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wish upon a jackpot slot

Wish Upon a Jackpot slot review – free spins

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There’s plenty to play for as this fairy tale game brings together many wondrous stories in the Wish Upon A Jackpot mobile slot.

The name of this BluePrint Gaming game is a little misleading, as there’s actually no jackpot slot prizes on site.

What it does have though is base game wild bonus features that will boost your bank roll, various free spins round for added entertainment, and the chance to make a deal with good old Rumpelstiltskin.

This Wish Upon a Jackpot slot machine is beautifully crafted, much like the Jungle Jackpots slot by the same software provider. You’ll find golden harps, fairytale castles, glass slippers and frog princes as the highest paying symbols, along with A – 10 symbols for the lower ones.

Fairy Godmother to the rescue

The main game wins aren’t anything to really shout about, most just about cover your bet, maybe sometimes above our total bet. But don’t let that dissuade you from playing because these 5 reels and 20 paylines have a Fairy Godmother watching over you.

And when she randomly floats on screen, she will magic up three orbs for you to pick from. Which ever you pick could land you with Pinocchio Wilds, Gingerbread Man Wild Reels, Puss In Wilds, trigger the Bonus features, or guarantee a Fairy Win Spin.

All of which have the potential to increase your casino balance with wins of over 100x your bet.

There’s more Wish Upon A Jackpot bonus features

If that wasn’t enough slot bonuses for you, then there’s even more on offer when you trigger the Fairytale Bonus. These reward you with either free spins rounds from the 3 Little Pigs or Rapunzel, go on a multiplier trail with Jack and the Beanstalk, or gives you the chance to make a deal with the deal maker himself, Rumpelstiltskin.

These are hard to trigger though, perhaps every 150 spins or so, but when you do can add some much needed wins to your balance.

Don’t be too disappointed though if you only walk away with 10x or so your total bet as these medium to high variance slot reels can be fickle.

One for lovers of fast action games with lot of bonuses; much like in Guns n Rose rock slot.

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witch pickings slot

Witch Pickings slot review – free spins

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3 Witches, with 3 very different free spins features. Pick and mix to get the best results in this Witch Pickings mobile slot.

NextGen Gaming love giving control to their players. After all, it all started with the simple Foxin Wins, where you could choose how many wild reels you’d get… but at a price.

This Witch Pickings slot is no different, except the choices you pick will define how many magical wins you’ll get, and whether you’ll fall in love with these three witches, or just flirt for a few spins.

One bonus feature, endless possibilities

Alright, so it’s not technically endless. But when it comes to the choice you get in slot machines online, it can feel a little like it when you first trigger these Witch Pickings slot free spins.

Because you are suddenly confronted with a choice of three witches, each letting you choose one of three different features.

Want Stacked symbols with expanding wilds and reels that pay both ways? Or how about instant cash prizes on symbols, but with extra wilds and multipliers?

We go through all the options in the features section below (and our favourites), but there’s no doubt that if you’re a newbie to mobile slot machines this much choice can seem daunting.

Thank-fully, there’s a handy little option that lets the slot randomly pick for you. We’ve actually used this quite successfully after a few of our own choices didn’t pan out, in order to see what would work best in this Witch Pickings slot machine.

Witch Pickings is still not really for beginners

Despite making is easy for you to pick your free spins, we still probably wouldn’t recommend this fairytale slot for newcomers to the gambling scene.

And not just because of the features, but because much like it’s sister The Spin Lab slot machine, a lot of the control is mostly for show. And by that we mean that if this video slot decides to pay out, it doesn’t matter what features you pick.

It will pay out. And pay out big.

That said, multipliers are always handy to give a helping hand, and between us, you shouldn’t be fooled by the pretty smiles from these crafty sorceress.

This Witch Pickings slot game has a higher than average volatility, so a good head for budgeting is what will see you through to those magical wins.

For those who like a little control, and the high-thrill, high risk of a good slot machine

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wicked circus slot

Wicked Circus slot review – free spins

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The third in this Yggdrasil series, the Wicked Circus mobile slot welcomes back the mystery wins but gives you the chance to hold on for bigger, better wins.

Once upon a time, there lived a young circus joker who was bright, and happy, and full of life. This happy clown is found in the Jokerizer slot game, where any 2 or more jokers got you a mystery win.

The next time we met this personality, he’d risen from the undead, haunting the nightmares of those who dared remained in this fruity circus. The Dark Joker Rizes slot machine took a dark turn, and we loved it.

The Wicked Circus slot is the step in between

Somewhere between ‘bright and happy’ and ‘dark and haunted’, you’ve got the Wicked Circus online slot.

This is the Joker when he started to turn to the dark side, but the circus was still alive and bright. His psychosis, no doubt, was the reason his colleagues murdered him, only to return in the Rizes game.

Basically, we love the theme. It’s unusual for a series of mobile slot machines to so nicely fit with each other. Granted we made up most of the story above, but if you saw these mobile slot games, you’d come to the same conclusion.

You still get mystery wins, but now you get holds as well

None of these Yggdrasil slot games are particularly complicated. The whole point of them is to bet back your winning in order to play in ‘Jokerizer Mode’ where you get more joker symbols.

These give you mystery wins of up to 6,000 coins.

Except that with this Wicked Circus mobile slot you get the added advantage that you can pay extra to hold joker symbols on screen, hoping to catch more of these wicked clowns, as they pay out more.

Wicked Circus slot rewards the bold

You can’t be shy about betting back your winnings with this Wicked Circus slot game. If you do, you’ll never get big enough wins to get you out of this circus alive.

