Guide to Playing Roulette on Online UK Casinos

Welcome to our full in-depth guide to playing roulette online on UK casinos. Beneath you will be able to compare online roulette casinos with one another. Find a real casino to play online in the UK. And most importantly you can easily select a roulette bonus today.

Make use of our TOC if you’re looking for something in particular about the most popular, and one of the oldest casino games. This is also a game that comes in many variations, from the classic European Roulette online to the American version

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starCompare online roulette casinos

If you’ve come to this page, I am confident, you are looking for something related to the online roulette wheel. If this is the case, you can read on, because you’ve come to the right place! This page contains everything you need to know about playing roulette online. You will find various subjects beneath. Teaching you everything from the basics of the roulette wheel to the more advanced strategies and even which UK casinos are the best for playing online roulette. No matter if you are looking to play for free, using bonus codes or en demo mode, or if you want to play online roulette for real money, Betkingcompare has got you covered.
My name is Joe, and I will be your roulette guide on this page. I’ve played online casino for more than 10 years, and my main interests have always been the roulette wheel next to refining my perfect blackjack strategy. What I especially like about these games, is the fact that using real strategies, know-how and awareness, makes it possible to turn the edge In your hands and not the casinos. That being said, being a professional roulette or blackjack player is no easy task. It requires good awareness, consistency and self-control. But I’ll get back to that further down.
5 great roulette casinos to play for free

starBest place to play the roulette online from mobile

As mobile casinos are getting more attention in 2021, so are roulette from mobile. Many casinos already offer this, but few are as comprehensive as Karamba casino. I find Karamba casino a great mobile roulette casino. In our in-depth review, you can read all there is to know about their mobile casino, variations of roulette at Karamba, and much more.

Roulette online for real money

Playing roulette online has been among the most popular casino games for a long time now. It can be found in all online UK casinos, often offering a variety of different versions of the game. The roulette wheel, and the game, come in all kinds of sizes and speeds. Just another reason to check in with the Betkingcompare UK casino reviews, as we explain the selection of casino games in each of them. Just below you will see a list of the best and most trustworthy UK casinos offering roulette online with free spins, bonus cash and much more.

The casinos shown above are not only secure and trustworthy sites. They also offer quick and easy payment and withdrawal options, a strong selection of casino games and new slots.

starDifferent types of online roulette

So online roulette comes in different varieties, where the most popular is the American and the European. Games like Double ball roulette, 3 wheel roulette and triple bonus spin is also online variations, but not as commonly played as the two first-mentioned. For now, I will focus on giving you the best knowledge for the general roulette games, as strategies and systems will have to be adjusted in other online roulette variations. We also often see these new game types, to be ways for the casino to adjust the house edge in their favor by introducing new and exciting game variations. My advice, for now, is to stick to the popular ones.

How many numbers are on a roulette wheel?

When it comes to the two main versions of roulette: The American and European ones. There is a lot to learn. You can get a quick feeling of the two variations below, or you can click into each version, to find a deeper explanation of both Roulette versions.

American Roulette

The biggest difference between the American and European versions are the numbers. In American roulette there are the double 00, making a total of 38 numbers for the ball to land on. The second difference is the order in which the numbers are shown on the roulette wheel. This doesn’t make any difference other than a visual one. The odds, I’ll explain those in just a second.

European Roulette

At the European roulette wheel, we find 37 numbers, and no double 00. Just a single 0. This is my own favorite type of online roulette wheel. Not solely because of the odds, which I’ll explain in just a second, but also due to the fact that I have gotten used to the number order. This is, of course, an individual matter, but I’m still mentioning this because it still is important, that you decide for yourself.

European Roulette wheel numbers

Get to know all about European Roulette, by clicking the image above. See the different odds and compare it to American Roulette.

starWhat are the odds of winning roulette online?

