If you want to win large prizes by playing jackpot-machines, also called jackpot slots – and who doesn’t want that? – if so, there are two options for you: 

  1. Play on jackpot-machines with progressive jackpots.
  2. Choose play-machines with payouts above average


starWho wants to be a millionaire? – the largest jackpots online

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starPlay with abnormally large payouts

On this site, you can read all about both options and most important: how you win.

You will not only find the jackpot machines with the largest jackpots online; you will also get a list with jackpot-games, where you can win the largest cash amounts.

Advanced casino players play slot machines with Hign volatility. This means that when you win, you win big, but you get no small prizes. As opposed to high volatility games there are low volatility slot machines. Click here if you want to play games with many small frequent wins.

All the games beneath can payout more than one jackpot-game. High volatility games are especially common amongst international online casinos, like Karamba and Mr.Green.

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starBest casinos with jackpot games

Online casinos in Denmark are not authorized to ‘Wide area jackpots’, which makes your choice of choosing the right casino, very important.

There are two factors to remember:

  1. A large selection of jackpot-games – if a casino has a la large selection of slot machines, it means that they are focusing on this niche
  2. The more games above £200.000 Limit, the better. When the slot goes above £200.000 The chance for payout is larger and the jackpot is considered “hot”  

Coral and Video slots are two casinos, we highly recommend for this. They have a large selection of jackpot-games from game creating software “magnetic Gaming” which many UK players are bought with.

LeoVegas Casino is another online quality casino, which we recommend. They have a large selection of jackpot-games from NetEnt and it is very reliable for payouts of large amounts. All the websites, which are listed in our comparisons of jackpot- casinos, are reliable.

starTips to win on Jackpot-slots

With a background of having played thousands of games on online slot machines and hundreds of games on jackpot-slots at physical casinos, you will get specific tips and ideas, which can help you, when you play on slot machines.

  1. Keep track of your money 

You might have thousands of kroner on your account, but it only takes a couple of hundred to play and get your first prize. Then you play on slot machines, the goal is to keep a balance between prizes and loss. If you play with more manageable amounts, it will be easier for you to keep track of your loss, mentally.

  1. Amounts vs. luck at slot machines

Take the money you have and divide it with the lowest betting amount on the maximum input/bet. Then calculate the same with the highest possible bet. For £100. Total, and /deposits/inputs at £3. You get 33 spins. With an input of £50, instead of the £100. You only get two spins. The prize will be enormous with an input of £50., but two spins are nothing unless you are lucky.

  1. Keep an eye on the jackpot 

Despite the real reason for playing, being the grand prize it is important that it does not control your next spin. There will be many where you are down to the last krone, and the machine looks like it is ready for a prize- if you can afford it, it might be okay to continue, but if you wish to stay in the game, it might be a good idea to find another machine.

  1. Jackpot-slots are fun 

The funniest about slot-machines is when you win. If you begin to get angry at the slot-machine you know that you have lost too much money.

  1. Max Bet is your friend

At most slot-machines, you have to bet the maximum of your coin collection in order to win a jackpot. Do not make the mistake of missing a jackpot because you forgot to press max bet.

Greed is a very good motivation, and the idea of winning the jackpot can make you continue to press spin. But you still have to be aware of the win-loss-balance.

  1. A little research about the casino

It is always a good idea to know how large a jackpot got, last time it was won. And have it ever been won? If you are playing slot-machines with enormous money amounts at multiple hundred million, your chances can be small. It has taken many spins for the game to reach that amount. But then again, the chance to win is there, but incredibly small.

  1. Play for the grand prize 

The fun thing about playing slot-machines with progressive jackpots are the amounts of an average prize, some times are larger than the real jackpot.

That is why players should play jackpot slot-machines like they would any other slot-machine and regard the jackpot as a lovely bonus.

Click here to go to our beginner´s guide to slot machines on the internet

Types of jackpot slot machines 

The first two categories of jackpot slot-machines are online and nation-based. There are subcategories to those categories. There are three categories of progressive jackpot slot machines that exist on nation-based and slot machines online. The first type is “stand alone”, the second is “wide area progressive” and the third is “single casino progressive” or ‘local’.

Stand-alone jackpot-games

These is jackpots that only apply for one single slot-machine. The money played on this individual slot-machine is connected to this exact slot-machine, so the jackpot is often a lot smaller. These jackpots are sometimes decided into three jackpot sizes. (mini, average and large) which depending on the software company behind the game. It is this type of jackpot that you most often can win, and these types are typically low for this exact reason.

Wide area jackpot pool

This is a jackpot pool, which is connected to multiple casinos, which sends money into the jackpot pool. This can be an area as large as a province, state or even global when you include online casinos. This type of jackpot can quickly become enormous, but there are also more players fighting for the prize. Some of the largest jackpots in a”wide area gaming network” are Microgaming Jackpots.

Unfortunately, this type of casinos is not accessible on danish online casinos.

Jackpot games on the casino

This one is a bit complicated for jackpot games on an online casino. The idea of this subcategory is that there are more of the same casino game which sends money to a jackpot pool. On casinos, its more about sessions than machines, so a jackpot at an online casino can technically be seen as this subcategory

At nation based casinos things are as they are – there can be a selection of games that are connected with a jackpot. This means that you pay into it and win from it. So the player sitting next to you can make the jackpot bigger for you by each spin.

På landbaserede casinoer er tingene, som de er – der kan være rækker af spil, der er forbundet til en jackpot. Det betyder, at man betaler til den og vinder fra den. Så spilleren, der sidder ved siden af dig, kan gøre jackpotten større for dig efter hvert spin.

Jackpot games for the mobile phone 

Mobile jackpot-slots are harder to find than their online counterpart. Ther are not many, but the ones that exist are honestly genius.

Jackpot slots have become popular, which the technical advances have contributed to. The opportunity to chase a jackpot online is easier than ever before, no matter where you live, or what time you wish to play.

No matter if you are chasing NetEnt-jackpots for many millions, Playtech or Microgaming jackpot slot-machines or the less competitive Fortune or Betsoft casino games,  Betkingcompare has collected all jackpot slots for the mobile phone, that you can play on your android phone, tablet or iPad/iPhone.

So you always have a good mobile casino at hand, so you easily can chase a jackpot online.

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