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Multi spil funktion på Evolution Gaming

Compare Returns on Casino games

  It’s not an easy life, being a punter, especially during times of a global crisis, when we have to resort to the online mode of gambling. There is just something different about stepping into a bright and lively casino, noticing the fire in everyone’s eyes to win big. Not to mention how it’s harder […]

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new slots sites

New Slot Reviews added

  Hello and welcome to this new year of 2021 with a bang! As we officially enter the new decade our team of casino experts takes a pledge to work tirelessly, in order to provide the best online casino content to you guys. And the first step in that pursuit is to add more quality online […]

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Compare online casinos

Is it legal to gamble in India?

Funny how different cultures and countries regulate gambling so differently. Recently I finished reading a paper about the roles of culture in gambling online. To that matter, I find it fascinating to think of, that practically all cultures all over the world, gamble. Everywhere from China to the US and in Africa people are, and […]

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Coral Casino Roulette table games

So you find your self in two minds about playing at Coral Casino. Or may be you just want to double check the reliability of games that you’ll put real money into. Either way we advice you to read our latest Coral Casino Review first. So that we can kick things off with this guide […]

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roulette online

Vegas Luck Roulette Table Games

Hi there welcome to this guide we have compiled for you. Where you will find every detail about playing roulette table games at Vegas luck casino. But before we do any of that. We recommend you to check out our latest vegas luck casino review. To get a better idea of things. So if you […]

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European Roulette wheel

European Roulette

Hi, my name is Rajeev, and today ill be your guide on Betking compare. As we take a closer look at the European Roulette. European Roulette differentiates from the American version, but still, on its own, it comes in many variations with various rulesets. Without further ado. let’s begin by comparing it with the American […]

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Live casino of the year 2021

Winning the title of ‘live casino of the year 2021’ may be a more competitive task than ever before. Recent years of casino game innovation are moving towards more gamification on a completely new scale. My name is Jimmi, and within the next few minutes ill be giving you brief feedback on this year’s recent […]

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Casino gamification: Social casino 2021

Online casino games are implementing social features as the big gamification element of 2021. Hi there! And welcome to this article from Betking compare. My name is Joe, and I have been looking into the new tendencies from the world of online casinos: Social game features. Exemplifying with the coolest feature: Battle of Slots from […]

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BGO casino paris

BGO Casino Tournaments

My name is Jimmi, and I am here to welcome you to BGO Casino Tournaments. An exciting new online casino feature with a taste of social gaming attached to it. Social casino games Think of a game you like it can be anything a sport – indoor-outdoor, a video game something you are really passionate […]

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The best online welcome bonus

If a 10-year long casino expert were to select his first ever welcome bonus

What would happen if a long time casino expert, were to select his first ever casino welcome bonus? This is the question we have been asking our self. My name is Joe, and i work as a casino-review expert at Betkingcompare. I was recently set out in the world to investigate what would happen, if […]

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Top 7 best online casinos

The top 7 best online casinos! Coming to you from Betkingcompare, Leo the Lion has hand-picked the top 7 best online casinos in the UK. In a jungle of welcome bonuses, he wants to make sure you have the best chances of winning. And hereby finding a casino bonus that specifically suits your needs. Seen […]

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Why does Betkingcompare exist?

Why is there a need for the existence of a company like Betkingcompare? With a global casino market experiencing many changes these years, the need for companies like Betkingcompare rises. In online forums, many questions evolve around review-sites like our own. For these reasons we have decided to put a little article together, introducing us, […]

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