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Evolution Gaming – Lightning Roulette

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Hi there! thanks for landing onto this page. No matter what brings you here – spend the next five minutes reading this article and I assure you. You will be a Lightning Roulette expert by its end. 

So grab your snacks sit back and let’s get started. At the bottom you’ll find a list of available quality casinos in the UK that have lightning roulette live.

What is Roulette? 

The word ‘Roulette’ comes from the French language. It means a little wheel, around which the game of roulette is built. 

The game of Roulette is an established casino game. Wherein a dealer conducts rounds of betting on a spinning wheel. The winning bets are decided based on where exactly the ball lands on the wheel that has 37 numbers present on it

The origin of this game dates back to the early 18th Century in France. But it was only during the 19th century that Roulette could find it’s footing in the U.S. and large parts of Europe. 


Live Roulette Vs Lightning Roulette : 

Lightning Roulette is the newest installment in the category of Live casino games developed by Evolution gaming. 

To put it simply the game of lightning roulette is very similar to the European roulette. But with more imaginative and fun twists in it.

Backed by some extraordinary visuals and an impressive RTP (Return to Player ) percentage, you are in for a rollercoaster ride with this one! 

Also, don’t forget the ‘ Lightning’ as when it strikes in each round you stand a chance to hit the jackpots as high as 500X. 

So don’t confuse Lightning Roulette with the Live Roulette games because they are both essentially the same, with only more options to win in the former and better pay-outs Also it’s more exciting and wins multipliers are truly great! 

Alright fine! Lightning Roulette is awesome to play. But it is one of the many variations of the basic live roulette games. 


The lightning Roulette Rules To Remember:

 In the year 2018 Evolution gaming came up with one of the most ingenious variations of the game. The lightning that took the world by a storm. 

The game of lightning Roulette is based on the classic European roulette. Apart from the visual appeal and higher returns, there isn’t a whole lot of difference in terms of the playing style. 

So if you have already played the roulette before you should not have any difficulty while wagering on this one. In case you haven’t – Don’t worry we’ve got you covered 

  • A dealer conducts rounds of betting by spinning the Roulette wheel and the ball in opposite directions. 
  • There are 37 slots of numbers in which the ball can land. A standard 1 – 36 in red and black along with a zero pocket. 
  •  A full range of Traditional Roulette bets are available to gamble. 
  • The minimum bet is 20p whereas the maximum bet ranges from £100 to £2000. 
  • Five Randomly generated Lucky numbers receive boosts differently as the Lightning strikes. 
  • These Boosts can range from 50X to a whooping 500X! Given that the ball lands on the lucky number you had placed your bets on. 
  • A non multiplied straight bet has a pay-out of 29:1 as compared to 35:1 in the classic roulette. 
  • All the Randomly generated Lucky numbers are a result of a fair and advanced algorithm. As Claimed by Evolution Gaming. 

Lightning roulette live on betkingcompare casinos

How To Play The Lightning Roulette : 

Playing the game of Lightning Roulette is very simple. Thanks to Evolution gaming’s attention to detail the player is provided with all the crucial information. 

The game of Lightning Roulette allows players to bet in mainly five ways. A player can either place straight bets on single numbers or different hybrids of numbers, bets can also be placed on the basis of the colour [red and black], odd-even or high – low sets of numbers. Similar to that of the classic roulette. 

The game is based on the live casino format. With a knowledgeable dealer conducting rounds in a TV show style. Making the experience more entertaining! 

As the dealer is about to pull the lever and spin the roulette wheel with all 37 numbers ( including zero pockets). The lightning strikes! 

And up to five lucky numbers are selected that are subject to the win multiplier

After this, the roulette wheel is spun. And depending on where the ball lands at the end of the spin the payout is decided.

 For example: If you placed straight bets on the numbers 5,12,19,32 And the lucky numbers generated are 12,6,34 with payouts of 100x, 200x, 300x each. Now if the ball lands on the number 12 you will be getting a payout on 100:1 odds. 


Best Lightning Roulette Strategies to use : 

Despite a high paying reward system in place, it’s not all easy to win big here. But don’t worry we have done all the research for you. 

Here are some of the most effective lightning roulette strategies that our casino experts have compiled only for you. 



The first one is a pretty simple and most commonly used Betting strategy out there. And that’s because it is so obvious to bet on every single number on the table in order to increase your odds of winning. 

The idea is to derive the maximum return by placing straight bets on all the numbers so no matter where the ball lands payouts can be easily claimed!


Make sure to not double down on your bets in the losing rounds. Otherwise, you will end up with a big fat hole in your pocket after only 2-3 rounds.



