Classic slot machines 

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Classic slot machines might have a more humble display than most of the younger and more advanced counterparts, Video slots machines, but they are still as popular around the world

With a more simple and oldfashioned display/look creates retro slot machines a nostalgic feeling for many players with their well-known fruit symbols, lucky number sevens and traditional bells and bars.

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starThe short story about classical machines

Despite classical slot machines not having free spins or bonus plays, as the more advanced descendants, it does not mean that you cannot win great jackpots on a slot machine.

People have on the other hand won great prizes on the classical slot machines since the origin of slot machines. The original retro slot machines known as fruit slot machines, bell slot machines know for making poor players rich, ever since they were invented at the end of the 19th century. In one way or the other.

You really did not win money on the first slot machines – they gave winnings in the form of chewing gum. The purpose of this was to hit three cherry symbols on the slot machine, then you won chewing gum with cherry taste. So what if you hit three melons? – you guessed right, the prize was gum with melon taste.

That type of activity was not only a fun experience but rather also a security precaution against anti-gambling laws, that was applicable at the time.

Today retro slot machines are still fascinating. Most people that enter a casino site for the first time, probably find it difficult to resist the urge to pull the lever on a slot machine and become excited by the sound of clinking coins.

Modernized classic slot machines on online casinos. 

The same excitement and happiness can also be found at the modernized versions of retro slot machines. And that is precisely why a lot of players still swarm around the classic slot machines on casinos despite video slot machines (also known as video slots) jackpot slot machines and 3D-slot machines exist side by side with the classic slot machines.

starList of free classic slot machines

If you, in connection to online gambling in the UK, experience more excitement with the more traditional feelings from a classic slot machine, then you can check out a fruitful selection of the free retro 3 bar slot machines and the more refined classical slot machines with 5 wheels here on the site.

With better access to slot machines online you have the opportunity to play on the classical free slot machines or for real money, no matter where you live when you feel like it or have time.

The selection is vast so you can be sure that you will find a broad selection of slot machines, which fits your taste, your need and budget at BKC’s list of classic slot machines with free games. It is made so you easily and quickly can make a choice

Whether you choose NetEnts slot with the fruit theme, Microgamings popular retro slot machines with great jackpots, or another of the classic slot machines from other software developers, we are sure that you will have fun. So get to spinning those cherries and diamantes – good luck!

Best casinos for retro slot machines

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