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31 August 2021

91/5000 Did you mean: Live Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming is a social game based on the renown lucky wheel. Live Dream Catcher fra Evolution Gaming er et socialt spil baseret på det kendte lyckhjulet.

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Title : Dream Catcher

RTP : 96.21%

Developer : Evolution Gaming

Volatility : Medium

No. Of Reels : N/A

No of Rows : N/A

Pay lines : 54

Min/Max Bet : $0.05/ $5000

Maximum Win :  7X ( Bet Amount)

Release Date : June 2018

Use On : PC, Mobile and Tablet

Our team of casino experts bring you yet another slot machine review. This time we dig deep into the Dream catcher’s functioning to tell you what this game holds.

Read on for a brief guide to this evolution title that we have carefully compiled for you.

What is Dream Catcher?

There are a lot of slot games that that are based on the American Wild West, with their horse-riding, saloons and gun-slinging, but Dream Catcher aims to capture your eye with the other side of the Wild West.

Created by Evolution gaming, Dream Catcher aims to steep the punter into an immersive and adrenaline-filled experience like never before!

A live casino game that has REAL dealers in REAL-time interactions to give you the feeling of playing right in a real casino!

Bonus Spin:

One of the unique features of this game that punters crave to take place is the bonus spin.

This round takes place only if when the wheel is spun, it lands on a 2x or 7x multiplier section, which will then respectively multiply the winning bets into gigantic payouts the next time the wheel is spun!

RTP: Our team of casino experts and punters alike practically dove into the game to analyze the RTP for your convenience. After the course of a lengthy session of gameplay, the average punter can expect an RTP of 96.21%.

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How to Play Dream Catcher?

The eye-catching feature that captures the player’s eye at first is the large wheel which contains 54 coloured sections.

52 out of the 54 coloured sections contain different numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, while the other 2 sections contain the multiplier: 2x and 7x.

The game itself is quite easy to play. Your job is to predict the number on which the wheel lands on.

Dream catcher by evolution gaming to play

To do this, you need to place a bet by choosing the value of the chip that you want. $0.05 to $5000 is the range of the bet limit. Choose the number you plan to bet on, and then the dealer will spin the wheel.

But here’s the interesting part: the multiplier. When the wheel lands on either the 2x or 7x multiplier, the bets are held in place and the wheel is spun again.

After the second spin, landing on a winning bet makes all winning bets multiplied as per the multiplier on which the wheel landed on the previous spin!

 Let’s say you bet $20 and you obtained the 7x multiplier in the following spin; if on the next spin, you land the winning number 10, then you will receive a payout of 20x10x7 = $1400! 

Our Experience With Dream Catcher

The first thing we noticed was that the game lets you play with dealers from the UK, which is always preferred.

The fact that sets this game apart from the others is that it is completely live, with real dealers who interact with the punters.

That, coupled with the colourful wheel and the brightly decorated aesthetics of the game, Dream Catcher managed to keep us hooked for a long time.

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