The best returns we’ve gotten in this casino game is when we’ve bet back any winnings, and held the jokers whenever we had a chance. Sure, we lost a fair amount of winnings, but then got some blazing 50x our bet, and more, on several occasions to make up for it.

It doesn’t always work out in your favour, but this is a video slot for the bold only. If that sounds a little too wicked, we’d recommend Fire Joker by Play’n GO, which is a little easier on the wallet.

Personally, we love this tale of dark temptation, and understand why Yggdrasil keep bringing this joker back to our screens.

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the rift slot

The Rift slot review – free spins

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A rift has opened in the back alleys of your city. What dark Lovecraftian creature lurks beneath? Will these tentacle beings bring trouble, or riches?

We love it when a slot game provider really think about the theme of a machine, something that Thunderkick certainly has done with The Rift mobile slot.

The purple rift at the bottom of these dark streets setting is swallowing magical artefacts, the slot symbols, from mystic runes to ancient textbooks.

There also appears to be the purple octopus child of Cthulhu popping in every once in a while, because why not?

What we are trying to say is that this mobile video slot has a hint of mysticism, and a whole load of special geek references that perhaps only a few internet devotees will truly appreciate.

That said, even if you’re not into inter-dimensional mysteries, you can still be into a slot machine that provides a whole load of free spins.

When The Rift slot opens up, anything can happen

There are two types of free spins.

The first occurs with just two scatters – you get one free re-spin with anything from 1 to 3 extra wilds on screens. Any wilds already on these 5 reels from the previous spin will also stick around.

It’s by far the most common feature, and you’ll rarely go 50 spins without seeing it – which is good as you need multiple 4 or 5 of a kind wins to get your budget back up.

The wins during the base game of The Rift slot game are rarely impressive without those wilds showing up.

Thank-fully they show up often enough that they’ve brought us back from the brink of the abyss, and back into the land of the living.

Up to 26 free spins and a screen full of wilds

It’s the free spins feature where things take a really interesting turn, as every time a scatter shows up during the free spins of The Rift video slot, you add a token to a wheel. Every 3 scatters gives you an extra sticky wild on screen.

Better yet, all wilds that show up stay sticky unless they are part of a winning combination.

When we first saw the concept, we thought we’d get about 4 or 5 wilds on screen at some point. But we’ve hit that, and more, far more often than we expected.

It’s frustrating when you don’t, and perhaps the sounds don’t do the excitement justice when they do, but there is a little thrill to be had here and there.

Perhaps not the long term thrills of a game like the Fruit Warp slot, but if you only have time for 10 minutes of play on your mobile or tablet, at least you know you can get some quick action from The Rift.

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neon reels slot

Neon Reels slot review – free spins

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The Neon Reels mobile slot is a stunning game, that looks far more complicated than it actually is, with one clever feature that is pure Vegas glam.

It’s hard to be disappointed with this iSoftbet slot, especially when it comes to ‘Neon’ it looks far more impressive than even NetEnt’s Neon Staxx slot – and that’s saying something.

However, what these Neon Reels won’t do is give you all the riches of Vegas. At best, you’ll have a good time, and enough for a tip.

You are basically compromising – a pretty Android and iOS slot machine it might be, but are you willing to sacrifice the big wins?

25 paylines looking for diamonds

That’s not to say that you can’t win big here. By our calculation, the top win is about 1,500 times your bet.

How you get there isn’t the free spins, it’s the re-spin feature with the diamond symbols – which also happen to be the highest paid symbol over these 5 reels.

The reason this Neon Reels slot bonus game can work well is that you get 2 respins, where all diamond and wild symbols remain frozen on screen each time they show up.

Mostly though, it’s a lot of excitement for small rewards. But hey, it’s still exciting.

What about the jackpot in this Neon Reels slot?

There is a progressive jackpot where you only need 5 hot jackpot symbols in a row to win.

The problem is that it never climbs that high that it’s ever a good reason to play on this Neon Reels game over other jackpot slots.

After all, whilst we all get excited when Mega Fortune Dreams starts hitting 5 million, how do you compare that with a few thousands in this much slower growing iSoftbet progressive?

Tell you what though, at least with the Neon Reels video slot you know you’re in safe hands. We played for hours, losing a little, winning a little, staying fully hooked on these flashy reels.

Many won’t bother playing on a machine that’s so hard to win a big prize, but sometimes, it’s worth paying for a little ‘safe’ entertainment.

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wolfpack pays slot

Wolfpack Pays slot review – free spins

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Get on a roll of wins with this Wolfpack Pays mobile slot that creates a chain reaction of spins and wins for a glorious howling feeling.

When we first heard about Wolfpack pays, we figured it would be a run of the mill copy of the likes of IGT’s Wolf Run or Wild Wolf slots.

You know the kind – fairly generic, outdoorsy games with big wins; i.e. long periods of nothing, followed by big periods of fun. If you can get there.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that this WolfPack Pays slot is, in fact, wonderfully different yet familiar all at once. And still holding those big wins.

243 ways to wins slot and beautiful reels.

The Wolfpack Pays slot doesn’t have a huge amount of bonus features. In fact, it technically only has one, possibly two depending on how you look at it.

What it does have is a stunning setting. Whilst there are many wilderness games out there, we have to commend NextGen Gaming for creating a stunning realistic mountain top view.

Even the symbols are beautiful, with howling wolves at the moon, royal eagles, and simple but effective gem like hearts, spades, diamonds and club symbols.

