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New UK casinos 2020

Der er mange punkter at tage i betragtning, når du vælger et nyt casino, såsom live-spil.

Guide to the best new online casinos 2020 in the UK.

Everything you need to know before picking an online UK casino.

£50 Free welcome bonus + Daily free spins

On this page, you will find information about the new casinos in the UK in 2020 licensed by The Gambling Commission. Beneath we have listed and evaluated the new casinos that you can try in 2020.

Differentiating: A must for internet casinos in 2020

Differentiating is a factor, that has become more important in 2018 and 2019. In 2020 it will matter even more, that the online casinos in the UK, are doing everything they can to stand out.  For many years the casinos have been using a standardised design with roulette wheels and scantily dressed women. The global standard for an online casino in 2005.

“One size fits all” isn’t enough for UK casino players anymore. The results in the casino sites, personalizing their products and working harder on brand awareness. To become a successful casino brand in 2020, the casinos must specialize in something concrete and create an attractive brand. They must appeal to the players in a fun and untraditional communication, good user experience and innovative up-to-date design.

They are going to have to create stories of their brand!

Let’s make a comparison of the old and traditional UK casino xxx targetting middle-aged men and woman playing for relaxation purposes, with the newly launched Mr Green. The goal for the typical xxx casino player is not to change their lives by winning a big jackpot. The goal of their playing is entertainment and relaxation and the feeling of being part of the xxx social community.

Mr Green, on the other hand, are promoting themselves towards the high rollers of the casino market. They want to add a glamorous feeling over their casino, targeting the adrenalin seeking customer, age 20-40, that wants to be part of “the amazing journey”. This is also seen by the Mr Green character, that is always being displayed in exclusive surroundings, driving fast sports cars and he has that mystical feeling to him.

New UK casinos in 2020 have to know their players, talking to them in a language they understand and relate to. Branding isn’t rocket science or a new concept compared to other areas of the entertainment business. Online games just have been a little longer in transit.

It is never too late to be the best!

Being an expert of your own product is necessary to stand out in 2020. If we stick to the Mr Green example, they are trying to position themselves as the best option, if you are into live casino games, whereas their online slot selection is limited to around 300. In comparison to for instance LeoVegas that holds more than 600 online slot machines. LeoVegas promotes themselves as the best mobile casino online, and Mr Green wants to be the favourite choice of the player that favours live casino. Bot LeoVegas and Mr Green are highly innovative casinos, but also a very good comparison of two online UK casinos differentiating themselves, in each of their specific casino niche.

What is the best new white-label casino in the UK 2020?

In 2018 and 2019 we’ve seen a high rise in so-called “White label casinos”. Online White label casinos in the UK is like any other white label product. Like buying a new car, you are able to change the colour, interior, rims, and maybe the number of speakers installed. On the other hand things as the suspension, making it a convertible or installing a bigger engine will not be possible.

Online casinos driven by white-label platforms are the same thing. If you select a white-label casino provider like Skill On Net, you won’t be able to change the number of slots, payment options or the languages the dealer is speaking.

That being said, when it comes to deciding which new white-label casino is the best, you should look extra carefully at things like their welcome bonus. This is due to the fact that most net online white-label casinos are basically the same. Besides from their bonuses differentiating. This is something else, then picking a casino brand like LeoVegas or Mr Green, that both offer unique products to their customers.

If I were to select the best online white label casino in the UK in 2020, I’d probably be looking at the Skill On Net casinos as Slots Magic or Queenvegas casino. They have big selections of slot machines and their payment options are solid.

If I, on the other hand, were to warn you about online white-label casinos in the UK in 2020, I’d say stay clear of the Aspire Global casinos. This could be Goliath casino or Jackie Jackpot online casino. For some reason, the Aspire Global casinos tend to close after x-amount of time, leaving their players behind, before opening a new similar casino with a new brand name

Below, you will find a top list rating the best new online white-label casinos in the UK 2020. If you are interested in learning more about white-label casinos, I suggest you scroll further down as I will be explaining more on the topic.

