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breakout casino

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Where Does the Bet King come in?

The Bet King has a purpose.  To show you where to find the fair, effective, responsible and quality huge casinos to play online slots & casino games that operate here in the UK. Actually there are fewer than you would think that fit in to our category of “great casino” and to make it they need to have great online slot-machines and casino games.

As evidence of the huge competition on the uk casino market, just scroll this page to see just how much the casinos compete in offering the biggest free spins bonuses: Casinomartini - new casinos with free spins bonuses

The first dimension is which online slot sites you should play at.  That’s easy to cover of course and you’ll find our casino reviews in the menu section up above where you can get all the information you need to make an informed choice between our pick of the best new online casinos.

The second dimension is a little more complicated but infinitely more important.  And that’s how you should play at these casinos.  What do you need to learn to make sure you give yourself the absolute best chance of winning at every online casino you use.

Well, you’ll find the answers to that question in the menu section up above too.  We have game reviews, software provider tips and tricks, table game guides, blackjack guides, roulette guides, wagering requirement tips, overall strategy, gambling philosophy hacks.  If you can think of a best online slots related question then you can bet your house on the answer being here from the Bet King.

It goes without saying, if you do have a question that’s really specific and you can’t find the answer here, then fill out our contact form and we’ll immediately write about it for you.

After all, what kind of king doesn’t serve his people!

And if you're still struggling to find what you're after even through the Bet King's extensive efforts to provide you with the information you need, then Zamsino's guide helps you find betting sites for UK players.

Welcome Bonuses, should I take them?

The best online slots, including the ones that we recommend here, offer a welcome package that allows you to double, triple or sometimes quadruple your first deposit when you join the casino.

Some online slots sites even offer a no deposit bonus where you don't even have to make a deposit to qualify for the bonus!

So the million dollar question is… Should you accept these bonuses?

There’s actually an argument for both yes and no.

  • Yes – This gives you a much more extensive introduction to the casino. It means you have more spending power on your first visit and will have the chance to experience a more wide ranging level of gaming and wagering values.
  • No – Once you accept a deposit bonus, it creates a restriction on your funds and requires you to wager your balance multiple times before you can make a withdrawal.

Essentially it depends on your perspective.

Why do Online Casinos Require Wagering (Play through)?

It’s simple really.  When an online slots site gives you a first deposit bonus of say 400% and you deposit £100.  That means you’ll have £500 to play with.  So they can’t very well allow this to be restriction free and allow you to simply withdraw the £500.  They would go out of business very quickly if they did.

Instead they create a wagering requirement which requires you to wager the bonus funds a certain amount of times before you can withdraw it.

This does place a restriction on your withdrawal capability in the first instance but it’s a relatively small price to pay for such a high balance boost.

If you’d really rather just play with your own unrestricted funds then you should contact live chat when you do deposit at any online casino and make sure they know your preference here.  They’ll be happy to update your account.

A good place to find unrestricted bonuses is with Online Poker Sites where there is an overwhelmingly larger chance of you creating a withdrawable balance.

What are my chances of winning?

It depends on what you’re playing, how much you’re wagering, how good you are at it (yeah, it’s not all luck) and what you hope to achieve.

Does an extra £10 here and there satisfy your thirst for winnings?  If so then you’ll probably come away from the casino rather happy rather often.

For most players though, this isn’t the case.

Most players, including the staff at Bet King, get most excited about the prospect of gigantic wins.  The kind of wins that people talk about for years.  That’s what gets our blood pumping anyway.

So for those players, it’s accepted that they will experience mostly lots of small losses over a period of time, because the whole point is that they are going for that one big win that could come any day.  I like to call it jackpot fishing.

If you spend the weekend fishing but don’t catch much, then it’s ok because you’ll likely have really enjoyed the weekend.

But that one day you catch a gigantic whale like fish, makes all those empty fish days well worth it.

The same applies with casino bonuses.  You may never catch the whale but if you do, you’ll feel legendary!

Here are a few short guides to get you started

If this really is your first time playing online slots then we really don’t want you to jump in blind.  If you can’t be bothered to read through our longer guides and just want to cut to the chase…

Then please check out our super short guides below for roulette, blackjack and slots.  These are the three most common options for all players, including new ones.  So it’s a pretty good place to start.

And just to point out, if you're not from the UK then you can still browse the listings of Betkingcompare, this is totally open to you.

The Tiniest Roulette Guide in the World

Roulette is essentially a spinning wheel that the dealer throws a small white ball on to.  It has 36 numbers that are all coloured red or black and a zero which is green.

Your job is to place bets on where you think the white ball will land.

You have a variety of options.  Here are the basics.

  • Red or Black – You’ll double your money if you get it right.
  • A specific number – You can multiply your wager by 36 if you pick the correct number
  • Whether the number is odd or even – this is another double or nothing bet
  • How high or low the number is. (1st 12/2nd 12/3rd 12) -  Get it right, triple your wager.