The reason we mention it is that there are actually relatively small number of symbols, which can easily give you a win thanks to the 243 ways to wins reels.

The WolfPack Pays slot re-spins on every win

Which brings us nicely along to the main reason to climb this mountain; every time you get a win, you’ll get one free re-spin.

On each win, you’ll get an added 2 high wild wolf symbol added to the reels, until you hit 4 consecutive wins in a row and trigger the free spin bonus games.

Similar, in a way, to another favourite of ours, the Reel Rush game, only with this Wolf Pack Pays slot game, the re-spins seem to trigger easier and more effectively, giving you a quick sense of thrill that keeps you enthralled for longer.

Get to the free spins, and you can certainly win big enough to have you howling in joy, but even when it doesn’t quite get there, there’s still a sense of fun that is hard to beat.

Just be careful with your budget, as you chase this pack, it might just chase you back and bite. But then, no other slot machine will give you such satisfaction when you make a killing.

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golden monkey slot

Golden Monkey slot review – free spins

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A game jam-packed full of wild features, and a kung fun monkey, this Yggdrasil mobile slot is worth a second look.

Yggdrasil have to be one of our favourite up and coming software providers, and Legend of the Golden Monkey slot game is a great place to start your journey with them.

For one, it’s stunning. There’s lots of casino games based around the Journey To The West book (including the Journey To the West slot machine), but this Golden Monkey captures the imagination.

For one, you don’t need to know the story, because it only has one character: the Monkey King. He’s surrounded by beautiful mystical items and is only concerned with one thing; giving you a wild time.

2 types of wilds in the base game

Which don’t act as wilds normally do.

Namely because one stays on screen for as long as it can be used to create a win (like in one of the seasons in the Seasons slot game) and the other stay on screen for up to 5 spins.

Trust us when we say that this Legend of The Golden Monkey slot online uses these wilds to good effect.

Especially when, on any random spin, that handsome ape will fly on screen and kung fu whip anything from a win, to extra wild symbols, to the treasure chest bonus.

You’ve got to love those beautiful Yggdrasil Gaming slot animations.

And then suddenly you get Golden Monkey slot free spins

Between those wilds, kung fu kicks, and random cash bonus treasure chests, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that this Golden Monkey Legend slot has 3 free spin games to pick from.

Our favourite has to be the feature where you get a sticky wild on each spin, up to 6 spins, though the stacked wild free spin bonus game is also surprisingly rewarding.

Sometimes, you’ll get this Legend of the Golden Monkey slot feature every 50 spins, other times you’ll be waiting 200 to 300 spins with nothing but wilds and flying monkeys to entertain you.

Thank-god then, that these are very entertaining indeed, and whilst it doesn’t have the big wins of the Vikings Go Berzerk mobile game, it has a simple complexity that is hard to beat.

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grim muerto slot

Grim Muerto slot review – free spins

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It’s the Day of the Dead! And a very unusual Mariachi band invite you to to a wild fiesta in this Grim Muerto mobile slot by Play’n GO.

It’s the little attention to detail that we love here. From the lively music, to the way the moustache spins on the top of the golden reels, or even the little skull lanterns that light up during the night-time free spins.

Though you’d never know, each of the handsome skeletal characters have their own name: Amador the accordionist, Tauro the trumpeter, Fernando the fiddler and Vincente on the vihuela.

Needless to say, this Grim Muerto slot theme is beautifully thought out.

Can you find the golden reels of stacked wilds?

Fans of Thunderkick Esqueleto Explosivo slot need not worry – whilst the theme is similar, Play’n GO don’t do copies.

This is 100% original and relies on one feature to provide big wins; namely one reel is chosen before each spin, and if the wild symbol lands there, the wild expands to cover the whole reel.

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

That’s because the real excitement comes in the Grim Muerto slot free spins, where anything from 2 to 5 reels turn golden with opportunity.

The free spins and 2 wild symbols

If there’s one thing Play’n GO slots do well is keep the action lively – even on mobile slots where you’d think getting bonus features should be difficult because of the wins.

Look at Royal Masquerade slot, which has 1 million cash top prize for example.

It’s no different here, though the wins aren’t quite as impressive, as you get one of our band members turn into a second wild symbol.

Suddenly you can get up to 5 reels totally wild.

The fact that you can trigger an extra 3 to 6 free spins by getting just one or two scatters has seen us play well over 20 free spins at a time.

The Grim Muerto slot is beautifully balanced

The free spins don’t guarantee big wins, especially as these night time festivities have a tendency to come often or rarely at all.

But there’s always that moment of hope. Especially as two scatters on screen give you a ‘Second Chance’ bonus to catch a third scatter and you get a little closer to the fiesta to end all fiestas.

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lucky town slot

Lucky Town slot review – free spins

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Based on the cult brand, this IGT Tokidoki mobile slot is unique in both design and bonus features.

Technically, the full title of this game is the Tokidoki Lucky Town slot game. But, let’s be honest, most of us won’t go much further than ‘Tokidoki when describing this machine.

We have to admit having to do a little research on this japanese inspired universe – which is exactly what it is. Couple of designers have created a whole host of characters and worlds, and put them on handbags, clothes, jewellery and accessories.

And to be honest, it works. You don’t need to be a fan of the brand to enjoy what is a cute, bright, manga style IGT slot game.

Tokidoki slot is colourful, but loud

That said, because IGT had too many characters to choose from for this Tokidoki video slot, they’ve almost gone overboard with the design.

You are hit with a multitude of colours and, for the most of us, unfamiliar characters who all look slightly alike.

