokidoki is far more suited for casual game play

Here you get lively actions, colours that blind you, and the occasional thrill as one of the 6 bonus features give you a surprise win.

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super flip slot

Super Flip slot review – free spins

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Play’n Go have gone flipping mad, with the Super Flip mobile slot promising big wins with two very simple features.

What is it with big win slots that make slots developers strip the interesting themes and go back to basics?

Look at this Super Flip slot for example – it’s basically a pretty fruit machine, with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs, alongside strawberries, diamonds and clover leaf symbols.

NetEnt did it with their brilliant Twin Spin game, and NextGen have the likes of Double Play Superbet slot. We could come up with many other examples.

We are not saying we don’t like it. In fact, Play’n GO have created a very pretty modern looking classic theme. But if you want something more imaginative, you might have to look elsewhere.

Near win re-spins & stacked symbols

When we first heard about this Super Flip slot game feature, we weren’t very impressed. The concept is simple – if you get stacked symbols on reel 1 and 2, reel 3 then re-spins to give you a second chance at a win.

Our thoughts went; yeah, but how often will you get fully stacked symbols on those reels?

Surprisingly, often enough that you’ll be grateful for the feature.

The fact that a lot of the symbols come stacked anyway, much like in their Lady of Fortune slot game, helps keep the action constant in the base game.

The Super Flip slot free spins bonus games

Again, when you read the feature on paper, it doesn’t sound impressive – so what if during the free spins, the reels ‘flip’ so reel 5 becomes reel 1?

Of course, that means you are unaware that generally speaking, you’ll get more high paying stacked symbols on reel 4 and 5, than on reel 1 and 2.

It’s basically Play’n GO’s way of saying that during the free spins you have a higher chance of winning big in this Super Flip slot online.

How big? An eye watering 10 thousand times your bet. That’s as big as another of our favourite Play’n GO games Royal Maquerade. And not easy to find in other mobile slot machines.

Exactly what we love about this video slot software provider: exciting big win games that still provide decent action so boredom is rarely a problem.

In-game bonus features

Wilds: The Wild symbol is the one with the word ‘Wild’ written on it. Clever, we know. It generally comes stacked across all reels (not always) and replaces all other symbols except scatter.

Scatters and Free Spins: Three or more Super Flip slot logo scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger 15 free spins.

During the free spins, the reels are flipped, so reel 5 becomes reel 1, reel 4 becomes reel 2 and so on.

This means that higher value symbols now come stacked across the first few reels, making bigger wins possible over these 20 paylines.

You can re-trigger the free spins, up to 90 in total, but it’s not easy.

Near Win Re-spin: If you managed to get a stack of the same symbols on reel 1 and 2 (including wild symbols), reel 3 will then re-spin for a second chance to get a win.

It hits surprisingly often and we’ve won some good 20x to 30x our bet with this feature.

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dragon shrine slot

Dragon shrine slot review – free spins

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A bright and colourful theme, this Dragon Shrine mobile slot from Quickspin has a few thrills.

And by few, we mean no that many. Don’t get us wrong. the Dragon Shrine slot theme, despite it’s simplicity, works.

The vibrant graphics put a modern twist on an ancient style, all the while still keeping true to the Asian slot theme.

You get golden dragons, stacked symbols, and stacked wilds, all mixed in with colourful jewels across a 5 reel slot machine. But these 5 reels aren’t uniform in nature.

In fact the first and last reel are 3 symbols high with the centre three reels being 4 symbols high. This produces 40 paylines of medium volatility game play, and helps create the unique look of this Quickspin mobile slot game.

Dragon stack re-spins, fun but not thrilling

There are two features that will help create the big wins, because it certainly won happen by just getting 5 symbols on a payline.

The first is the Dragons’ Stack Respin Feature, this occurs when you get a full stack of golden dragons on reel 1. You’ll then get 3 respins where any golden dragons across the other reels will become sticky.