Second, on our list is the Paroli System whereby a player puts to work the Martingale system but with a twist! Now I don’t know why it’s called the Paroli System. But what I do know is that,

The catch here is to make use of the well-known martingale system in reverse. So basically if a player bets 10$ on round one and lose then in round 2 the bet will be again of 10$ only. Whereas if he wins in round 3 then the bet for round 4 will be 20$. And so on.


This method is structured to win big by staking on the winning streak a player might hit! “Might hit” being the operative word – Choose wisely



Featuring third is a very interesting strategy that comes all the way from France. Honestly I don’t know the correct pronunciation to it so ill leave it up to you. 

The method of use is however not so complicated as the name itself. Firstly you should have your chips divided in two separate lines.

Now you have to decide the sum you want to win at the end. Assuming it’s 30$ you will now have to break the sum of 30$ into an arbitrary line of numbers that can be used to place bets. Here is how : 


Now add the first and last number in the sequence (6+2=8)

And make the first bet of 8 and if it turns out to be in your favour then you need to add the new first number ie; 8 and new last number (8+9 = 17) will be our new bet for the next round and so on. 

However, if you happen to lose the first bet or any of the subsequent bets in our case.

You will have to then add the amount of wager lost in around to form a new sequence of numbers. In our case (6,8,5,9,2,8) which will in turn form a new set of numbers to choose for the next bet.

And from this point onward the same system follows of adding the first and last number in the new set to decide the bet (6+8).


This strategy can be only be used on the Even Money Outside Bets. And since this technique doesn’t take the lightning into account.

You should consider bets that can almost give you a 50%chance at winning. To get it even is the key to come out of the game with profits!




Further on our list is my personal favourite because it’s so efficient. Despite its ease of use and pocket-friendly nature. This particular strategy goes unnoticed. Players don’t use the most obvious resource available which are the bonuses!!! 

All you need to do is use the welcome bonus or the playing bonus given by a casino to play the game of lightning Roulette.

And withdraw your winnings without having to pull the money out of your pocket. It’s like playing and getting rewarded for using the casino pretty much. 


This method looks attractive on first glance but what you really need to consider is the fact that Not all the casinos will allow you to play from the bonus amount.

And even if they do so casinos usually charge heavily at the time of withdrawal sometimes up to 35-40X wagering requirements. 


Look I am going to be completely honest with you. A normal search on the internet will take you to multiple sources claiming how you can WIN BIG! And the so-called “techniques” that guarantee your roulette wins. 

But all of that is a mere gag according to me. Because none of these search results will admit that lunch plays a big part in all this. Especially in the Lightning Roulette

It’s important to hit the multiplier in the initial stages of your betting.

 There are a thousand ways out there to defeat the game or make sure you don’t lose a lot. We have compiled here some tips and tricks that can be used to sail through : 

  • Bet with a limit – Do not get carried away and make sure you keep one eye on the betting table and another on your bankroll. 
  • Terms and Conditions – I can not emphasize this enough. Going through the terms will only benefit you while withdrawing your wins or claiming bonuses in the long term. 
  • Know when to stop! – There is no hiding the fact that gambling by its very nature is addictive. So you must have a threshold that can’t be crossed. It’s a game after all so have fun while playing it.
  • You don’t always win Big – it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s important to understand the importance of small wins and consistency. Which might eventually head you to the BIG WIN! 
  • Keep it simple – it’s actually the best policy. Don’t get distracted by different techniques or hacks. Just place simple straight bets on numbers and work with your instinct. 

Lightning roulette casino layout

FAQ : 

Ques : What Is RTP? 

Answer : RTP (Return to the player ) is an expected return on the amount wagered on a casino game. Which is an estimate a casino provides. 

Ques : What Is the RTP For the Lightning Roulette? 

Answer : According to Evolution Gaming the odds for their newest game are extremely favourable to the players. 97.30 % to be exact. Which means for every 100$ Wagered there is an expected return of 97.3$ 

Ques : Where can I play The Lightning Roulette? 

Answer : There are a number of Online Casinos that offer the fun and excitement of the lightning roulette. But it’s not always easy to determine which casino will best suit your needs as a player. 

Don’t worry our team at BKC. Has reviewed the top online casinos with Lightning Roulette. Make sure to check it out. 

Ques : Is Lightning Roulette Legal? 

Answer : Online gambling is legal in UK and most parts of Europe. And Lightning Roulette Falls under the same category so yeah it’s legal. It is administered by the UK Gambling act. 


List of online casinos with lightning roulette

Karamba Casino Review 2021

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Ladbrokes Casino Review 2021

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  • A superb mobile casino experience
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BGO Casino Review 2021

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Coral Casino Review 2021

Get£50 free casino bonus only £10 deposit needed

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Black Spins casino review 2021

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Play Cosmo Casino Review 2021

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