But, you soon get use to it, as you search for the wild symbol which comes with a 2x multiplier as standard and gives you the occasional top up to your wallet.

The unique reel reveal feature

With so many great Android and iPhone slots out there, it’s a little of a risk to say, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen this feature in another game before.

Basically, the arrow symbol will trigger a free re-spin, where the reels shift to the left, and you get a brand new reel with any of 5 characters giving you a different bonus feature.

These range from instant cash, to up to 15 multipliers, extra wilds and so on.

If you get the arrow symbol again, the reels will keep shifting to the right, and you can get up to 5 re-spins each time.

Will you be lucky in this Tokidoki Lucky Town?

This reel reveal feature occurs often, but we’ve walked away with barely 10x our bet on more than one occasion. We know, for a fact, that you can win far more than that, but that’s not the point of this Tokidoki slot machine.

Unlike the Sushi Yum Yum Extra Wasabi game, which is dangerous with wins, Tokidoki is far more suited for casual game play

Here you get lively actions, colours that blind you, and the occasional thrill as one of the 6 bonus features give you a surprise win.

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big blox slot

Big Blox slot review – free spins

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There’s more to these 243 ways to win reels than meet the eye, as the Big Blox mobile slot gives you big symbols and big wins.

Set deep in a dark Polynesian jungle, these 5×3 reels provide maximum entertainment value throughout your spins thanks to the wilds and the larger than life blocks of symbols.

These ancient relic style blocks light up on wins and cover the reels with funny looking faces as the higher paying symbols. You’ll also find the now traditional card suit symbols as the low paying symbol, much like you’ll see in the Seasons slot or Legend of the White Snake Lady.

All in all, it brings an air of fun, with a slight arcade style feel, to this Big Blox slot machine.

Like many other Yggdrasil casino games, this one has simple yet beautiful graphics. Great sounds add to the overall feel and enhance the game play.

243 ways to win with multipliers on every spin

One thing to note is that there are no bonus games in this Big Blox video slot: no free spins, no pick me bonuses, no scatters.

What you get here is a simple game where 243 ways to win reels, which provide extra value for your 0.25 up to 125 bet.

Why? Because not only do you get wins for 3 or more symbols on consecutive adjacent reels from left to right, but when more than one symbol appears on the same reel you’ll get your win multiplied.

For example, if you get 1 on reel 1, 2 on reel 2, and 2 on reel 3 that’s 1x2x2 = a 3 of a kind win multiplied by 4. Very much like the IGT’s 720 ways to win games like Siberian Storm or Sushi Yum Yum slot.

Pretty simple, but can provide surprisingly big wins, especially when you add the main feature of this Big Blox slot online.

The big blocks in this Big Blox slot

The multipliers are lucrative, but what makes this slot fun is the big blocks feature.

On every spin a random big block, consisting of anywhere between 2×2 and 5×3 symbols, will appear on screen with a single symbol inside. This could be any of the higher paying face symbols, the lower paying card suit symbols, or if you are incredibly lucky the golden wild.

It’s where you get the big thrills in this Big Blox slot game, with huge wins up to 3888x your total bet from a single spin.

You will of course encounter many big misses, but big hits of around 20 – 50x your bet show often enough to keep your balance in the positive.

Think of it as the Spinata Grande slot, but stripped back and on steroids. For those who want to move from light-hearted fun, to adventurous thrills.

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babushkas slot

Babushkas slot review – free spins

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With wild bears literally scaring the clothes off little wooden dolls, this Babushkas mobile slot is on the wrong side of odd.

As slot themes go, we weren’t sold. A knitted colourful background covers 5×3 reels and 17 paylines of little Russian dolls. The trick is to get the smallest Russian dolls on screen for the biggest win.

Because everyone knows that everything good comes in small wooden knitted packages? We’re usually on board with Thunderkick’s stranger themes – after all the Toki Time slot is probably one of our favourites.

But here the colours fade into each other, and the dolls are, honestly, uninspiring.

The Babushkas slot is all about the symbol upgrades

The main feature here is symbol: if any winning symbol can upgrade by one rank to create a better win (because there are others of that rank on the reels), the symbols will upgrade to a small doll.

The smaller the doll, the bigger the wins.

Honestly, it’s easier to play and understand this Babushkas slot game than it is to explain it, but it’s not actually as complicated as it sounds.

Especially as even when you get a screen full of the smallest yellow doll, the most you’ll get is 100x your bet. Granted, for that to happen, you would have had to had several upgrades probably, but it’s a lot of effort, for not a huge amount of rewards.

Thank-god for the wild bears

Who bring both a little fun and character to a fairly pastel world. That’s because he hides in an egg, and when he shows up you don’t quite know what you are going to get.

The scare bear that can upgrade the symbols up to 3 times? The Charm bear that upgrades symbols by 1? Or even the free spins bear?

They make this Babushkas slot online a little more playable as they can genuinely create those chain reaction of upgrades to lead to decent wins.

Certainly playable, mostly because your budget won’t move around much, but not close to the greatness of the Esqueleto Explosivo slot.

In-game bonus features

Symbol Upgrade: All winning symbols of a specific rank will update if doing so creates either a new or long win line.