There are a huge amount of playing options and strategies as there’s often no limit to how many different bets you can make on one single spin of the wheel.

Blackjack, the basic why and how

Blackjack can be complex, simple, stressful, fun, relaxing and interesting all at the same time.

There’s Blackjack and then there’s blackjack.  The difference between the two depends on you and when the penny drops regarding the real principals of the game.

What’s the objective?

Did you just say to get 21?  Wrong!

The objective is to beat the dealer, and there are a number of ways to do it.

Let’s look at the dealer first.

The dealer’s rules are simple.  If they draw less than 17 then they simply have to hit until they have more than 17.  It’s so simple yet incredibly restrictive for them, especially when you can see one of their cards.

So what are you going to do about it?  Think about whether or not the dealer is likely to need to draw after your turn.

Example - You have a Jack and a 5.  That means your total is 15.  Should you stick or hit?  It depends on what the dealer has.

The dealer is showing a 6.

That means that the only possible way that the dealer won’t have to draw is if he has an Ace hidden.  Pretty good odds that he’s going to need to draw.

So where’s the safer option.  Allow the dealer to draw hoping he busts or take you own chances at busting.  Well you’re the only one with a choice.

You decide to stick.

The dealer turns his hidden card and shows a King.

The dealer has 16.  But even though that hand beats you he still has to hit as he has less than 17.

He turns over a 6 giving him a busted 22 and you win.

All because you were more aware of the dealers options than your own.

Stick to that and you’ll have fun with Blackjack.

So look guys, it doesn't matter where you're playing from or what nationality you are, blackjack is always the same language.  So whether you're looking for a UK casino.  This guide will still serve you well.

How on earth can we possibly cover slots in a mini guide?

spin and win/free slotsSlots are the backbone of the casino world.  They are provided by a range of different software developers and occupy the majority of almost every online casino from around the world.  It's not easy to find the best online slots but when you do it can open up a world of fun, fortune and excitement.

The idea is that you have a set of reels (normally 5) and a selection of varied pay lines all the way from 1 – 50.

You set a wagering limit per pay line and spin.  Sometimes you can spin for as little as 1p or as much as £100 per spin.

There are often a huge variety of ways to win across the pay lines and the reels.

Things like wild symbols scatter symbols, progressive jackpots and bonus features all come in to play.  It’s well out with the scope of this mini guide to go through them all.

If you really want to learn more about the finer details of slot games at online casinos then check out our game reviews or our longer more detailed slot guide.

But for the purposes of being insanely clear.

You put in money, you spin, and sometimes you win huge sums of money playing online slots, other times you win small amounts of money, other times you win nothing.  It's all down to finding the highest RTP slots

One thing that’s absolutely for sure though.  If you play at one of our recommended casinos then the slots you find will offer fun regardless of the winning outcome!

Other Casino Games

Casino games can come in all shapes and sizes, although online slots may be the most popular type of casino game, we try to cover every single kind of game that's available online at any given time.  That's why we launched the 'Betking Promise'.  If there's a game that you would like us to create a guide for then please email us your suggestion and we'll set our content team to work.  This can be anything at all.  An obscure table game, a lesser known slot or even scratchcard instant win games (something we wish to cover very soon).  Essentially, if you want to know more about it, then we want to tell you!

Of course, we're not arrogant enough to think that there aren't other reputable websites offering this information in an excellent way.  So if you really can't wait, PlayCasinoOnline offers lots of strategy guides for just about any game you can imagine.  If you can't find it here, then we would suggest that to be a good port of call.

The casino world is a vast landscape of both, differing tastes, and differing game play opportunities.  It's what makes this community so interesting.  Strategy is at the forefront of everything a successful ('lucky') gamer does.  That's what makes it so important to find the right places to study those strategies.  So rather than creating 'one fits all' generic guides, we feel it's important to cater to our readers in the most specific way possible.  Because in the end, we all want to win.

I read all the way to the bottom, is there a reward or something?

What do you mean a reward?  Are you trying to say our content is so dull that it warrants a reward for having read it?

Only kidding…

There’s always a reward.

Get yourself over to our contact form and send us a little email telling us about your biggest interests in the online slots world.  Be sure to tell us which of your brands you’re already signed up to.  Quote code ‘REWARDME’ within your email and we’ll reply within 48 hours with an exclusive bonus code for you to get that little bit extra with your next deposit.

Responsible Gambling – Take it seriously

It’s so easy to get sucked in to irresponsible gambling.

Every online casino we recommend allow you to set yourself a depositing limit.  Daily, monthly or weekly.  It’s up to you how you set it up.

We would firmly recommend that you do so.

We want you to have fun and hopefully win big, but we don’t want you to be irresponsible.  So please bear it in mind.  Now go have fun!