When the spins are finally over, hopefully you have a screen full of golden dragons, and a big win. Whilst undeniably fun, this is not a feature that shows up as often as we would have liked.

Then come the Quickspin Dragon Shrine slot free spins. Which more consistently brings the biggest thrills.

Free spins that pay both ways hides the real excitement

And the big wins for that matter. You get 10 fee spins, where the 5 reels turn into pays both ways slot reels, meaning you get wins from left to right and right to left.

This alone produces more wins, thanks to those stacked symbols and wilds, but mix it in with the Dragon’s Stack Respins, which now transfer a full stack on reel 1 on to reel 5 and vice versa, allows for a whole array of golden symbols for big winning potential.

Especially the respin feature shows up more often than in the base game.

Granted, if we wanted big wins and pay both ways we’d probably still stick to Yggdrasil’s Legend of the White Snake Lady slot, but Dragon Shine still has enough shine to tempt us back from time to time.

In-game bonus features

Wilds: The wild symbol is wild and substitutes for all except the green temple bonus symbol.

Dragon’s Stack Respin: Find a stack of dragons on reel 1 and you’ll get 3 respins.

On each respin any more golden dragon symbols on the reels will remain sticky and any wins are totalled up at the end. It doesn’t shows up that often, but can bring enough wins to give you some respite during the base game.

Dragon Shrine Free Spins: Find 3 of the green temple bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4, and you’ll be awarded 10 free spins. The reels turn now Pays Both Ways, giving you more chances and better odds of creating a winning pay line.

Here the Dragon’s Stack feature can also occur, but this time the stack of golden dragon will appear on reel 1 and 5.

Closing thoughts

Overall this Dragon Shrine mobile slot is a simple game. Perhaps a little too simple.

It does have its perks, with great vibrant graphics and animations, that will entertain the eye, but the overall game play didn’t seem as thrilling as it could have.

The best part of this Dragon Shrine video slot is the free spins, and with a minimum bet of 0.20, even on a small budget you actually have good odds of hitting them.

A Quickspin game who’s graphics remind us of the Dazzle Me slot by NetEnt, but the game play lacks the sticky win thrills of the Wild Chase mobile slot by the same provider.

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beowulf slot

Beowulf slot review – free spins

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In a Nutshell

The game is inspired by the epic poem, and gets its name from the hero Beowulf. Quickspin has created an eventful and exciting 3D slot in the Beowulf slot game, with several wilds and two bonus features: the Free Spin Dragon Fight and the Grendel Attack.

Visually eye-pleasing graphics, dramatic sound effects and frequent payouts make the Beowulf slot machine a very attractive game to play.

A Closer Look

If you are a fan of mythical sagas, heroes of the past and fierce battles, you’ll certainly like this game from Quickspin.

The Beowulf video slot is based on the epic poem, written in Old English and set in Scandinavia. The hero of the game is, of course, the brave warrior Beowulf, who has to fight against the monster Grendel and while doing so, collect magnificent treasures for you.

This 5-reel, 3-row and 25-payline video slot is equipped with beautiful graphics that take you right in the middle of the medieval adventure. The game features Stacked Wilds, the randomly triggered Grendel Attack, and Free Spins with the fight between Beowulf and the Dragon. You have massive opportunities to win big, since the payout is staggeringly high at 97.2%!

You can adjust the bet size anywhere between 0.30 and 300 euros. The bigger the bet, the bigger the prize – and in this game there are plenty of prizes!

If you’re wondering about free spins in Beowulf, these are activated by Scatter symbols and the number of spins is determined by the outcome of a fight between Beowulf and the Dragon.

The randomly-triggered Grendel Attack feature will award you a random number of Wild symbols that will stay on the screen for a set number of respins.

Free Spins And Bonus Features

The Free Spins feature and Bonus features of the Beowulf slot are pretty much one and the same.

