8 Tips for New Online Slot Casino Players

When it comes to playing online slots, there are more than one thing to take notice of. This guide will, hopefully, provide you with the right Information and insight needed, for you to pick the exact type of slot machine, that suits your individual needs.

Table of Contents

star1. Rules of the game

Every single online slot machine in the UK has a set of rules. These rules will decide the number of lines, each slot has, and the combinations that take place. They will also decide which symbols payout the most and the RTP (Return To Player percentage).

Its also a good idea to read the rules of the game, before deciding your favourite slot machine. This will give you valuable information.


star2. Should you choose to play with small or big bets?

If still in doubt, you can choose from our lists of slot machine RTP’s. For the new beginners, we recommend, that you have a specific budget for playing. This budget covers, how much you are playing during the week or a month. We also recommend that you stick to online slot machines with a high as possible RTP, as you are more likely to lose less money in the long run, thus being able to play more.

Are you having more experience and a bigger budget for gambling, you can look at the slots with the lower RTP’s. These will likely result in draining your account faster, but! they will also give you the biggest possible slot machine winnings.

But don’t forget no matter your budget, your favourite game of choice is an individual matter. For these reasons, looking for free spins isn’t a bad option. They will make it possible for you to play more, and try a broader variety of slot machines.

star3. Jackpot slots

Regarding jackpot slots online in the UK, it is important to remember, that a certain percentage of the RTP are taken aside, to upping the jackpot. This can be a disadvantage for you, as you will most likely see higher volatility, thus fewer winnings – but bigger winnings! The odds of hitting the jackpot, are quite poor, but if you manage to do it, it can turn your life around.

At Betkingcompare we test the best jackpot-slots online in the UK, and we are seeing more successful gaming sessions.

star4. Limit your Gaming and Play Responsibly

After selecting the UK casino of your choice, it’s important to be aware of the fact, that this won’t make your monthly income. Even after winning for longer periods of time, the casino will still have the house edge. This is why you have to:

  • Choose a limit for how much money, you want to spend
  • Set a limit for the time, you want to spend playing the online UK casinos
  • Having self-control enough, to stop yourself from playing when you have to
  • Never chase after your losses

star5. Hot and cold online slot machines

Most people playing online casino in the UK has had the feeling of playing on a hot or cold slot machine. Whenever you are feeling, you are getting nothing(or too little) in return, stop! Don’t keep chasing bonuses or features. This will drain your wallet to quick, and it’s better to just go after another free bonus. Another slot machine.

star6. Up the best, when you are feeling it’s the right time!

The best betters out there, are the once that understand maximizing their winnings! This means, that when playing a slot machine, that feels “hot”, up the bets!

star7. Don’t waste your energy complaining at the casino customer support

All online UK slot machines are using the RNG (Random Number Generator). This means that they cant cheat you. It’s a question of mathematical algorithms and pure luck! Whenever a spin at the slots is made, the RNG is going to come up with a random, independent result, that will give you either winnings or a loss.

If you wish more free online casino bonuses, so that you can keep playing, we recommend you to do the following to things:

  • “Like” your favourite casino Facebook pages, as they are likely to be dealing many daily free spins through social media.
  • Always keep more than one active account, making it possible for you to utilize the different welcome bonuses out there. Thus also making sure, you are presented with all of the relevant free spins and casino bonus cash.

star8. Gambling problems.

You should be aware of the fact, that online casino games can be really addictive. Online slots are designed in a way, that makes you feel rewarded and excited among others. It can affect a person’s mental state of mind. Some studies actually show that winning on slot machines, releases stimulation in the brain, in the same way, cocain does it.

Gambling problems are a serious thing, and it should be treated accordingly. This is also the reasons why online casinos say “when the fun stops, STOP”. Ignoring these warnings is what leads to evolving gambling addictions.

This is where it can ruin friendships, and destroy family relationships. On the other hand, talking about it, and communicate your feelings around it, can be very helpful and preventive.

If you are thinking, you have developed any kind of gambling addiction, you are more than welcome to contact the Gambling Commission. Experts may help you in understanding and treating those negative thoughts. Help is not far away, and getting back on the right track can be a lot easier, once the communication has begun.

starBonus advice for experienced online slot players

In our list of Return To Player percentages, we have taken the time to give you information about the volatility on the most played online slot machines. Online slot machine volatility means:

  • If a game is paying many, but small winnings it’s a machine of low volatility.
  • If a game is paying fewer, but bigger winnings, it’s a machine of high volatility.

This is very important knowledge when it comes to being an experienced slot machine player. This helps inform the decision of how much to bet at each spin. This is also helpful knowledge to be using, if you, for instance, want to talk about wagering terms. Often wagers can be won easier on the low volatile slots, as your money aren’t lost as quickly. This meaning you are getting most of the money you spend, back in your casino pocket.

Examples of high volatile slot machines in the UK can be:

  • Fruit Warp
  • Raging Rhino
  • Montezuma
  • The Wish Master

Some low volatile UK slot machines can be:

  • Second Strike
  • Starburst
  • Hidden Vally

starslot machine providers making low volatility slots

You should also think of how many slot machine providers, are making low volatile slot machines. For example:

  • WMS (Williams Interactive, nowadays known as Scientific Games Interactive) are producing high volatile online slot machines, except some low volatile. Viking Vanguard, Sea Of Tranquility and Nemo’s Voyage.
  • NetEnt (Net Entertainment) is well-known for having low volatile online slot machines, as Starburst – but also Dead Or Alive, that holds one of the highest volatilities in the market.
  • Quickspin is well-known for only producing low volatility slots, as their animation favourite Big Win. It has these funny animation pop-ups that give you 10x your bet.
  • Novomatic makes very high volatile slot machines, that can empty your pockets without giving a single bonus in return.

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