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol is simply the egg symbol with a W on it. However, if that egg also has a star on it, it can trigger one of three mystery features:

  • Scare Bear: The lowest valued symbols on screen will upgrade in sequence by up to 3 times, depending on the size of the bear in the egg.
  • Charm Bear: All symbols upgrade by 1 level
  • Dance Bear: You get 7 free spins, during which a new wild egg will appear on reel 3 on each spin, including the chance to trigger any of these mystery features.
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jungle jim slot

Jungle Jim slot review – free spins

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With cascading reels and increasing multipliers, this Jungle Jim El Dorado slot might not be innovative, but it’s certainly a fun adventure.

A modern take on the adventure slot theme, Microgaming have taken a well known theme and well known mechanics to create something that works.

Should we take points away because this Jungle Jim slot lacks originality? We don’t think so.

After all, it’s got a 3,680 times your bet win, and plays similarly enough to the Gonzo’s Quest slot that you won’t care that it’s basically a a tribute to the far more famous casino game.

Cascading reels and increasing multipliers

That’s what makes this Jungle Jim El Dorado slot machine special. The fact that on every win the symbols will disappear, and you get a mini free go, where more symbols will tumble from above.

It’s not a new concept, but how many multipliers you get is pretty special – up to 5x in the base game and up to 15x in the free spins bonus round.

You could argue that it’s not as good as Gonzo because you have one more step, so one more consecutive win, to get the highest multiplier.

And you’d be right. But considering so many cascading slots don’t have multipliers at all, like in Pixies of the Forest slot, and we like them well enough, any multipliers are good in our book.

Not to mention that Microgaming have used what they call ‘rolling reels’ before, but generally left the multipliers only for the free spins and not the base game, like in the Cool Wolf mobile game.

The Jungle Jim slot is beautiful and hits often

Unlike so many Microgaming slot games where this studio clearly just found some graphics at the bottom of their creative drawer, with this Jungle Jim El Dorado video slot they’ve gone all out.

Granted, the Jungle Jim character isn’t as charismatic as Gonzo, but the background, animations and symbols are beautiful. They float down on screen, each unique, with not a single high card symbol to be found.

Instead you chase gems and ancient treasure, and eventually the golden treasure room in the free spin round where the massive, huge, mega wins can be found.

This Jungle Jim slot machine feels like a Microgaming game of old; you get good and frequent wins in the base game, and whilst the free spins are hard to find, when you do, you’ll usually be richly rewarded.

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blazing goddess slot

Blazing Goddess slot review – free spins

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With 1024 ways to win, this Blazing Goddess mobile slot is a little Hawaiian treasure from Lightning Box Games.

There’s no denying that this Blazing Goddess slot is pretty to look at. Framed by a tropical paradise, you get flowers and Ace to 9 symbols intermixed with totems, volcanoes and birds, giving this a charming and slightly mystical look about it.

Even the music gives it an air of mystery, as you spin 5×4 reels, all in the hope of catching the elusive fire goddess.

Unlike their poor graphical showing of Frogs n Flies slot (by the same provider) this theme works, even if there’s something slightly old fashioned about it.

All about the Blazing Goddess slot bonus games

Technically, this iPhone/iPad and Android game is all about the wilds, which in the base game come with a 2x multiplier.

But let’s be honest, most of the big wins in this Blazing Goddess online slot come in the free spins bonus rounds. Which you get easily enough within 50 spins or so.

Why did that surprise us? Because Lightning Box game have promised us a high variance slot machine with this one, so we’d have expected the one and only bonus feature to hit rarely – like in the Crown of Egypt slot for example.

But that’s not the case. However, what it doesn’t do is pay lots often. Usually you get maybe 15x your bet during the free spins, again, all thanks to those extra wilds added to the reels, much like you might find in the Golden Legend slot.

Win 18,660 times multiplier bet

Because of the way these 1024 ways to win slot reels work, where the wins are multiplied for each stack of symbols that show up left to right, the top amount you can win here is huge.

And, despite our cynicism, not totally out of the question as several of the main high paying symbols come stacked in this Blazing Goddess slot game.

That said, without those wilds and that 2x multiplier, you know ahead of time that any wins on the board will be minimal at best. It’s like you’re constantly on the look out for one symbol, making all the rest practically obsolete.

Still, this deity shows up often enough to charm us into playing and we will be returning to this island paradise far more often than we would with NetEnt’s prettier, but not as hard hitting, Aloha Cluster Pays slot.

In-game bonus features

Wilds: The Blazing Goddess herself is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter. She also double any win she’s involved in.

Scatter and Free Spins: Get 3, 4 or 5 volcano scatter symbols anywhere on screen and you’ll trigger 5, 15, or 30 free games respectively.

Here, this fire goddess throws extra wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, giving you the chance at more wins and more multipliers.

To be fair, we are not usually the biggest fans of 1024 ways to win slots, but this Blazing Goddess mobile slot game almost made a convert out of us.

Still, much like casino games of it’s type, you are really one waiting on one feature to trigger quickly, and often, enough to keep your balance topped up, much like you’d find in NextGen Monster Wins slot.

That said, with some genuinely top prize wins, you might just find yourself worshipping at the feet of this goddess anyway, especially when she throws pure blazing wins at your screen.

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spectra slot

Spectra slot review – free spins

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A simple 5×4 reel game, the Thunderkick Spectra mobile slot strips things back to the basics, but with just the right nudge.

Before you quickly whisk yourself away in need of something a little more complex, we’d advise you to continue to read our Spectra slot review.

Just because this Spectra slot is basic, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s boring and not worth playing. Yes there’s no free spins or bonus games as such, but the wilds will steal the show with a top prize of up to 240,000 cash.

But before we get in to those, let’s talk theme, which look as retro as the Arcader slot by the same provider.