Looking at the even money bet, meaning you focus on high or low, black or red, uneven or even numbers. In European Roulette, you have a 48,6% chance of winning, while American roulette only gives you a 46,37% chance of winning. Don’t you think that matters? Let’s turn it around… Betting for the next number to be black in European Roulette, the casino will have a 2,7% higher chance of winning than you. Following the exact same bet in American roulette, and the casino will have a 5,25% chance of beating you. That’s almost double the chance you will lose in American roulette. European roulette has not only always been my favourite, but it’s also the variation, that I have played the most. For these reasons, I’ll stick to this version, as I continue to share my knowledge with you.
Looking at the odds of winning in European roulette, we find this (ill explain the bet-types in the next section):
Even money bet 48,6%
Column bet 32,4%
Dozen bet 32,4%
Straight-up bet 2,7%
Split bet 5,51%
Street bet 8,11%
Corner bet 10,81%
Double street bet 16,22%
These odds are very important to remember if you want to learn how to win money on online roulette wheels. Remembering and learning the odds of online roulette wheels, also makes it easier to understand why you shouldn’t follow typical strategies like the Martingale betting strategy, that makes you make even money bets all the time. It is a question of seeing things from a higher perspective. By that I mean, NOT being one of those players, that assume the next one “must be red, because it’s been black so many times”. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see. Now let’s talk about the general rules and types of bets before we look deeper into the strategies.

starHow to play online roulette wheels?

A roulette wheel consists of:
Diamonds otherwise called pins, slats, deflectors and stops. Sometimes you will see experts refer to dominant diamonds, which will be related to the parts of the roulette wheel that gets hit the most. Diamonds are located between the ball track and the pockets.
Ball track: often is seen as a small black ring, from where the ball is being dropped.
Base: The base is what surrounds the ball track, and in physical roulette tables often seen as a wooden frame of some sort.
The pockets are where the ball ultimately lands, and are seen as small pockets connected to each number in the roulette wheel. The rotor is seen in the middle and usually is made of steel. The rotor is the part, deciding how heavily and for how long the wheel keeps spinning.

starTypes of betting in European Roulette wheel

What does even money bet mean?

The name even money relates to the fact that you are almost on a fifty-fifty chance of winning your bet. 48,6% at European roulette wheels to be exact. Betting even money bets is when you place your bet on the black or red, high or low or even vs uneven numbers

What is a column bet?

A column bet in roulette wheels is when you take your chance of a full row. Most times the betting option as places at the end of the betting table. Betting the columns give you 32,4% chance of winning. Just as with the even money bets, the column bet still holds house advantage over the player. This means that you can’t just rely upon following column bet strategies. Many people believe in “the law of thirds”, meaning that after a certain amount of time, all thirds will be hit evenly. Don’t fall under these bridges, as the house still and always will have the edge. This is due to the “0” in the roulette wheel. You will find more suitable strategies further down the page.

What is a dozen bet?

Dozen bet is more or less the same as columns bet, only her you bet 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. Betting on groups of twelve numbers, just as with the column bet. This also means the same thing, when it comes to strategy. House will still have that 2,7% edge.

What is straight-up bet?

A straight-up bet is the hardest one to win. It basically means that you bet on one single number on the layout. You have a 2,7% chance of winning this type of bet in a roulette wheel. It gives you your money 35x in return.

What does split bet mean?

A split bet is the second hardest bet to reach, with a chance of winning of 5,51%. Just as the name implies, the split bet relates to when you choose to split your bet between two numbers on the layout. This is also often referred to as the two number bet. We will return to this when looking more into the strategies of roulette, and those dominant diamonds.

What is a street bet?

Whereas dozen and column bets where outside bets, a roulette street bet is considered an inside bet. To make a street bet, you place your bets on 3 numbers which payout at a rate of 8,11%. It is called an inside bet because you are placing your chips inside the layout. The same thing applies to the corner and the split bet. It is considered a street bet when you place your bet on three consecutive numbers on the layout.
What is double street bet?
A double street bet has a 16,22% chance of success. It is also known as a 6 line bet and basically consists of two street bet. Instead of 3 consecutive numbers, we this time select 6 consecutive numbers from the roulette wheel to bet on. It offers a payout of 5 to 1.

What does corner bet mean?

The corner bet is also an inside bet, that has 10,81% chance of success. A corner bet happens when you place your bet in between four different number squares in the layout. Thus making your chip (and bet) touch all four squares at once, and signalling that you have chosen to target all of them.

starWhat is the difference between roulette betting and gambling?

