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What would happen if a long time casino expert, were to select his first ever casino welcome bonus? This is the question we have been asking our self. My name is Joe, and i work as a casino-review expert at Betkingcompare. I was recently set out in the world to investigate what would happen, if the most experienced casino players, were to start all over. Beginning by selecting the first casino bonus. In this article ill be answering the following questions+ more:

  • What is a casino expert?
  • What do experts look for in a welcome bonus?
  • How do they select one bonus from another?

What is a casino expert?

Our take of a casino expert is someone that hasn’t only been in the game for years – but also proven success as a casino player. Less than 1% of all online gamblers are to be considered as professional. In our criteria, we have also taken into account, that the experts we have been speaking to, have shown positive results for more than 5 years. It is to be noted, that these guys spend more than 10 hours behind the screen each day. If you want to know more about them, you can also check out our article of habits of a professional casino expert.

What is a casino welcome bonus?

In the sections following, ill be speaking of welcome bonuses to online UK casinos. So let’s start by specifying what we mean by this. Welcome bonuses from UK casinos often come in the shape of a match bonus. Most times these sound something like this: Get 100% on your first deposit until £300. This means that, when you deposit £50 or £300, the casino will give you £100 or £600 in return. Be aware of the wagering terms and conditions connected to these bonuses.

Variations of the welcome bonus

Some casinos do it differently. For example, Ladbrokes online casino is giving £50 free when you deposit only £10. Others might have £5 free no deposit bonuses but arent the most seen.

If the expert were to select his first bonus?

On my way, interviewing more than 30 casino experts, I met a guy called Loo San at a gambling convention in London. Loo and I have been looking at welcome bonuses together, at more than 50+ online casinos. In this process, we have been speaking of, what he is looking into a casino bonus. The things that he takes as an alert – and the general process he goes through when analyzing the bonuses.  It’s clear that casino bonuses in the UK, are being thrown at you in tons of combinations, with tons of different wagering terms and conditions.

What is the first thing to look into?

The wagering terms. How easy (hard) is it to actually win the money, you get as a bonus. Getting €50 free casino money sounds really nice! But if they are to be wagered more than x40 times, it’s mot worth the wait. Most times people end up spending more time wagering bonuses, at slot machines, they don´t even like to play.  So bee sure to check the wagerings first thing. “personally I never go for anything above x30 times wagering”. 

The keys to finding great value

The best online bonuses are those that have no wagering requirements. Casinos like Mr Green has won multiple international awards, not only for their great casino selection. But also due to their innovative view on casino bonuses. Get daily free spins with no wagering requirements often. Makes it also nice to return, to their casino every time. In finding great value, it’s also a good idea, to look into if any free spins are directly included in the bonus.

The best slots sites for welcome bonuses

Do you favour slot machines over casino table games? Or are you more into blackjack online? The key to finding the best welcome bonus also lies within the game you are motivated to play. This is also due to the fact, that many bonus are restricted to some machines and games over others. Finding the best slots sites, for bonuses at online slot machines, can be tricky. So make sure you look into which slots are available for the specific bonus.

The best slots for wagering casino bonuses

Some slot machines have a higher payout than others. Some slot machines have a bigger RTP (Return To Player) than others. In our new slots sites lists, you can find a range of slots with high as well as low RTP’s. This is important because the RTP has a lot to say about your chances of wagering your money. I recommend selecting something like Starburst, that has a RTP of 96%. This gives you great chances of wagering your money, thus getting them to your own account in the end.

Which UK casino has the strongest welcome bonus in 2020?

Jumping into march 2020, we have found the strongest welcome bonus at Video Slots online casino. They are giving a £200 match bonus including free spins, and a weekend booster. Play online slots with your friends in clash of spins at video slots. At Video slots casino, you can compete with your friends in the slots. If you haven’t yet tried this, be sure to get the best of your welcome bonus today. It is also accessible for the clash of spins feature.