Guide to Blackjack online in the UK

Welcome to the best online casino site the internet has to offer. Betkingcompare is collecting the most useful information the online gaming community has to offer.  This article is going to talk about online Blackjack, where I will help you all the way towards developing your perfect blackjack strategy.

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starPlay Blackjack online for Free

If you are not quite ready to play online blackjack for real money, you can always begin for free. Free blackjack exists in almost any online casino today. Mostly you won’t have to make any deposits or signing up, before playing free online blackjack. The game is fun and of the most strategy-based online casino games.

I myself have been playing blackjack for more than 10 years, beginning to see myself as quite the blackjack expert. So stay tuned, and learn from the best (and the internet)

starThe Best Online UK Blackjack Casinos

Finding an online UK blackjack casino, that suits your needs, can be a very individual question. In the casinos seen listed below, you will find the best online UK blackjack casinos, giving promotions and providing the best blackjack rooms.

Both live and classic versions. It applies to all sites in the listings, that they hold the license from the UK Gambling Commission and they are safe and secure to play at. Besides this, they all offer various blackjack promotions, but take note of the different wagering requirements.

Often casino games like blackjack do not count towards the wagerings unless the casino promotion is targeting blackjack exclusively.


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starDifferent types of online blackjack game reviews

Blackjack online, comes in many variations and forms. Both in live-versions, 3d and as classic table games. The blackjack table games can be both multi-hand and single, and different rules may apply for the different versions.

Here are 3 of the most commonly used online blackjack versions.

starBlackjack Pro – Low limit

This online version of blackjack is a little different from the other two mentions. Launched by the game provider NetEnt, this version is really well suited for new players.

This is due to the very low limits. Beginning from 10 cents, the game most likely won’t drain your wallet as quickly, as the most online versions are capable of. Blackjack Pro – low limit also has an exciting feature called double jacks. This meaning you have a chance of winning your bet 100x. Not something we see a lot in this type of casino game.

It is a really fun feature, that also makes this online blackjack version quite suitable, not only for new players but also to the more experienced online blackjack players.

starMultihand blackjack

The game provider Play’n Go brings you this super popular online version of blackjack. The game allows you to play 3 hands at once. Besides this, the game popularity comes from the top quality graphics and the atmosphere around the game. This game version gives a really realistic feel to the game, and it’s one of my own personal favourites.

Rules aren’t different from the basics, that we will cover further down the page. Getting blackjack instantly gives you 3-2 in return. You have the same double and surrender options as you are used to. You just have more hands to play with. Something I find really cool, when I’m playing to maximise my winnings from the online slots. The min. Bet of the game is £1 and max being £100.

starEuropean Blackjack Gold

European Blackjack Gold from Microgaming. This type of Blackjack online version is based upon the same general rules as most online blackjack games. The extra touch to European Blackjack Gold is that It only consists of two decks. This makes it a good game of choice, for the more experienced players, that have a strategy the play from.

We always recommend you to be aware of the game you are playing. Thus meaning, having knowledge around strategies can be helpful, even if you are not following them point-by-point.

Online card counters, and players wanting to have a sense of control over the game often like European Blackjack Gold. This is again due to the fact, that the game only holds two decks. Most online versions are played with 4-6 decks of cards at a time.

starWhy practice blackjack online?

There are two areas to look into when it comes to playing blackjack online for free. You can play blackjack for free, to learn how to count cards, or to develop the perfect blackjack strategy. All online gamers should try to follow/develop the perfect blackjack strategy.

This is because it will almost limit the house edge down below 1%. But following it to the perfect amount will even reduce the house edge down beloved’s 0.5%. Making online blackjack one of the most strategic games. Maybe not only strategic in itself, but also adds to the importance of having a strategy for blackjack online.

Being able to combine the perfect strategy with favourable rules, as in the games mentioned above, and also thinking of getting the best possible casino bonus. This is something that almost can turn the edge in favour of the player.

When practicing blackjack online for free, we recommend you to be using blackjack charts and strategy schemes. You can download them to your desktop (we have one listed at the bottom of this page), or you can print it our having it by your side.

The biggest player favour, when thinking of online blackjack vs playing at a land-based casino, is the fact that you can use these helpful tools. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to learn the various blackjack schemes in your head. Something that can be extremely valuable, if you want to maximize your winnings in blackjack online.

If you want to be become better at counting cards for blackjack, playing for free really can be helpful as well. Blackjack pro – low limit, also has free options. Remember the game only consist of two decks. This really makes the card counting easier.

Playing blackjack online, you are always in control of the game speed. Hereby you can choose for yourself how long time, you take between each card turn. This is helpful when it comes to blackjack card counting as well.

starWhere can I Play Blackjack for Free?

You can find many online casinos, to practice blackjack for free. Almost any online casino has free blackjack types to play, but most of them have a couple of things in common.

Here is a brief list with 4 tips, that can help you find the best online places in the UK for playing Blackjack for free.