When you get +3 Free spins Scatter symbols on the screen, the free spins are activated. You also get a bonus according to the number of Scatter symbols you grabbed:

1) 3 Scatter symbols pays bet x3

2) 4 Scatter symbols pays bet x10,

3) 5 Scatter symbols pays bet x20.

You will then be taken to the Free Spin Dragon Fight feature. Each Sword symbol takes away 1 health point from the Dragon Health bar and each Dragon symbol that appears takes away 1 health from the Beowulf health bar.  If Beowulf wins the fight, you get 3 additional spins.

The Grendel Attack feature will be triggered at random and it awards the player a random number of Wild symbols. These symbols lock to their position for a set number of respins which is determined on reel 5 depending on the number of Grendel symbols you get.

There are several Wild symbols in the Beowulf slot, which can be a bit confusing at first. Wild symbols in this game are substitutes for all other symbols except the Free Spin scatter symbol and the Regular Wild symbol.

The Regular Wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols except the Free Spin scatter symbol, the Sword Bonus symbol and the Dragon bonus symbol.

In the Free Spin Dragon Fight feature, the Dragon symbol is Wild for all symbols except the Sword Wild symbol and Free Spin scatter, and the Sword substitutes for all except the Dragon and Free Spin scatter.

Special Features

The Beowulf slots game offers an enjoyable gambling experience. The reels run very smoothly and the animations are entertaining, adding extra to the already authentic atmosphere and the suitably thrilling music which both make you feel as though you are right there, in the middle of the battle. The quality 3D graphics are a sight for sore eyes too!

Playing this game can be addictive (in a good way) because of the versatile bonus features and the frequent wins offered to the player.


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goldify slot

Goldify slot review – free spins

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Do you have the golden touch? This Goldify mobile slot does as you enjoy a 40 paylines slot bathed in Greek mythology.

This IGT casino game is based on the ancient Greek myth of King Midas, the King said to have been cursed with the golden touch, where everything he touched turned to gold.

The 5×4 reels and 40 paylines are bathed in all things Greek, with the mythical Pegasus, urns, pedestals, rings, apples, warrior helmets, harps and ladies, all making an appearance.

It’s as beautiful as the Miss Midas slot from NextGen.

But there’s a few special features that turns potentially mythical golden wins into golden reality.

Stacked wilds and golden symbols

King Midas himself is the wild symbol, which comes stacked across all five reels along with all of the other symbols, making this 40 Paylines slot a thrill to play.

There’s the potential that on any spin all five reels will be filled with the same symbol, creating a huge winning combination. But that’s not all.

At the start you’ll want to press the golden G button to the left of the reels to choose yourself a golden symbol. When you do, this symbol will turn golden across the reels and reward you with wins 5x it’s original value.

It will also come stacked, and provides some big win opportunities, but it’s in the free spins bonus game where they really spice things up.

Goldify slot free spins have the golden touch

Find three of the gold rose scatters and you’ll win 15 free spins with 3 goldified symbols.

Yes, three, that’s three symbols with the potential to reward you with 5x their normal value on a winning payline.

Mix that in with the stacked wilds, and this is where the heart pumping, excitement bears its head. With wins over 200x your total bet possible these free spins don’t come easy as you’ll have to spin for at least 150 base game spins to hit them.

But that’s what we expect from some of the best IGT slot games; from Miss Kitty to Wolf Run.

With wins fit for royalty this might just leave you with a treasured slot experience

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troll hunter slot

Troll Hunters slot review – free spins

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It’s time for some Nordic action as these scantily clad warrior go hunting for trolls and big wins in this Play’n GO Troll Hunters mobile slot.

This is not a new game, but one that’s been kicking around some exclusive mobile casinos for a while.

However, now that their exclusivity period is up, you’ll be able to find this Troll Hunters slot to play at some great Play’n GO casinos.

It’s fast and furious fun

This 5×5 reel grid slot is set deep in the cold mountainous peeks, which is where we guess these troll’s like to live and collect their horsed of treasures.