The Spectra slot shows off all the colours of the spectrum

The 5 reels and 30 paylines here are covered with simple shapes, some from popular classic slots like the BAR, 7’s and golden bells symbols along with four leaf clovers as the highest paying of the game.

Then we head in to the simple shapes like pentagons, diamonds, squares, triangles and circles, which all glow a little and are the lower paying of this Spectra video slot.

All cleverly covering most of the colours of the spectrum, where this casino game got it’s name. Granted, it’s not as imaginative or crazy a theme as something like the Toki Time slot.

But with some funky sounds and simple gameplay, all types of players can enjoy the joy of spinning for a wild win.

It’s all about the wilds

The main bonus feature throughout this Spectra slot machine is that of the wild symbol which comes stacked four symbols high and with a few special features of its own.

Namely wild respins and wild nudges.

Whenever a wild shows up partially on screen, it will reward a free respin with the wild in place. If a new wild shows up on the respin, you’ll be awarded another respin, and the wild will continue to nudge up or down by one symbol until the wild fills the reels or you get no more respins.

It’s like a clever version of the wild respins in the Magicious slot, or even Starburst.

The fact this is a feature that occurs regularly enough in this Spectra slot to provide some well needed wins no doubt help make this new Thunderkick game very playable.

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double dragons slot

Double Dragons slot review – free spins

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Fire breathing dragons bring this mobile casino slot alive, as another Yggdrasil’s slot machines hits it out of the ballpark again with great graphics, animations, and snippets of game play that will excite many a slots player.

With various coloured dragon eyes as the high paying symbols, and the colourful card suit symbols as the lower paying ones, there’s a mixed theme here, but one that’s brought together thanks to the elaborate reels surrounds, and bonus features.

The Double Dragons slot big base game wins

There’s potential for big slot wins directly in the base game, thanks to stacked wilds, cascading wins, and the Double Dragons feature.

The Double Dragons feature is activated by getting 4 consecutive wins, and releasing the red and blue dragon upon the reels in the form of more stacked wild; anything from 7 to 28 extra wilds in fact.

This allows you to get bigger wins during the base game, as the combination of cascading symbols and extra stacks of wilds keeps the action coming time and time again.

We’ve actually got over 100x our total bet during this Double Dragon video slot base game alone, wins we usually find in slower moving games like the Cazino Zeppelin slot.

Collect the dragon heads for free spins

Throughout your Double Dragons slot base game spins you’ll come across either a red or blue dragon head. You’ll need to collect nine of either colour to trigger 9 free spin games for potentially even more big slot wins.

As during the free spin you only need two consecutive win to trigger the big earning Double Dragon feature.

And sure, collecting enough dragon heads sounds like it could take a while, and it does sometimes, but meanwhile, those dragon heads themselves also help out.

Because every time you find a blue dragon head during the base game all your winning combinations will be multiplied by 2. When a red dragon head appears it will add 2 to 3 additional wilds randomly to the screen.

Between cascades of wins, mini dragon bonuses, and that Hail Mary of a Double Dragon slot bonus game, we were thoroughly entertained by this phone and tablet slot.

In-game bonus features

Wilds: The Wild symbol is wild, and comes stacked across the five reels.

Cascading Wins: On a win the symbols that make up the winning combination will explode, and more will drop down from above, potentially creating another win.

Double Dragons Feature: Get 4 consecutive wins and you’ll release the Double Dragons slot bonus feature.

Here two high stacks of wilds, up to 28 wilds long, will be added to the reels.

Dragon Heads: A blue dragon head on the reels will multiply winning combination by 2. Find a red dragon head and you’ll get 2 to 3 wilds added to the reels.

Free Spins: For each dragon head you find you’ll get one step closer to the free spins round.

Find 9 of the same colour, and you’ll trigger 9 free spins where the Double Dragons feature shows up more often thanks to you needing only two consecutive wins to trigger it.

This allows for bigger wins and some exciting spins.

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1421 slot

1421 slot review – free spins

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It’s time to set sail and explore what this 1421 Voyages of Zheng He mobile slot has to offer.

Your IGT slot journey to potential riches starts with Admiral Zheng He on the high seas, where this Chinese themed slot machine comes into its own.

You’ve got golden coins, jade statues, bells, and other various symbols joining the other lower paying A – 10 across a 5×4 reel layout.

This is one expedition where you’ll be thankful that you brought some cash reserves, as 1421 Voyages of Zheng He is a medium variance game paying out big only on occasions.

But when it does, it’s one hell of a discovery, especially during it’s four bonus features.

Your decisions count in this 1421 Voyages of Zheng He slot

The thrills in this mobile IGT game come during the base game where stacked symbols, including stacked wilds, provide you with small to medium wins, keeping you afloat. But it’s in the bonus decision feature where you will win big.

Here you get a choice of four options, three free spins rounds with varying amounts of win multipliers on each spin, or the Cup feature where you get to win up to 102x your total bet in a simple pick me game.

The free spins are where the most thrills will be though, as not only can you get up to 8x multipliers, but if you manage to re-trigger them, you get to choose again which of the three you want to spin after the initial spins have finished.

This is brilliant as it gives you the option to play it safe, hope you can re-trigger them, and then go all out reckless and go for those big wins, all within the same bonus trigger.

An IGT mobile slot where big betters are welcomed

Most IGT slots on mobile have a big initial starting bet, and this 1421 Voyages of Zheng He mobile game is no different, as with 88 paylines the lowest bet is 0.88 per spin.

