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New slot machines from NetEnt, Elk & Nextgen 

BKC new slots sites

New slot machines online are launched every month year-round, and on this site, we give you all the best new games from 2020, that have reached online casinos.

Beneath you will be able to play the latest slot machines for free, choose a casino to play for real money, and read the latest news about upcoming slots (click for direct link). All available from the best new slots sites

Play new casino games for free

Beneath we have gone through the latest online slots that are accessible for UK players. Some of the games also have a possibility to play for free, if the review you find does not have a free opportunity to play on our website, we recommend to go to the casino linked in the article. 

News from the largest game developers

The leading game developers, like NetEnt, Elk Studios, Nextgen and Microgaming, are continuously working to develop new slot machine games that are designed for all player’s wishes. It gives a broad choice of imaginative themes and innovative formats that not even the largest and most exclusive land-based casinos can match. all of which are accessible on pc, mac, and mobile devices.

we have collected all the latest news on slot machines óne place. 


New slot machines mean new casino campaigns 

The best about launches of new free slot machine games are, that casinos are very enthusiastic about promoting them and attracting new players. 

But what does this mean for the players? the best campaigns and bonuses of course.



Free spins

For the players that wish to play the new slot machines online, but doesnt want to use their own money immediately, the online casinos free spins, will give the player the opportunity to try to play the new slot machines for free, and decide if it is worth playing with your own money or not. 

This form of campaign oftens happens on the newest online slot machines from industry- leading producers, like NetEnt or IGT, and are highly advertised on the casinos websites and newsletters. But if you want to play new slot machine games at smaller distributors and want to play for free, then you can always find these new free casino games at Betkingcompare.

Bonus without deposit 

The best Bonus Uden Indskud

  • Live Roulette Casino Review 2020

    4x Welcome bonuses incl. live roulette bonus


    Play responsibly. Full T&C’s Apply. 18+ BeGambleAware.org.

  • Play Cosmo Casino Review 2020

    £100 Match Bonus
    + weekly refuel bonuses


    Play responsibly. Full T&C’s Apply. 18+ BeGambleAware.org.

  • Black Spins casino review 2020

    100% match Bonus + 2nd & 3rd deposit free bonus spins


    Play responsibly. Full T&C’s Apply. 18+ BeGambleAware.org.

  • 7Casino review 2020

    7 free spins no deposit required+ Deposit £75 = Up to 100 Free Spins


    Play responsibly. Full T&C’s Apply. 18+ BeGambleAware.org.

  • Irish Luck Casino review 2020

    295% Welcome bonus + 75 free spins and monthly deals


    Play responsibly. Full T&C’s Apply. 18+ BeGambleAware.org.

When the best new online casino games are launched, the casinos can offer a small bonus without deposit, for new players. In order to attract and thereby give them the opportunity to play on new slot machines for free.

a Bonus without deposit means, that you are given an amount of money (often £10) which you can use to play for on the newest slot machines on the internet, for free. Without worrying about the risk of losing you own money and the desire to play online casinos. 

The casinos campaigns does not give a guarantee of winning, but they can reduce the money amount, you use on a slot machine or even make the new casino games free for you to play a certain amount of spins. 

do not miss these, when you choose a casino, where you want to play on new slot machines. Do also keep an eye on the banner advertisements on your favorite casino website, as there might be good and interesting offers. These offers are the best way to play new and free slot machines for fun, before you make real bets. 


More slot machines offer you more fun

New games always mean new technologies. In the new slot machines from 2020, you will find more advanced and detailed graphics, more complicated soundtracks, more user-friendly games etc. than previously. 

The newest free slot machines are also optimized so they do not take up much space on your PC or in your browser, whether you play HTML5- or Flash-games. This means, that everything is running smoothly and fast without problems and du do not have to wait for the game to respond. 

The advanced graphics are the primary aspect in the new slot machines since you will rarely find any of the simple 2D machines among them. Most of the new games are colorful 3D games with impressive animations and very detailed play symbols, created by professional designers. 

They are more fun to play and more beautiful to look at, so if you are a person that are drawn to the visual, then you should choose the new slot machines instead of the classical version. The sound in the new slot machines are often made by famous composers, so you really can hear the sound of the wheel and the lovely music.  

All this is not really necessary to play casino games online, and you can also easily win money on the regular slot machines. the unbelievable graphics, the well-sounding soundtracks in combination with the visual pleasing gameplay does create a lively feeling in the traditional slot machines, resulting in millions of players visiting the online casinos, to play the many slot machines.


Try new themes in online slot machines 

Slot machines comes in many different themes, which offers a very versatile play experience. One moment you can be in ancient Greece and the next moment you are fighting against aliens from outer space, in a bonus round. 

There are online slot machines for everyone’s taste, whether you like mythology, movies, music, nature, comic books, sport, animals or almost anything else you can think of.  

Every new slot machine draws you into a new universe, thanks to the new advanced graphics, visual effects of the best kind and crystal clear sound, which makes everything from tropical jungles to underwater expeditions, much more realistic.  


The newest functions in slot machines on the net 

The improvements in the newest games are not only cosmetic; the producers also give these slot machines new functions. Every newly launched slot machine has the newest functions, which help improve the play experience and rewards the players with new and better way to win money.  

The new slot machines at the popular distributors of casino games, often include new functions, that are not part of the classical slot machines, which were launched years ago. The purpose is to attract more players, make the machines more inactive and entertaining, in addition, to improve your chances of winning.
The most prominent innovations among new online casino games are depicted below. 


Bonus rounds

In the older slot machines, the bonus rounds typically looked like the normal rounds, but with a few added free spins, the newest slot machines look more like complete video games than simple gaming products. 

In the newest slot machines, the bonus games have become more inactive and include the player in the playing process. now you not only pressing buttons but have a direct effect on the outcome. In the new free online slot machines, you can be asked to choose a box with free spins, find the right way to the money or even play a small game. In the end, you can almost get an infinite amount of free spins and win a lot of money this way. 



The new slot machines have converted the simple Wild-symbol to the key elements of the game so that it now has many different forms. For instance;

  • Stacked Wilds which cover the whole wheel and results in a lot of winning combinations at the same time. 
  • Walking Wilds (very popular in the new free slot machines without download) which starts at one wheel and then goes on to another, every time and gives you a free spin. 
  • Sticky Wilds which stays at the same spot through multiple spins, and makes the new machine into money giving machine. 



The first casino games only had 1-3 payout possibilities, which did not make them very lucrative. But in the new video machines, this amount is sometimes increased thousand fold! Many possible payouts equate to much more money, so the new games are more profitable than the classical slot machines.

The new functions, obviously make the new slot machines more complicated and sometimes also harder to get used to. But at the same time, this also makes the new online casino slot machines more lucrative, profitable, and fun to play. you can quickly get bored with the classical slot machines, but the new free slot machines with thousand of winning combinations and many different types of Wilds can easily keep you busy for hours. 


Get more info about the newest slot machines

Bookmark this site and return often, in order to find the newest online slot machines, soon to be launched. 

We will keep you updated with the newest and best video slot machines from 2020, which are launched online by the largest developers. so you will be the first to hear about it when the new slot machines are launched. – no matter if it is Marts, June, or November, Betkingcompare will keep you up to date.