Which new type of casino webpages will be seen in 2020?

((Listing 4x news))

2020 is clearly the year of differentiation in the casino business. Meaning that if you aren’t happy with your first pick, or want to try something else, there will be plenty of options out there.

Within only casino gaming, it is okay to “cheat on the casinos” or being unfair. When adding an account one place it should not be for life. You actually only benefit from multiple accounts, as this is the best way for the player, to use the competitive UK casino market to his own advantage.

Being loyal to one casino in the long term can pay off, but don’t go all in at one place, before you are absolutely certain they hold everything you need. We are living in a free country, where daily free spins come in many variations, which is also a reason to have more than one account.

Latest news about new online UK casinos 2020

We have heard rumours that even more niche-focused casinos will be opening in the UK in 2020. They are, not surprisingly experts within the following topics.

  • video-slots
  • high roller
  • Guts
  • Casumo

Four very interesting, new online casinos, that has just made their appearance in 2019, and will only become bigger in 2020, Guessing the areas of expertise at video slots and High Roller is not hard. Guts and Casumo on the other hand, hold concepts new to the UK online casino market.

Video Slots is, without doubt, the biggest deliver of online slot machines. Founded in 2011 and currently displaying more than 2500 different online slot machines, this new slots site has won more prizes for their selection, than we can possibly explain here. Really impressive!

High Roller also holds a brand, that speak for themselves. Holding not only a strong selection of slots, for those wanting to play for the big jackpots in 2020. High Roller also introduces an entertaining course of action, that is based upon the underworld. So are you the villain or the hero?

At Betkingcompare we strongly believe that Guts will be the best new online casino 2020 in the UK. This especially apply to the player going for the biggest no deposit casino bonuses. Free £20 UK casino bonus with no deposit required are being offered through promotions and they are even holding very low wagers.

Casumo was established in 2012 with the slogan “destroy boredom. But what does this actually mean? To be honest it is difficult to explain. Casumo is an “adventure casino”, where you can create your own “Casumo”. This is an avatar that you can use to participate in challenges, competitions and tournaments in their online casino.

We definitely recommend signing up at Casumo casino!

Which new game innovations will be seen in 2020?

We would really love to see these types of innovations in 2020.

3D-slot machines

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

but we actually don’t think it’s the case just yet.

These type of casino games actually have been existing for quite some time. Back in 2014, we tested the Slotsmillions Starburst Virtual Reality at a casino conference in Malta. It was a cool, new experience, but not something that we believe the players are ready for in 2020. This is something the casino-owners know, which is also the reason they are not taking any risks to this subject.

((VR Starburst photo))

The online casino business needs a pioneer. One that is willing to run the risk. It is like the casino market, needs their own Peter Freuchen, ready to explore the white areas of the casino land-map.

This is actually something that limits internet casinos. As many new, and cool, features and functions are being developed, but none of the existing casinos are willing to be the first-mover in introducing them. They still continue to promote the same old slots and games provided by NetEnt and Microgaming for instance.

Another example is a game provider like Lucky Streak. They are using dealers with tattoos, piercings and untraditional hair cuts, to attract another niche of players.

Lucky Streak is 100% data-driven, with features like giving the player push-notifications when their favourite dealer is online. After reaching a certain VIP-level you will even be able to receive WhatsApp-video messages from your favourite dealer of choice. How cool is that??

The challenges are, that the existing online casinos in the UK, promoting live casino games and slots, aren’t willing to run the risk of such innovations. They won’t risk promoting something that isn’t 100% satisfying, which applies to the VR, AR, etc.

2020 will, unfortunately, not be the year where VR and AR make the big breakthrough. Online UK casinos need their own Peter Freuchen, willing to show the rest of them the way before we will see a shift happening in the UK casino market.

New slots sites and providers in 2020?

When it comes to online slot machines in the UK, we tend to be a little different. The games produced by the biggest UK casinos have dominated for many years. Luckily we are seeing a small shift in terms of new slot machine providers entering the UK casino market.

