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31 August 2021

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Flux – geometry and big gains in great association!

Do you belong to those who think geometry may get a bit dry in length? No longer, because with this amazing slot machine from game maker Thunderkick, you are so well entertained that you will ask for extra tuition. You will quickly find out that geometry can actually be a very lucrative subject! In this game, there are so many ways to win that you can get completely out of breath. With the 8 different and colourful geometric shapes, and Stacked Wilds, you can quickly build huge winnings, and when you even buy 3 Scatter symbols you are allowed to choose which bonus you want, there is no end to the cash rains!

A rather heavy trance sound theme constitutes the music of Flux, and it is as usual thought out by Thunderkick’s side. Pressing the spin button produces really cool robot sounds, and the mood is spacey in the right way when you chase the geometric giant winnings. Leave the calculator safely at home when dialling in for the world’s most fun geometry hour.

Flux can be played on both desktop, tablet and mobile.

How to play flux:

The frame of the game is a surface that changes from light to dark blue and the gorgeous geometric symbols are reflected in it, quite breathtaking! A magnetic field holds the wheels in place, and this is where the geometric figures land with a trail of stardust and great rewards. The symbols to hit are yellow stars, orange shapes, red shapes, purple shapes, green shapes, light blue shapes, pink shapes, and blue shapes. These symbols pay you between 2-24 x the stake at full count (5). The machine has 5 wheels, 3 rows and 15 pay lines, with bets per unit. spin of between 1-750 £, so here is for any purse.

Win in both directions Free Spins feature:

This is the first choice when you land at least 3 bonus symbols. So you can get a bonus here where the right and left are equally good and it can, of course, give big gains. 3 bonus symbols give 16 Free Spins, 4 gives 32 and 5 gives 48 Free Spins.

3 additional rows of Free Spins Feature:

This is the second choice and thus gives you 3 extra rows to form winning combinations, this can really throw away great winnings! 3 bonus symbols give you 12 Free Spins, 4 gives 24 and 5 gives you 36 Free Spins.

Win in both directions / 3 extra rows Free Spins feature:

This is the third choice and thus gives you the opportunity to form both profitable combinations from the right and left AND you get three extra rows. This feature really gives you the opportunity for the very big Jackpot, because here the winnings really start to roll in with the right combinations and it can be really hard to sit still in the chair! 3 bonus symbols give you 8 Free Spins, 4 gives you 16, and 5 gives you 24 Free Spins.

Did you like Flux?

It sounds good! Because if you have the courage for more from the world of mathematics, then we recommend that you also try The Lab from game maker Elk Studios, which must be said to be in the same genre, but with physics as a major. With a grand prize of 46,000 coins, you can sing all the way to the bank! There is also a very unconventional feature in The Lab, here it is about landing The Lab logo on reel 2 because when that happens the first two wheels are linked together and the last three are locked so it becomes much easier to get to the mega big winnings!

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