Which might be out of the reach for some who like smaller bet games, such as like Yggdrasil’s Double Dragons at 0.25 per spin or Microgaming’s Lost Vegas at only 0.30.

However, those with big casino budgets willing to bet big to win big can bet to their hearts delight up to 880 per spin. This slot’s betting range allows for a wide range of good mobile slot strategyto be played out.

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starquest slot

Starquest slot review – free spins

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Head in to space and enjoy up to 117,649 Megaways to win in this behemoth of a Star Quest mobile slot machine.

Yes, you read that right, this Big Time Gaming game has up to 117,649 ways to win, thanks mainly in part to the fact that the six reels can be up to 7 symbols high, and they pay both ways.

Which might make you think this Star Quest slot is going to be a complicated machine to play, perhaps a little like the Raging Rhino slot from WMS.

Far from it, in fact due to some simple high paying bonus features, this casino game isn’t as alien as all that.

The game dynamics change on every spin

Set deep in space, overlooking a far distant planet, this Star Quest slot game’s reels change the way they look on every spin, which in turn actually changes the number of ways to win on every spin as well.

You could have 7 symbols on one reel, 3 on another, 4 on another and so on.

What this does is create a variable game, with a medium to high variance slot nature.

With different coloured gems making up the high paying symbols, and the rest made up of A – 10 symbols, this game contains no free spins as such, but free re-spins that can come with up to 5x multipliers.

Go on a Star Quest wild adventure

Wild reels are your friend in this game. The tight fitting space suit wearing Astronaut is the wild and comes stacked across the four centre reels.

She also comes with a multiplier of up to 5x, and a free re-spin which can come in very handy indeed.

In fact you’ll be wishing she could be more than just friends if you manage to get more than one reel completely wild, as you’ll get more multipliers and more re-spins. It’s like the wilds on Starburst slot, but on mega reels with mega multipliers.

And on a re-spin the wild reels will upgrade their multipliers, giving you another go at creating an even bigger winning combination of symbols.

This gives you the chance to get an every expanding universe full of wins, and enjoy some out of this world spins.

In-game bonus features

Wild: The space lady is wild and can cover the whole of reels, 2, 3, 4 and 5. They also come with multipliers.

Pays Both Ways Slot Reels: The reels pay from left to right and right to left giving the chance for bigger wins.

Wild Re-spins: Find a wild reel and you’ll get a free re-spin, on the re-spin the wild reel will upgrade its multiplier.

If you find another wild reel on the re-spin you’ll get another re-spin with the wild reels locked in place and upgraded multipliers up to 5x.

Closing thoughts

This Starquest mobile slot game might seem a little alien, but will soon become familiar as the six reel layout mixed with wild reels creates a thrilling slot experience.

The graphics might not be the best, and the space slot theme a little dull, but there’s more to this mobile casino  game than just looks.

However, if you prefer looks over substance, the Aliens slot from NetEnt is far more graphically stunning.

That said, a minimum bet of 0.20 also makes this Star Quest video slot exceedingly affordable to play, especially as this game boasts huge win potential with its pays both ways reels and 117,649 Megaways.

So head out in to space and reach for the stars as you try and boldly go on a quest that could end you up with a galaxy of riches.

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frog grog slot

Frog Grog slot review – free spins

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Thunderkick like to create quirky games, which this simple Frog Grog mobile slot perfectly shows with a load of ways to make symbols disappear and win appear.

Unlike most of the other Thunderkick slots on mobile, this Frog Grog slot machine doesn’t make full use of your tablet or phone casino screen.

The 5×3 reels take centre place, like they always do, but the slot symbols consisting of potions and jars filled with moths and rare flowers feel too small.

In fact, the multipliers at the side of the reels stands out more than the actual symbols themselves.

But don’t let that disuade you from playing, as this Thunderkick Frog Grog video slot has plenty of magic in the base game to make things interesting.

More wins means bigger Frog Grog multipliers

Those multipliers, ranging from x1, x2, x3, x5, to x7, on the side of the reels are one of the most important features in this casino game.

Much like you’d find in the Microgaming Jungle Jim slot or NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest, these multipliers will increase on each consecutive wins you get.

So say you win, and those symbols dissapear, and from the ones that drop from above, you get another wins. Your multiplier will then go up to x3 for the next spin of wins. Get four consecutive wins and you’ll reach the maximum 7x multiplier.

This gives you more chances of wins, but when it’s combined with the dropping symbols and frog burps, can give you some decent base game wins.

Dropping symbols give you more wins for less

The concept of having symbols drop in from above to replace the previous winning combination of symbols is hardly new; the two games we mention have it, so does IGT’s Pixies of the Forest and Play’n GO’s Cloud Quest.

But it popular for a reason; it give you more chances of increasing your win multipliers on less spins.

Combine this with the Frog Burp feature, where if an orange wild frog appears on screen it will burp and destroy the symbols on the same column and row as it is on, and you’ll barely notice that there’s no free spins bonus games in this Frog Grog mobile video slot.

Perhaps not as enticing as the Sunset Delight slot, but a vast improvement on their Babushkas slot release.

In-game bonus features

Wilds: The orange frog symbol acts as wild and substitutes for all other symbols on screen.

Frog Burp: Find an orange frog on the reels and it will burp and explode all the symbols on the same row and column, allowing more symbols to drop in from above for bigger wins.

Dropping Symbols: On a win the winning combination of slot symbols will explode and more will drop down from above to replace them in the exact same positions.

Mystery Game: Randomly triggered when there’s no win after symbols have dropped down, it will remove all symbols apart from the Moth, Flower and Frogs; namely the high paying symbols.