You’ll find meat on the bone, skull cups full of hearty grog, and three female warriors waiting to hunt down your wins. Which, will actually come quite frequently throughout your spins thanks in part to the way this Troll Hunters video slot likes to pay.

It pays not only for 3 or more of the same symbol horizontally, but also vertically, leading to more chances to get winning combinations.

But that’s not what makes it special – that would be the special slot features that make this a must play mobile slot.

Multiplier wins and extra wilds

Much like the newer Gemix slot by Play’n GO, this Troll Hunters game really only contains one feature that is in built to create bigger wins.

On each spin where there’s a win, those symbols involved will disappear. A wild symbol will replace the centre of the winning combination, in the hope of creating consecutive wins.

When this happens you’ll start racking up your win multiplier on the left hand side creating a bigger win combo and keeping the hunt on for those free spins.

Free spins where matching symbols count

Get multiple wins in the base game, and reveal the word ‘BONUS’ below one or more of them, and you’ll trigger the Troll Hunters free spins. Which promise to give you some well… honestly… usually pretty average wins.

But unlike the base game, any 5 matching symbols across the 5×5 grid will create a win, with a different set of payouts listed. It keeps things interesting, and clearing the board certainly pays.

However, in our experience don’t expect much more than 20x your total bet on average, but then this is a fairly easy-playing game, much like the now famous Energoonz slot.

Still, a decent theme, frequent wins, and unusual mechanics will keep you hunting for that money when the board clears, and the riches are revealed.

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tarzan slot review

Tarzan slot review – free spins

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The King of the Wild returns! Microgaming Tarzan mobile slot takes another spin at what has to be the most famous character in Victorian book history.

Standing tall next to The Invisible Man and Jekyll and Hyde, Edgar Rice Burroughs man of the jungle is perhaps most famous of all.

Who doesn’t know the story of the little boy, brought up with gorillas in the far jungle, before being discovered by the beautiful Jane and her father Archimedes?

Part love story, part showcasing man superiority over beasts, this is one name that speaks volumes.

And we mean that literally, as our wild man screams his famous yell on every big win.

This Tarzan slot has a wild side

That might be pointing the obvious, but we mean that in far more literal way. In that you get stacked wilds throughout the base game of this Tarzan slot game.

During the free spins you even get more and more stacks of wilds added on each spin, leading to some brilliant wins. We are talking over 100x our bet, that we’ve experienced.

Think Play’n GO’s Golden Legend, or Aristocrats 50 Dragons slot game.

Combine that with the ‘double’ symbols, our three main characters of Tarzan, Jane and Archimedes, standing 2 symbols tall, and you’ve got some great opportunities for wins.

Hell, if you find 5 scatters, there’s even an instant 1,000x your bonus jackpot you can win. You can’t say those aren’t some tempting offers.

Mobile casino slot gamblers beware

Couple of obvious problems – this is one of Microgaming’s most graphical slots yet. More so, even, than the Jungle Jim mobile slot.

You’d think that’s a good thing, but depending on which casino you play at, you can get a lag between the animations and the wins. Be patient, mostly this mobile Tarzan game catches up with itself, but it can be a little annoying.

Especially as you have to load the bonus game every time you trigger it.

And considering they’ve put so much effort in the graphics, the main animal and fruit symbols look a little plastic – we doubt that this Tarzan slot machine will age well.

Still, you can’t deny that with those stacked wilds and multiple bonus features, this king of the jungle grabs your attention from the moment he gives you his iconic yell, and all the treasures this wild slot has to hide.

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turning totems slot

Turning Totems slot review – free spins

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You’ll be doing a rain dance on each spin as this revamped Turning Totems mobile slot brings some thunderous gameplay.

Before we begin, we should point out that there use to be a Turning Totems slot which came out at the dawn of Thunderkick Gaming and, to be honest, it wasn’t very good.

