Types of Bingo Games

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”Types of Bingo Games”

75-Ball Bingo

This format is the most post popular type of bingo game you can find in North America. The cards consist of 5×5 number grids with a free square in the center and letters B I N G O printed atop.

The goal of the game is to match the numbers according to a predetermined pattern. The first person to the complete the pattern can call bingo and is considered the winner of the game. Patterns can vary, from simple geometrical shapes to more sophisticated themed models.

To make things more interesting, the 75 ball bingo features a ‘balls to jackpot’ number. If the winner manages to complete the pattern within this set number of calls, they scoop the jackpot. If the jackpot is not hit within a game, it usually rolls over to the next round.

Who is it for? Play 75-Ball Bingo to Learn the Ropes

If you are a total novice to the bingo world, then the classic format played on 5×5 cards containing 25 numbers out of a total of 75 is the right choice for you. Just make sure you stay alert as the numbers are called out and keep in mind you have to be the first one who completes the pattern to hit the jackpot.

90 Ball Bingo

Bingo players in Europe, Australia and some South American countries are more familiar with the 90 ball bingo game. Together with the 75 ball bingo game, this format is also very popular online.

The 90 ball bingo game is played on a 9×3 card. Each line features 5 numbers, with a total of 15 numbers on the card. On the first column, you will see the numbers ranging from 1-9, on the second one, the numbers from 10-19, and so on.

These games are usually played in three stages, each stage having as winner the player who marked all the numbers on the first line, then the second one, and then on the whole card. The prize is also split differently, with the ‘full house’ winner cashing in the largest slice.

The difference between the 75- and 90 ball bingo games lies not only in the guess range, but also in the format, number of winners and prize amounts. The 90 ball bingo game usually makes more winners and awards bigger prizes.

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