Don’t misunderstand us, not liking the UK slot machines, we are just happy to see a bigger variance being offered. We just have a feeling the UK machines are a bit too similar.

Most new international casino sites, hold NetEnt, IGT and Microgaming slots as part of their assortment. Recent years we have seen slot developers like ELK Studios and Thunderkick being introduced in the UK market. But the biggest casino slot news 2020 is that we will see a broader variety of the small, more specialized, slot machine game developers entering the market.

Have you heard of Yggdrasil that won:

  • Most innovative slot machine provider – International Gaming Awards 2019
  • Best slots provider – EGR Awards 2017
  • And many more…

If you haven’t heard of Yggrasil before, it’s about time you get to know them. At the moment they can be found at Places like PlayOJO, and hold slot machines, Jackpot games and live casino games with a big variety of new cool features. Working on both desktop and mobile casino apps.

Our favourite Yggrasil slot is Vikings Go Wild, that was introduced back in 2015.  One year later Vikings Go Bezerk came as a follow-up, and guess what happened in 2019!?. The game Vikings Go To Hell was introduced, and we’ve already spend hundreds of hours playing this extremely addictive slot machine. We almost can’t wait to see what will happen in 2020?


Will the new casinos give new bonuses in 2020?

Let’s take a look at how the casino bonuses will look like in 2020.

In 2019 the most regular casino bonus, that we saw would look something like these two options:


  • Register today, and get 100% of your first deposit including 50 free spins
  • Get free £20 no deposit UK online casino bonus

Meaning that you will get your first deposit doubled by the casino, or you are getting an option of trying the casino before depositing. What you will have to be aware of, is the wagerings, that sometimes can be as high as 35x the bonus money. In a case where you would sign up, and deposit £15, meaning your total will be £30, you would have to play for the amount of £30 35 times before being able to withdraw your money.

For these reasons we always recommend you to be reading our in-depth casino reviews. Her we will be explaining any wagering and terms and conditions related to each specific casino bonus.

For obvious reasons we don’t recommend you taking bonuses with wagerings higher than 40x, as it will simply take too long before you can withdraw your money.

But is this something, that is going to change in 2020?

The short answer being: yes!

In Great Britain during 2017-2018, new bonus restrictions have been introduced as part of the licenses. The British Gambling Commission was seeing the cash bonuses as deceptive because of the unrealistic wagering terms. The UK online gambling market is the biggest in the world, and many new online casinos in the UK, are gathering inspiration from each other.

PlayOJO and Mr Green are to new, international casino brands, that have revised their bonus methods. They both see the UK as their main market but recently decided to open their activities in countries like Denmark. Denmark has one of the toughest gaming commissions in the world, and we have spoken to experts at Casinoer Danmark about the launch of theses new casinos. They are seeing the same, as we have been seeing in the UK in 2019: That the bonus offers are more and more focussed around giving our free spins and daily free spins to returning customers.

Free spins are the best bonus option, both seen from the casino and the player perspective. The casinos are getting more value for their money, as the players will still have to wager the money they win on free spins, just like with the cash money. On the other hand, it is not most of the times, that free spins are giving out huge jackpots, not meaning that it cant happen. There are positive sites to this, for the customers as well. Instead of getting an extra £20 to play for, we are not given the opportunity to win bigger jackpots with less money due to the free spins.

We believe in 2020 that the players will have better options for choosing a bonus of their own:

  • First-time deposit bonus
  • Live casino bonuses
  • Free spins promotions
  • Free cash bonuses
  • Or no bonus at all

How about promotions and campaigns?

This is a topic, where UK casinos still have areas of improvement. Something that we realise when talking to our partners, like Casinoer Danmark, investigating the danish casino market.

Campaigns. promotions and tournaments are important to online casino players in the UK. being able to play blackjack and live roulette becomes boring in the long term if there are no tournaments or adventures attached to it. The players want to see extra prizes dealt with the best performing players.