Consecutive Win Multipliers: Get consecutive wins to increase your wins with multipliers up to x7.

Closing thoughts

This Frog Grog mobile slot might not look like anything special, but with the combination of tried and tested base game features, including the dropping symbols and multipliers, it is actually rather good.

It’s not as fun as some of the other potion slot themes like Potion Factory or Merlin’s Magic respins, but will still provide some decent wins from as little as 0.10 per spin.

All in all, a simple but decent online slot.

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lost vegas slot

Lost Vegas slot review – free spins

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Zombies or Survivors? You choose your mode in this Microgaming Lost Vegas mobile slot, but which will keep you going the longest?

Microgaming’s previous release to this one was the good looking Jungle Jim slot, with great graphics, sounds, and animations. Certainly better than we’ve see on most of their latest online and mobile slot releases.

This Lost Vegas slot is another good looking slot machine and the exception to the rule, providing uniquely entertainment graphics and an interesting choice of free spins rounds.

With 5 reels and 243 ways to win, this game lives or dies (pun intended) on if you like the Zombie slot theme, as well as how the game plays.

The real question is, with two different game modes, which is best?

2 Modes, Only 1 Lost Vegas Slot Survivor

The Lost Vegas slot on mobile comes with a choice the moment you open it up; will you play as a survivor trying to escape the zombie hordes? Or will turn to the zombies and try and hunt down some fresh flesh?

Which you choose doesn’t matter much in the base game, you get the same types of value of symbols, except the high paying symbol change from humans to zombies. Basically just a different look and feel to reflect your choice.

But when it comes to the Lost Vegas free spins, suddenly your pick makes all the difference.

Base game bonuses and free spins

You can read more about the bonus features below, but let’s just say that there are two random bonus features that can show up any time after a spin providing you with an instant cash prize.

They don’t show up that often but can come with a decent top up and some fun animations.

But it’s the free spins you are playing for as the two mode give you two very different types of bonus game. Either more high paying symbols as you progress through your survivor free spins, or you’ll get stacked wilds on more reels in Zombie mode

Each free spin game will appeal to different kinds of player, but our favourite is the Lost Vegas survivor mode, as you end up with a screen full of high paying symbols leading to multiple 4 and 5 of a kind wins.

All in all, a decent horror slot, with a tongue in cheek grownup feel that is far more suited for Halloween than even the likes of the Halloweenies slot.

In-game bonus features

Wilds: The Lost Vegas Slot logo is wild and substitutes for all symbols except the scatters.

Survivor Free Spins: Basically every time a low paying A – 10 symbol shows up on screen they will pay you with some extra cash – like a scatter.

These symbols are then removed and a stash of cash builds up as you keeping spinning till no more Ace to 10 symbols are left.

This provides you with more chances of big wins as you progressively are left with only the top paying symbols on the board.

Zombie Free Spins: Play as the zombies and every time a reel is full of a zombie symbol (which come stacked) it will add stacked wilds to that reel and that reel will become “infected”. Your free spins end when all five reels have become infected with stacked wilds.

The upside here is that with every infected reel you get, the more wilds you can potentially hit, and the bigger the top prize.

Zombie Fist of Cash: Any time, after any spin, a random Zombie fist can punch out of the screen with a fist full of cash giving you an instant cash reward.

Blackout Bonus: Again, randomly, the screen will blackout and all the high paying symbols will be shown, revealing cash prizes for each one on screen at that time.

Closing thoughts

This Lost Vegas mobile slot by Microgaming provides plenty of fun and action thanks, in part, to the 243 ways to win reels.

But mostly due to the fact that you can have a fresh spin of the reels by switching up which mode you decide to play in, and take your chance in two very different but fun free spin modes.

A novel take on a zombie slot theme and one that no doubt many Zombie and Microgaming slots fan will enjoy all year round.

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7 monkeys slot

7 Monkeys slot review – free spins

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7 Monkeys Slot Game Review

The funny 7 Monkeys slot free game comes with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 7 fixed pay lines. The playful monkeys will give the fans of the slots games with free spins good laugh in this game created by Pragmatic Play. Fool around with the funny monkeys among the trees playing 7 Monkeys online slot machine and grab the rewards!

Use the Bananas to Get up to 150 Free Spins!

Monkeys adore bananas and the gamblers like the free spins. The Pragmatic Play crew decided to combine these two preferences in 7 Monkeys casino gaming slot. Hit 3 or more Scatters depicting the banana stem anywhere and play the exciting bonus game! 3 banana stems awards 50 free spins at x1 multiplier. 4 banana stems offer 100 free spins with all wins doubled. And if you get 5 banana stems you will play 150 free games with the x3 booster!

The image of the shouting baboon represents the Wild symbol in 7 Monkeys slot machine game. It substitutes any image except for the banana stem.

Funny Monkeys

Watching the playing monkeys is like watching silent comedy. There are no words, only the funny actions. You can’t stop laughing watching their frills and tricks. And now you have the possibility to watch the games of the monkeys and win pretty good prizes playing this funny video slot! The wonderful graphic design and the spectacular animations make 7 Monkeys slot machine one of the best Pragmatic Play slots.

At leovegas you can find and play 7 Monkeys slots game along with the other wonderful video slots for free no download is required for it! We suggest you browse our website if you look for Pragmatic Play free slot games to play them online for fun! Those gamblers who like to play mobile casino slots free of charge, can visit Slots Up from your mobile device to spin the reels of 7 Monkeys slot game for fun!

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