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On this page, we present to you, the most in-depth casino reviews and detailed guides of the best online casinos in the UK. Our Casino Reviews are made by professionals. Together, we have more than 20+ years of experience in the world of online casino.

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    Table of Contents

    starMost Important Factors in Our Reviews of the UK Online Casinos

    Whenever we compare online casinos, review them, and research information. We follow certain guidelines, making sure er never miss a single bonus.

    Not only the bonus but sometimes even more importantly what wagering restrictions there might be. Daily free spins aren’t worth much if they’re impossible to wager. Read our guidelines just below.

    starHow big is the game assortment?

    The selection of casino games and slot machines is one of our most important considerations when our experts are making casino reviews. This meaning not only the number of games available. The variations and quality of the different games and internet slot machines are just as important. So what does this actually mean in regards to our casino reviews?

    Firstly there has to be a broad selection of different types of casino games that the player can select from. Slot machines and one-armed bandits account for the biggest part of the online casino game selections. Most game providers offer hundreds of types of games and machines. From the classical fruit slot machines to new innovative video slot machines based upon movie themes and tv-shows. 

    Popular games as roulette and blackjack have to have multiple variations and not just the traditional types giving the player better opportunities to find their exact need in developing the perfect blackjack strategy.

    Table games like the roulette, should not just be limited to the classical versions like the french, American, and European roulette wheel. A good game selection also persists of interesting live casino games, being streamed 24/7 at your computer or favorite mobile casino app. 

    This is one of our first factors influencing the quality of the best UK casinos online. Being able to select from many different variations of the popular casino games, is a must, and an important matter in our reviews of each online casino. This is also related to the fact, that we know how big the competition is in the online casino industry.

    starJust how good is the specific casino bonus actually?

    Almost all online casino providers, in the UK, as well as abroad are giving out bonus codes and welcome bonuses. This is also one of our main review criteria. A big bonus simply gives you more money you can play for. 

    There are different benefits, that you can take joy in. Ranging from daily free spins to £5 free no deposit casino bonuses. The subject is such a big factor, that we have made multiple pages just to examine the best casino bonuses online.

    In our casino bonus page, you will find all the information you need about the different bonuses that each online UK casino are offering. We examine terms, conditions, and wagering requirements, making sure you got everything you need to know, before selecting the best possible welcome bonus.

    User-friendly webpage and up to date software 

    Have you ever registered at a new online casino and had that deja-vu feeling of bad UX? This can easily be related to that specific software developer, that the casino is using on their site. 

    This is a factor that shows how many money the casino is re-investing in improving the service they provide their customers. The casino providers does not program the software themselves.

    They have third-party software companies doing this for them. These software developers offer their services to more game providers, which means that many online UK casinos can show similarities. 

    Comparing the casinos using the same software developer gives this deja-vu feeling, as the appearance and experience often will be very similar. When playing at a NetEnt casino, like Karamba or LeoVegas, you will find many of the same games and slot machines. You will also experience a similar layout and the general feeling of playing across the sites can feel the same. 

    This is a pretty fundamental part of our evaluation, but still important. This helps part the food casinos from the bad. Luckily we, at Betingkingcompare take this in notices. This is how we make sure, that we are always presenting you with the best and most popular top UK casinos online in our top lists.

    starThe selection of live casino games

    From the comfort in your own home, you will never get closer to that real-life casino feeling, as if you are playing online live casino games. Live casino has been here since 2002, but as you might imagine, the development regarding quality and the overall game experience has changed a lot since then.

    With the big technological improvements seen in the past years, live casino games have improved dramatically. Not only related to the game quality but also the options of choice in live casino games. Today most casinos give the player opportunities to chat with the live dealer and even some times other players as well. 

    The subject live casino games will be carefully examined and analysed in our reviews. On of the features, that we have kept a close eye on the recent years, is the usage of dedicated teams set out to recognise the players. This with the purpose of building social relations through live online casino games. 

    If you enjoy playing for social reasons, this is especially one of the features, you should keep an eye on, when browsing the lists, to find the best possible UK casino for your needs

    starAvailability of payment options and extra fees

    To play casino games for real money you will have to transfer to your “play account”. The deposit has to be quick, easy and secure. Other considerations are the deposit options and possible transaction fees. The best UK online casinos provide a good variety of deposit options. We wouldn’t recommend a casino with only one payment option.

    The majority of online casinos in the UK offers payments through credit and debit cards, but also alternative options as PayPal and Bitcoin, meaning there can be big differences from one provider to the next. In our casino research, we have seen differences in the max- and minimum limits in deposit and withdrawal. There can also be variations regarding the time it takes for a transaction to be made, especially when it comes to the withdrawals. 

    Quick withdrawals are an important matter to most players, in our experience. For these reasons we carefully examine and explain all the different options in all of our casino reviews. This makes it easy for you, to find exactly what you need. 

    starHow well does the mobile app function in UK online casinos?

    With the growing use of smartphones and tablets, it’s no surprise that the most serious online casinos have optimized their games so that they also play on mobile devices.

    In contrast to the mobile development, the casinos tend to be a bit slower, which is why you will still find from time to time, that new slots aren’t available at mobile units (just yet). This also means that different mobile casinos and apps differ in quality. Because of that, the mobile casino apps are an important matter in every one of our in-depth casino reviews. 

    Generally speaking there still are a lot to discuss regarding mobile casino apps, and are you looking for specifically this, we suggest, that you head over to our app page. Here, you will be provided with the full overview of the best UK casinos offering games from mobile as well.

    Safety and security

    Safety is an important matter when rating online casinos, and there is more than one way of looking at this. Most importantly are the British licenses, that are an absolute must. 

    All providers of casino games in the UK must obtain the necessary licenses issued by The Gambling Commission. To obtain these licenses, UK casinos must follow some of the toughest rules in the whole casino industry. Regarding safety and security, other areas must be taken into account as well. The fairness of the casino games, IT-security and player protection. 

    Regarding IT-security, it is essential, that necessary precautions are taken to encrypt sensitive information, making sure all data are kept secure. Some providers encrypt all of their connections, but most of the time, we find that only the economical aspect is being protected by SSL (secure sockets layer-)protocol. In every casino review, we investigate, if certification bt well-renowned IT-companies exist. This guaranteeing your safety regarding sharing sensitive information.

    Responsible gaming actions

    Finally, we also look into the actions taken by the Casinos in order to support healthy gambling among the customers. A safe online casino in the UK are working together with non-profit organizations to identify and research different ways of protecting the players from developing gambling addictions among others. 

    The best online UK casinos should not only provide counselling for players, and contact information for professional organizations in the UK, that can help against gambling addiction.

    They should also be contributing economically to the organizations, by investing in support for the players, that have a problem with their habits of gambling. You will find us being very thorough regarding this in our in-depth casino reviews.

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