  • Online casinos offering blackjack for real money, often also have the best free option. These casinos care a lot more about the quality and security of their games. You are much better suited playing for free at the real casinos, than at any free online blackjack site.
  • Read online UK casino reviews, to get an understanding of how big the market is. This makes it a lot easier finding a casino that suits our specific needs. All casinos are different, and reading the reviews give a better understanding of the differentiation in the online UK casinos.
  • Decide for yourself what type of blackjack, you are going to play, and select a free version with the same game rules. Are you looking to develop your perfect blackjack strategy at tables that allow double after split? Or at a blackjack table where the dealer hits soft 17. You really should pick a casino offering a free version with the same rules.
  • Keep an eye out for blackjack promotions, before starting to play. Rarely the bonus codes allow wagering at casino games like blackjack and roulette. But when they do. They can be worth gold!

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starIntroducing the Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is, without doubt, the most popular casino game, both online and in the land-based casinos. But as with most games, there are a certain set of rules to follow. Your strategy and interpretation of these rules are your way of beating the house edge.

Both old and new online casinos in the UK make a ton of money from players, that don’t truly understand the rules and strategies of blackjack. Below I have listed the most important rules, followed by useful background information as for example where to get the best online blackjack bonuses.

  • The purpose

Besides the dealer, 1-7 players can be playing at the same time. But the players all play against the dealer at the same time, meaning you are not playing against the other players. To win a hand, you must get as close as possible to 21, but going over 21 will make you lose. A hand with higher value than 21, will be considered as a “bust”. The winner is the player/dealer getting as close to 21 as possible.

  • Card values

The value of “a hand” is the sum of the cards you’ve been dealt. Picture cards, king, queen and jacks all have a value of 10. The cards 2-10 all has the value shown at the card. Aces can be played as 1 or 11, determined by what fits the hand the best. If aces are played as 11 it’s considered “soft”, whereas aces played as 1 is considered “hard”. The difference is that “soft” does not have the possibility of hitting a bust on the next card. But aces played as 1, has a chance of being busted.

Reading on will give you more knowledge of the game, thus making you closer to your perfect blackjack strategy. You will also find opportunities to play online blackjack for free.

How to play a blackjack hand?
At the beginning of the game, the player must place a “bet”. Each player, including the dealer, will now be given two cards. Hereafter the player must decide, upon the value of the cards, if they want to “stay” or “hit”. Staying will end your turn, and the dealer will now have to come up with something closer to 21 than you. The dealer will hit for cards until hitting 17 or more. He can’t stop below 17. This means the dealer has high chances of “busting” whenever they are at 12-16.

  • Hit 21

The natural hand, also called the “blackjack” hand, from where the game has its name. This happens every time the player or dealer are hitting an ace and a picture card in their first two cards. Thus making the hand 21 exactly. This appears, on average, in every 20. hand being dealt. Hitting blackjack on your opening hand pays your bet 3:2 instead of the regular 1:1. If both player and dealer hit the same value, it’s considered a draw = “push”. Whenever this happens, the bet will be returned to the player with no winnings or loses.

  • Split

In the first round of the game, you have the chance of making a split if you’re are being dealt with similar card values. Getting two picture cards makes it possible to split the two tens. From here the player will continue playing blackjack with the normal rules, but now from the two tens. There is a limit when it comes to splitting aces. After splitting aces, the player can only receive one extra card per ace. Depending on the casino you are playing at, you might have possibilities of splitting up to 3-4 times if you keep getting the same cards.

  • Double

Doubling down, or double is a double-bet on your first two cards. When “doubling” in blackjack, you will only be given one more card per bet. It is recommended to be doing this only when your hand can’t bust. Meaning doubling on anything above 11, usually is a really bad idea.

  • Surrender

Some casinos have a “surrender” feature. This means that you can surrender a hand, without getting an extra hand, or seeing what the dealer has. Sometimes this is a good opportunity to have because you will only lose half your bet. Having 16, and seeing the dealer has 1 card 10, this is often a good option to take.

  • Insurance

If the dealer is dealt a visible ace at the beginning, you may use your “insurance”, meaning you will only lose half your bet, just like with the Surrender feature. The insurance will only be paid out if the dealer actually hits blackjack. Therefore this is not something we recommend, as it will just be too costly in the longer run.

The above-mentioned rules are the most basic of blackjack. It’s important to understand that, history, different cultures and the size of the casino may reflect different rules. Make sure, you know the rules of the type of blackjack, you are about to play.

The perfect blackjack strategy and tips

There is no true blackjack formula that makes you win every time. But there certainly are strategies, tips and guides, that you can use in your favour. The following blackjack tips and tricks, are made so that you will make fewer mistakes, and get more time at the blackjack tables for your money.

Start with a bonus. UK online casinos have, in some cases, specific bonuses that you can use for blackjack. Boosting your bankroll from the beginning is a good choice! Bonuses can often be found as welcome bonuses, but also reload-bonuses, match bonuses and much more. They are free to use and will not only extend your game experience but also give you time to better your strategies.