The campaigns are also an excellent tool of communication for the casinos to show, how much they care for their players. Personally, I believe, that this is something most UK online casinos are missing. In the perfect world, internet casinos will have regular campaigns and promotions of different sizes each day/week/month. Also, the daily free spins should be given out in a more visible way, and not hiding them in specific e-mail promotions.

The buzzword for online casinos in 2018-2019 was gamification. At first, I thought gamification was added to make more “out-of-the-box” game features in different slot machines, or by adding more slot machine bonus features, colourful free spins and more explosive wilds.

But this is not the case. Gamification is something else entirely, and something new online casinos in the UK are using more and more.

Gamification within online casino means, that I, as a player, never should lose interest or start to bore myself. I will be regularly rewarded for the process I take. This will happen through bonuses and free spins and should be accounted for in the casino campaigns.

Best casino with a first deposit bonus in 2020

£200 match Bonus + £10 free cash and weekend booster

News about casino payment options in 2020.

Another 2018-2019 buzzword was bitcoins, and I have been asked maaaany times about the future of bitcoin-casinos. There are many positive sides to using bitcoin in online casino, but also negative sides to take into account.

I won’t expect bitcoin and crypto-currencies to be something big at online UK casinos in 2020. As with VR, it is still too early there is no need for The Gambling Commission to include this in their laws.

Let me elaborate on this.

Online casinos are regulated in the UK. Cryptocurrencies are not meaning there is a fundamental miss-match between the two which cause UK bitcoin players to wait a year or three before cryptocurrencies are regulated. The UK Gambling Commissions are owned by the state and are (almost 100%) driven without money-incentives. Comparing this to the Casino laws in Malta, as being the European main centre for online gambling.

Malta is a small island in the pacific. They have almost no agriculture, no industry, and the name seemed dead since the late 70’s. So how come they have had, and still has the biggest economic growth in the EU? – Digital-based companies: Financial services and online gaming.

Online games account for 12% of the national economy in Malta. Malta is also close to incorporating the first licenses offering games paid with cryptocurrencies.

3 reasons your withdrawals were slow in 2018 and 2019.

Why does it take up to five weekdays before receiving your withdrawals? Are banking employees taking long holidays? Is banking software too slow? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. The casino has a poor agreement with the chosen eWallet or bank.
  2. The casino whishes to keep your money for as long as possible
  3. The bank whishes to keep your money for as long as possible

But isn’t this strange? UK being frontrunners within quick transactions as one of the earliest adopters in 2008. Today over 125 million instant transactions take place in the UK every month.

This is a topic, where I really hope to see changes in the coming years. With more new casino operators entering the market, the competition will become tougher and the casinos will have to improve their payment options, as a way of competing.

Instead of introducing new payment options, the casinos must focus the ones already implemented. Seamless integrations with existing providers such as PayPal, Trustly and eWallets should have higher priority in 2020. Paypal casinos are a popular thing, but I do hope to see exactly those provide even faster payment options within the near future. These types of payments are user-friendly, almost free and I am expecting it to be at higher standards in 2020.

To summarize the future of UK online casinos

2020 will not be the year we are seeing many new innovations in regards to game features and functionality. Most are already invented, and we are really just waiting for the market to adjust. Existing casinos should be prioritizing better payment options for their players while adding bigger and more rewarding campaigns.

New UK casinos 2020 has to have a strong brand awareness and some sort of specialization. No matter if it is related to the levels of bets, the user-friendliness or being a UK adventure casino.

We always appreciate your opinions and we would like to hear your thoughts on this topic as well. Be sure to keep an eye on this page, as it will be updated regularly, providing fresh new information about the best performing UK online casinos 2020.

Video Slots Casino Review 2020

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Ladbrokes Casino Review 2020

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BGO Casino Review 2020

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  • Strong selection of payment methods
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Irish Luck Casino review 2020

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7Casino review 2020

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Black Spins casino review 2020

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Live Roulette Casino Review 2020

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Vegas Luck Casino Review 2020

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Coral Casino Review 2020

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Mr Play Casino Review 2020

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