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31 August 2021

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The monster slot of Frankenslot

The slot machine Frankenslot’s monster is a new online slot machine, that can satisfy almost any casino player. That being especially if you are into thrills, excitement and horror. The theme around this thoroughly created slot from game developer Betsoft Gaming is set around a history of the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein. In his scary laboratory, he puts together body parts from dead people, trying to create a monster that looks like a human! Betsoft Gaming has gotten away really well from this different game and you will feel immediately for Dr Frankenstein’s eerie basement. The graphics are so bold that you find yourself in the eerily dimly lit basement of Frankenstein’s castle, and the game’s sound fully supports the game’s bleak theme. The rudeness increases as you click the spin button, and gradually, by right hitting the wheels, brings the scientist’s dangerous monster to life!

If you are in for a good thrill, disgust and games with gloomy sound, Frankenslot´s Monster really is a machine worth looking a little closer at. Find all your courage and man’s heart. You will need it! Frankenslot´s Monster Slot Machine can be played on both desktop, tablet and mobile.

How to play Frankenslot’s Monster slot machine

The setting for this amazing and eerie game is Dr Frankenstein’s dimly lit basement. On either side of the wheels stand Frankenstein and his monster waiting to be revived. The symbols you need to hit are the monster, Dr Frankenstein, the moon, the eye and the electricity generator. These symbols pay you between 150-500 coins at full (5) and lowest coin value and line rate. You should also hit the classic A-10 playing cards. These pay you between 20-100 coins at the lowest coin value and line rate. The machine has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 pay lines. You can set the coin value between 0.02-1.00 and with bets per. Spins of between DKK 2-900 are available for any budget.

Double up-feature:

If you hit the wheels right, you have the chance to double your winnings. A new screen pops up and you have the option of either gambling with 50% – or all of your winnings. You simply press one of the two buttons, select the flat or crown at the top, and spin the large gold coin to the left. If you win, you can either try to double your winnings again, or you can take your winnings home using the Collect Bank button at the bottom of the screen. If you lose the plat or crown game, you return to the game where you can chase new winnings.


If you are lucky enough to hit the three blue Scatter symbols, you will receive eight free spins immediately. Note that the game’s Wild symbol can NOT replace the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol only appears on lines two, three and four.

Bonus round-feature:

If you hit three bonus symbols, you come all the way into Frankenstein’s lab, where you can put a self-selected amount of power to the monster to bring it to life. You can win up to 25x in the bonus rounds and the bonus symbol can be obtained on the reels, 1, 3 and 5. The Wild symbol can replace all other symbols except Bonus and Scatter.

If you really like Frankenslot’s machine

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