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7 habits of professional online casino experts

  • Early morning reflection
  • A view from above
  • Contemplation of the ideal man
  • Self retreat
  • Philosophical journal
  • The stripping method
  • Physical self-control training

Do you think, you have what it takes to be a professional online gambler?

Today, I will share with you 7 exercises that are common among professional gamblers. People that make a living out of online sports betting or casino playing. It doesn’t matter if you favour the slot machines, casino tables or cricket-betting to that matter. These 7 simple exercises can be used by anyone, and they are going to improve your gambling.

My name is Jimmy, and I will be your guide today in this article. It’s a gathering from my personal notebook, after spending years within the industry, talking to a huge diversity of people. Anything from Uffe Holm, the danish comedian as a live blackjack dealer, to guys that’s been making a living from online casinos for years. And we are not gonna discuss, today, under which state of mind that was.. In Thailand..  Without further ado, here are my best learning experiences, when it comes to establishing routines and exercises to become a professional gambler.

Let me begin by underlining that this is not something, you just learn to perfection overnight. I have a tendency of making things sound easier than they are. That’s due to the fact, that I have been practising this myself for the past 5 years.

Routine no #1: Early morning reflection

From now on I just assume, that you are into online gambling, no matter which kind.

There is no doubt, that most online casino professionals mention their early morning routine when asked. “Being in a clear and focussed state of mind is essential when it comes to making the right decisions. This is why 10 minutes of headspace (app) meditation is the first thing I do, for 10 minutes!.. Each morning”. These are the words of sports betting professional I ran into, at a convention in Shang Mai in Thailand in November 2019. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Making a living from sports betting or online casino is all about making the right decisions. So clearing your mind, with a round of headspace each morning, makes perfect sense to me!

Routine no #2: A view from above

Before selecting that next soccer bet, or roulette table decision, take a view from above. It is what it says. Metaphorically. Let’s use an example: I am about to make a bet that Liverpool is going to win the premier league. They are leading the table, they have decent odds, and coach Jurgen Klopp seems to be in perfect control. On the other hand the closest competitors, Manchester City are trailing behind. They can’t seem to find the melody this season as opposed to the last two. Liverpool seems like a favourable bet, to make. Taking a view from above means, that you raise yourself from the knowledge you have on these teams, this bet, right now. What will happen if (Virgil Van Dijk or some of Liverpool’s most imp. Players get injured)? Is It likely to happen? What else could there possibly be? Maybe a better bet would be, that Liverpool scores the most goals this season? Taking a view from above means, that you rise and maybe even map out the knowledge you have right now, looking for more.

Routine #3: Contemplation of the ideal man

This exercise is designed to become a catalyst towards becoming the ideal human. I first heard about it, some years ago. This is best practised by keeping a diary. Create a list of role models, past or present, within the area you play in. Are you a sports bettors or casino player. Find someone from your given genre. Make a list of them, and point our why they are on that list. Not because of the money they make, but look for the methods and routines of their game.

Routine #4: Self-retreat

Professional casino players and sports betters tend to be people, that work 8+ hours daily. No matter if you are playing poker at land-based casinos, or slot machines online, this is a good method. It simply means, that sometimes it’s a good thing to look for freedom within yourself. Looking at computer screens all day long, we tend to get disconnected from reality in some sort of way. Taking 10-20 minutes a day (or every 2-3 hours) meditating can be a cure for that. Find peace within yourself, by sitting quietly and observing nothing but your breath. It’s a cleansing feeling.

Routing #5: Philosophical journal

This is not just about keeping a diary. Not just about writing down which bets, or hands you played today. If you really want to become better at what you do, you again, need to look after the methods. Observe and write down, the feelings you are having before beginning to play. Note them afterwards as well. By writing this down, you become more aware of your state of mind, at times when winning – and when losing. Maybe you’ll after some time begin noticing them before you place your bet

Routine #6: The stripping method

Yeah, I get it.. But I’m not going to send you to one of those. Instead ill tell you to look at your next bet really carefully. This time we are not going to look from above. We are going to dig a little deeper. Every bet, event, blackjack table, situation, is like an onion. Peel the layers off. Do you think Liverpool are going to win their next match? Maybe you are even more confident, that they will get more corner kicks. Whenever you find something, you want to bet on. Ask yourself the questions: If this will happen.. what will most certainly happen for sure?

Routine #7: Physical self-control training

Practising physical self-control training, seen from a philosophical point of view, can mean more than one thing. In this case, we focus on ourselves, and the routines we have evolved around our betting. What if I were to tell you, that next week/month you can only bet on one thing. Not that you can only place one bet, but for the sake of the argument it could be corner kicks or one single slot machine. When practising self-control training you stick to this one option for longer periods of time. This will force you to think one specific betting option into new areas. You will expand the way in which you look at a bet. But you will also train yourself to become better overall, and the methods that you are using subconsciously, whenever looking for new areas to bet within.

Summing up the 7 habits of professional online casino players

I am sure, that there are tons of other habits out there. Tons of methods to play casino, and strategies you can use to perfect your blackjack for instance. My main focus today, was giving you advice, you can use both in sports betting, casino playing, but maybe also in your life in general.
I hope you enjoyed this article if you did – share it with your casino and betting friends 🙂

Wishing you wonderful winnings!
Jimmy, Betkingcompare.

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