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Stressed father wins jackpot, in the middle of cooking family dinner, at LeoVegas Casino

He just wanted a moment of quiet while the dinner was cooking, before Dancing with the Stars. There were probably loud screams of joy, when the rather stressed father of two, won the grand prize. 

Lars is a father of two young kindergarten kids and normally he nor his wife has much alone-time. This friday was no exception, but in the midst of the everyday multitasking stress, he had managed to place the kids in front of the screen while the pasta was cooking.

That was when he choose one of his lives best decisions; a couple of days before Lars had created an account at LeoVegas and had just confirmed his account with NemId: “resulting in 50kr free, which i used to look around for a bit, before the kids bedtime” Lars says


And now he was standing there looking at the boiling pasta and remembered Starburst, a game he had seen at LeoVegas advertise a couple of days prior. “it was easy to deposit money into my account, and I had tried a bunch of games with my free bonus – so I played a couple of rounds and – well, yes, then it was just there all of a sudden!” 

Lars had won £197.352. after just three rounds in Starburst. ”I really like the way you played the game and the way it was build, but now I can only LOVE it!”

What will the money be used for?

Lars does not hesitate to answer the classic question: it’s clear he has been dreaming about upgrading the family car to a newer and more child-friendly version! 

“and of course some of it will go into the kid’s savings account,” Lars says. “if we go crazy, I will get a season pass to the station, but let’s see about that.” says the sensible family father.

We happily congratulate and wish Lars, his wife, and the family the best.