Always check terms and conditions when it comes to casino bonuses. Make sure these can be wagered at the blackjack table, and that you know exactly how much to wager.

Decide how much, you want to play for, and when to stop. Having a budget will not only give you a safer and better gaming experience. It also helps your awareness around the hot and cold streaks. Thus making you more conscious of the cold ones, saying that it’s time to stop the for day!

Learn the rules as we’ve written above. Not only about blackjack in general, but also the different versions of online blackjack. Live or not.

starBlackjack strategy chart

Have you ever heard of a Blackjack scheme – or chart? Easy-to-read tables, you can have laying by your side when playing online blackjack.

This is the number one go-to tool! I’m not arguing that you should ALWAYS listen to, what the tables are saying, but it gives a general feeling of the statistic odds of each hand in blackjack. Dealer vs player hands. As a long-time casino player, with blackjack and poker as my main areas, I will give you some advice before following one of these charts.

There is no betting system attached to the chart. Many varieties of blackjack betting systems exist. From the martingale to the 1-3-2-6 blackjack betting strategy.

The martingale betting strategy

One of the most common blackjack betting strategies is the martingale betting strategy. Following a negative progression pattern, it’s as simple as, you raise your bet-amount after losing a bet. The purpose of the system is to make sure, you eventually return to 0, when being on a losing streak. But if you have read our article around the “hot hand fallacy”, you will see this system, by far, is as bulletproof as some say.

The 1-3-2-6 blackjack betting strategy

Also in no way a bulletproof system. It is a strategy, that mostly at an extra element of excitement to the game. Betting £1, £3 if you won the first, then £2, then £6 if you managed to win the first four bets. It adds an. Exiting touch of chasing that forth £6 winning. Wondering why I don’t talk more about the specifics of the strategy? Because I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s more of a funny way of adding some structure and excitement to the game. The 1-3-2-6 blackjack betting strategy has better alternatives.

The Oscar blackjack betting strategy

One that I have been a fan of myself and that can be evolved around a blackjack chart. Following this strategy, you shall think of your bets as units. 1 unit may be £2 or £10, depending on how much you can afford to bet. For the strategy to be “activated” you need to lose a bet.

We are always chasing to be 1 unit up, not more. If you lose your first 3 bets, you bet 1 unit – 1 unit – 1 unit. Keep betting minimum unit when you are loosing, but once you hit your first win, the progression begins. This is exactly what the Oscar blackjack betting strategy is all about. Utilizing your hot runs. After your first win, you add one more unit. Loosing 3, and winning the next 3 will make it look like this.

1 unit – 1 unit – 1 unit (total: -3) now winning: 1 unit – 2 units – 3 units (total +3 units) 3 was lost on 3 hands, and then 6 was won on 3 hands. For the strategy to really work, you are chasing the 6-7 hand streaks. That’s when it gets really funny if you do the math.

Beneath you see the blackjack chart, and now that you’re more aware of the various betting strategies, feel free to give it at try. You can start by playing blackjack for free, in one of the casinos listed top of this page.

starBlackjack mobile casinos online in the UK

Many of the top UK online casinos have blackjack available from mobile apps as well. I particularly like the Mr Green mobile casino or Ladbrokes, they have a strong selection of blackjack mobile casino games as well.

Always keep an eye out for specific mobile casino bonuses, if this is your platform of choice. The free £10 casino bonuses, often are found targeting specific live or mobile casino. If you are uncertain which casino suits you the best, I recommend you to visit our in-depth casino reviews.

As they will help you compare mobile casinos in one place.

The History of Blackjack

Ending this page, with some background knowledge around the game. The history of blackjack has been claimed in many directions. Originating from the French game by the name “vingt-et-un”(meaning 21) played at the French casinos is one of the most common beliefs.

Immigrants from France has brought the game to North America, where the game later transferred into the blackjack as we know it today.

The 20th century was, without doubt, the greatest era in the casino world yet. During this period blackjack got its name. Also during this time, the gaming commission of Nevada was the first to acknowledge the game rules, as they are known today.

We had to go all the way up until the 1950’s to experience the first blackjack card-counters. During this time the first famous blackjack strategies also popped out. This also made an appearance of the first famous blackjack books:  “Playing blackjack to win(1957)” and “Beat The Dealer(1962)”.

Beat The Dealer was written by Edward O. Thorp and is still today considered as the birth of card counting. Still today, this book has great value to many, and I can recommend giving it a read. Just keep in mind that it soon meets its 70th birthday, meaning the rhetorics can be a bit… old.

Blackjack Promotions

This section is reserved for giving you the latest online blackjack promotions. We will update the listings regularly, and hereby you are also finding valuable information about each casino provider. In here you also get access to things like online live blackjack, as this is one of our main points in each of our in-depth casino reviews. Before you get your promotion, be sure to look out for the wagering terms and conditions, as mentioned previously.

I wish you all of the best luck with you card counting, blackjack gaming and whatever is yet to come. Be sure to gamble safe and responsible, keep breathing and never get stressed! Good luck!

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