Then in 2016 they did something unusual. They decommissioned the old game, kept the beautiful graphics and sounds, and changed everything else.

This new Turning Totems slot game suddenly had 11 paylines that paid both ways, it had free spins, it had sleeping wilds and lightning snakes…

Confused? Don’t worry. Just open up the Turning Totems video slot, and we promise you, you’ll have a good time – the old version be damned.

Still very simple, but brings the thunder

The wild symbol has two states – sleepy falcon (just a normal paying symbol) and awake falcon (acts like a wild).

If you find a thunder snake on the reels, they give you a free re-spin and awaken the wilds on said reel. Get 3 snakes in a row, and you trigger 5 free spins. The more snakes you find, the more wild reels you’re likely to get.

And whilst you might think that having to work so hard for a wild, a symbol you naturally get in virtually every other video slots online, would be a downside, it really isn’t.

Pays both way reels

Pay both ways reels simply means that symbols pay from left to right and right to left.

What this means is that you constantly get bursts of action on screen as it’s slightly easier to get wins. More importantly you don’t miss the wilds, till they suddenly appear and you remember how effective they are.

And then suddenly another reel adds wilds, and the rain starts coming down from the sky till finally… the bonus games start, the thunder and lightning strikes and you’re doing a little dance, hoping for 5 reels full of wilds!

Sometimes it feel like this bonus feature shows up every 10 spins, other time you go 100 spins with nothing much. But when they do show up, we’ve often walked away with over 50 times our bet.

Not as much as with The Legend of the White Snake Lady slot, but this Turning Totems game has a faster pace which is nicer in some ways.

Turning Totems slot has surprising big wins

What really surprised us is that you can win as much as 996 times your spin bet, making this Turning Totems slot machine far more interesting a prospect than the pretty light graphics would have you believe.

Granted, mostly you’ll be overjoyed by those wins over 50 times your bet, and rarely much more, but it’s nice to know that it’s within the scope of possibilities.

All in all, a very satisfying Thunderkick slot game and a great example of how to improve and old, tired game.

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hercules slot

Hercules slot review – free spins

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This will require a herculean effort to enjoy, but if you have the riches, the Hercules High & Mighty mobile slot has some big wild wins to chase.

A Barcrest big bet game, we need to point out the big flaw straight away in this Hercules slot online.

Namely that you have to be willing either $4, $5, or $10 a spin to get the most out of this machine. (Swap $ for your currency)

Those are your three options. Sure, technically the betting range is anything from 0.10 to 250 a spin. But you’ll be kicking yourself in the foot if you use these option.

It’s all about getting the best returns

Any bet less than $2 a spin will only give you a 94% return to player rate, and anything above 96%.

But that’s nothing in comparison to if you use the big bet options, and those three different bets we mentioned above, which gives you a return of 98% and a chance at playing to this Hercules High and Mighty game’s full potential.

If this doesn’t appeal, but like the look of these mighty reels, the Zeus 1,000 slot should equally appeal. For everyone else, read on.

Unlock up to 100 paylines and huge wild symbols

The big appeal of this Hercules High and Might slot game is the fact that if you get a wild symbol on screen (which stands 2 high), it will expand, and the reels will turn from 50 to 100 paylines.

The reason why using the big bet option pays is because the wild symbol doesn’t have to be in full view for this slot feature to trigger. If you pay enough, $10 a spin, the expanded wild will stay on screen until a win is created.

Hercules High & Mighty slot is high but not so mighty

There are some decent wins to be found here – especially if you can afford that persistent wild on $10 a spin, or remove the lower paying symbols on $5 a spin.

But honestly? Mostly you’ll be glad to walk away from this Hercules mobile slot in one piece. It felt like it was just sucking money away with every big bet spin, and we couldn’t play our usual slot strategy to try and mitigate the effects.

Personally, we’d probably stick to Monopoly Big Event if we want big bet slots, as it’s more entertaining, and better graphics.

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