Win Free Spins With Clash Of Spins

Free spins with clash of spins. A whole new concept within online slot machines, where you compete against other players at the same machine. An exciting and innovative concept, which is playable at Video slots right now.



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starWhat is Clash of Spins?

The concept is easy to access and play. Every time you sit at a slot machine where there are other players as well, you will compete against each other. It is set up so that you recieve points corresponding to your earnings multiplicator. Clash of spins is open 24 hours, and you do not have to sign up, in order to play. In addition to chasing your winnings, you are also competing with your colleagues and opponents for 30 free spins.

How do you win in clash of spins?

Every time you receive a prize in the slot machine, your are playing on, you will earn points.

The points are corresponding to the size of your winnings/prizes multiplicator. In additon you have a chance to win big win, mega win og super mega win. This you can see in the table following. Clash of spins, can be played on the classical slots machines, video slots, jackpot slots and so forth. There are many possibilities, considering that that video slots casino has more than 650 machines in their assortiment.

I went for a visit myself to the wildly popular starburst slot machine. Where you also can play and compete against other people in clash of spins.

Free spins

There are also very good prizes at stake in this game. In addition to the fun feeling of competing against others. You can easily can follow your progression at the side of the screen.

Now there are also free spins.

And free spins in nice sizes. See the picture below. This briefly illustrates that there are drawn winners in big win clash and spin clash almost every hour.

The pots varies from 500 free spins – 215 free spins. So there are good reasons to visit and a lot on the line. But you havent heard the best yet.


There is no wagering on free spins won in clash of spins! This is great news, which will offset that videoslots is not one of the danish online casinos with the best welcome bonus.

Here I am referencing the fact that there are no free spins given with creation and subscription. I guess it doesn’t matter, when you can win them anyways, no matter which machine you are playing. There are clash of spins every day, 24 hours 365 days a year. And when a clash ends, a new begins, without any revenue requirements.

Clash of spins can be played on mobile, tablet and desktop.

starAre Videoslots a Good Casino?

Videoslots has an impressive selection of machines. As the name suggests, particularly when talking about video machines like live blackjack and live roulette. We have made a review of them, of course. Which you can read if you are not too eager to begin playing clash of spins right away.

A feature I for example also really like at Video slots, is that they clearly show refund percentages on slot machines in their sorted listeings..

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