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31 August 2021

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Heist – a slot machine with ultimate action!

Do you like a good time action and hoarse hunting, through the city with yourself in the role of the criminal? Then game developer Betsoft Gaming’s slot machine Heist is just for you. Neil Quailand is a hard-boiled and merciless bank robber, hunted by Detective Albert Kowalski. But Kowalski is having a hard time. Quite and always calculating Quailand is always one step ahead. And we might as well say it right away. Heist is a great action-packed game. It is you who manage the bank robber whose mission is to plunder a safe deposit box of 9 million. pounds before police arrive. You can get away with really good winnings in Heist. But you have to watch out! For Detective Kowalski, neither is lost in the back of a cart, and will do anything to catch you. The chirping sound you hear as you spin the wheels of the machine and the lovely click sounds when the symbols hit the lines are absolutely amazing and you will quickly feel comfortable with this casino game. Now you just have to find out all your kind and cunning so you can pick up some of the great winnings. Heist Slot Machine can be played on both desktop, tablet and mobile.

How to play online slot machine Heist?

In its structure, Heist is very similar to the good old one-armed thieves, but with the difference that the panel under the wheels where you control the machine looks like a kind of control room. Symbols to hit are Neil, Kowalski, diamonds, banknotes, money bag, gun, vault, box code and pocket watch. These symbols pay you between 50-500 coins at full (5) and lowest coin value. The machine has 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 pay lines. You can set the coin value between 0.02-0.50 and with bets per. games of between £ 1-1,350 are available for any budget.

Codex: Glass Cutter:

If you hit 3 or more glass cutters on the lines, the Glass Cutter feature starts. You choose one of the glass cutters and there is an instant win. You win either free-spins, instant access to the bonus round or free bonus credit.

Codex: 2x Wild Reel:

If you get the C4 symbol in the 2nd position on the centre reel, the amazing 2x Wild Reel feature starts. The Wild applies to any winning symbol, and every time you hit a win, your winnings double.

Codex: Scatter Drills:
To start this feature, hit 3 or more drills. Scatter pays the following:

3x 750

4x 1500

5x 3750

Wins in this feature are added to what you have won on the pay lines.

Codex: Bonus round:

Here you must hit 3 or more vault symbols on any winning line. You are transformed into the bank robber, Neil, and have to break into the bank box for good winnings. But be careful! Detective Kowalski is right on your heels.

Do you like Heist slot machine?

Well! Because if Betsoft Gaming’s slot machine Heist was for you, then we suggest you pay a visit to the machine After Night Falls. This machine is also produced by Betsoft, and here the tanned detective Clouseau chases a rude and rude-driven villain around town. You can win up to 1,250x your bet. If you’re into action, After Night Falls is just for you.