Before digging into different online roulette strategies, I’m going to clarify something. To me, there is a big difference when it comes to betting vs gambling. I consider gambling being something you do solely with the purpose of entertainment or excitement. There is nothing strategic to gambling in my opinion. That doesn’t mean I won’t gamble, because I still find slot machines fun, and I still find it contributing to extra “game action” if I’m betting on my favorite football team to win.
But when it comes to betting. Especially in online casinos, I’d say that there has to be a strategy behind. Strategies come in many shapes and sizes, and just because they have been successful to others, docent mean it will to you. Many things kick in when it comes to selecting the best possible roulette wheel strategy. In the following sections, I’ll give you some knowledge around various known strategies, but more importantly, I’ll share some knowledge around when and what to choose, and how to choose one from another.

starOnline casino roulette strategies

Let’s begin by tearing apart one of the most famous online roulette strategies known today. It is called the martingale betting strategy, and I have seen it many places. In various online forums, I’ve even seen people argue that it is the perfect blackjack strategy. But let me make one thing clear, it is not! Maybe it was when it was invented back in the seventies, but today casinos love people, that use this strategy.
Martingale betting strategy for roulette is built around the outside bets. Either you choose black or red, even or uneven or high or low bets. If you start by betting £1 and you lose, you will bet £2 next time. The purpose of the strategy is to double the betting amount every time you lose. So if you lost your £2, you will bet £4 the next time. Have you read our research article about the hot hand fallacy, you already know this does NOT work!
Players tend to believe that, no matter how many times the ball hits red, eventually it will hit black. It is true that there is almost a fifty-fifty chance os this happening. But as we prove in the previously mentioned research article, humans don’t take the bigger picture into account when betting like this. It is true that out 1.000 bets, there is a 50% chance that half of those are red and the other half is black. But consider this: What does the next bet you are about to place, have to do with the last bet after the roulette wheel start spinning? No matter if it has hit black 478 times in a row, there is still a 50% chance that the next bet will be black as well. It is true that, seen from the biggest perspective, the black vs red will even out over time… BUT! We, humans, don’t see the picture big enough. For the martingale system to work this way, you are going to need a bankroll almost without limits. Let’s say you are unlucky and lose 10 bets in a row. According to the martingale betting strategy, your bets would look like this:
1 – £1
2 – £2
3 – £4
4 – £8
5 – £16
6 – £32
7- £64
8 – £128
9 – £256
10 – £512
So you see the martingale system probably would work, or at least keep you around £0, if you have the bankroll to bet 100 times. But few people do. I mean who can even afford to recall the 10th loss? You would need a bankroll of £1.024. So let’s forget about using the martingale betting system for roulette (or any other type of game for that matter), and instead look into some of those, that actually does work.

Dominant diamond online roulette strategy

The dominant diamonds strategy is way different from the martingale strategy. It also requires a lot more from you, as the player. But how many professions in this world dosent require skills to master? Dominant diamond strategy relates to the roulette wheel it self, where you must be taking close notice of what and where the ball starts to spin, and where it lands. Any type of roulette wheel has patterns. No matter if this is in online UK casinos or land-based. I can’t stress this enough. All roulette wheels have patterns. They may change over time, but they are possible to read. In the land-based casinos it can be things as the table, and how much it has been used, or if the table is leaning just 1mm. 1mm isn’t much, but it is enough to give the ball a slightly bigger chance of landing some places at the wheel in favour of others. Believe it or not, but it also applies to online roulette wheels. It can relate to the code, from which the wheel has been designed, and other things. The important thing to notice, is that I can be read. And it does not require many other things than maybe a piece of paper and your close attention.
Thinking of the diamond strategy, you are also moving away from gambling on black or red, into betting for what you believe is about to happen, depending on the ball, the speed you see the ball move, and the data you hold of the previous results. And how was it with gambling vs betting again?

Where can I practice roulette strategies for free?

As mentioned in the beginning, most online casinos in the UK offer free online roulette. Here you can improve your strategies, and you can play around with betting on corners and streets, while also thinking of the dominant diamond strategy. You should not be using any strategies for outside bets only. In my own experience, I’d say that it is important to implement inside bets in your betting strategy. This is because of the higher winnings you get from these bets. You will need this to minimize the house edge, or to actually turn it into your favour. Playing roulette online for free gives you great chances of getting the feel of the strategies for yourself. I truly recommend this, before playing for real money.
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